We may change our privacy policy from time to time by updating this page. It is advisable to check this policy from time to time to see if we have made any changes. The current policy is effective from 25th September 2013.

At present, our app does not to collect any information from your phone about you or your usage of our app. In the future, we may collect aggregate, non-personally identifiable, information about the usage of our app. This would allow us to identify the most used sections and the stations that are most searched for. By using this information, we can further develop features in the areas that are most popular.

You can select to enable or disable a system called Application Crash Report for Android (ACRA) within the Settings pane. This service automatically sends us reports if the app crashes on your device, without any involvement required from the user. ACRA collects information about the crash, and some context data, in order to allow us to resolve any issues with the application. If you experience a crash, we do welcome emails to our support address, android.support@realtimetrains.co.uk, with more detail than what we can collect automatically.

The information collected by ACRA is submitted to servers owned by us and located within the UK. They are stored in secure sites and the collection databases are secured so as to be only accessible to our development team.

Some data collected by ACRA may result in your crash reports being personally identifiable. In these instances, we will use the crash report and only use the data that is relevant to us. Once we have fixed the issue that has caused the crash, we will delete the report from our systems.

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