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Ind Plan Arr Act Arr Origin Pl ID TOC Destination Plan Dep Act Dep
WTT10381038Falkirk Grahamston12J61SRGlasgow Queen Street10391039
WTT10441042Dumbarton Central22V60SRTerminates here
WTTStarts here25V53SRCumbernauld10451045
WTTpassEdinburgh15G02SRMotherwell Tmd (Drs)10461046
WTT10511051Glasgow Queen Street22J62SRFalkirk Grahamston10511051
WTT10551055Cumbernauld15V53SRTerminates here
WTTStarts here12V53SRDumbarton Central10591059
WTT11041103Milngavie22C22SRTerminates here
WTTStarts here25F25SRCumbernauld11061106
WTT11141113Dumbarton Central22V62SRTerminates here
WTT11181118Cumbernauld15F25SRTerminates here
WTTStarts here25V55SRCumbernauld11191119
WTTStarts here12F25SRDalmuir11211121
WTT11281128Cumbernauld15V55SRTerminates here
WTTStarts here12V55SRDumbarton Central11291129
WTTpassGrangemouth Tdg (Ews)1443VZZMossend Euroterminal1133½1132
WTT11381137Falkirk Grahamston12J63SRGlasgow Queen Street11401140
WTT11441143Dumbarton Central22V64SRTerminates here
WTTStarts here25V33SRCumbernauld11451145
WTTpassInverness11T98SRGlasgow Queen Street1145½1145
WTT11511151Glasgow Queen Street22J64SRFalkirk Grahamston11511151