1V02 0537 Birmingham New Street to Cardiff Central

CrossCountry service departing on 9th March 2018

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Schedule Information
  • WTT schedule UID C11081, identity 1V02
  • Runs SSuX between 11/12/2017 to 18/05/2018
  • Service code 22333000, headcode 5510
  • Express Passenger
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 100mph max
  • Pathed as Class 158 (Express Sprinter) DMU
Passenger Information
  • Retail Service ID XC5510
  • Seating: first & standard
  • Reservations available
Realtime Status
  • TRUST ID 651V02M509
  • Running as 1V02
  • Activated 09/03/2018 04:37
Mileage WTT GBTT Realtime
M Ch Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly
00Birmingham New Street [BHM] 053705370543¼6L
054Proof House Jn [XOZ] pass0539pass0545¾6L
11Grand Jn pass0540pass0546¾6L
153St Andrews Jn (West Mids) [XON] pass0542pass0548½6L
179Bordesley Jn [XIR] pass0543pass0549¼6L
646Lifford East Jn pass0547½pass05546L
714Kings Norton [KNN] pass0548½pass0555½7L
847Northfield [NFD] pass0550pass0557¾7L
947Longbridge [LOB] pass0551pass0558¾7L
1069Cofton Jn pass0552½pass0559¾7L
1222Barnt Green [BTG] pass0554pass0600¼6L
1335Blackwell pass0555pass06016L
160Bromsgrove [BMV] pass0556½pass0603¾7L
1778Stoke Works Jn [XSW] pass0559pass06056L
2213Droitwich Spa [DTW] pass0604½No report
2510Droitwich Signal 68 pass0608No report
2731Tunnel Jn pass0611½No report
2761Worcester Shrub Hill [WOS] pass0612½No report
289Worcester Wylds Lane Jn pass0613No report
3077Norton Jn pass0617No report
3159Abbotswood Jn [XAY] pass0618½pass06135E
3750Eckington Loop pass0622½pass0617¼5E
4235Ashchurch for Tewkesbury [ASC] 0626½0627½0627062706210626¼1E
4957Cheltenham Spa [CNM] 0635½0643½063606430633½0643RT
5041Cheltenham Lansdown Loop pass0645pass0644¼RT
5520Barnwood Jn. pass0649½pass0648½RT
5574Horton Road Jn pass0651pass0650RT
5617Gloucester [GCR] 06530701065307010650¾0700¾RT
7035Awre pass0713½pass0713¾RT
7550Lydney [LYD] 07190720071907200719¼0719¾RT
7827Woolaston (Lydney) pass0723pass0722¾RT
8265Wye Valley Jn G.F. pass0727½pass0727¾RT
8346Chepstow [CPW] 0728½0729½072907290728½0729½RT
9025Caldicot [CDT] 07370738073707380737½0738¼RT
914Severn Tunnel Junction [STJ] 0740½0741½074007410740¼0741RT
9325Magor pass0744pass0743½RT
9826Llanwern West Jn pass0748pass0747½RT
9925East Usk Jn. pass0749½pass07481E
10017Maindee East Jn pass0750½pass07491E
10039Maindee West Jn pass0751pass0750RT
10073Newport (South Wales) [NWP] 0752½0754½075207540751¼0754RT
10156Gaer Jn pass0756pass0755½RT
10230Ebbw Jn pass0757pass0756¼RT
1063Marshfield pass0801pass0759¼1E
10773Wentloog Frht Trmnal (Ews) pass0802½pass0800½1E
1104Rumney River Bridge Jn pass0804pass0801¾2E
11063Pengam Jn pass0805pass0802¼2E
1118Moorland Road Junction pass0805pass0803¼1E
11158Long Dyke Jn pass0805½pass0804¼1E
11241Cardiff East pass0807pass0805¼1E
11253Cardiff Central [CDF] where this service forms 5M01 to Cardiff Central0808080808071E
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