1A76 0505 Penzance to London Paddington

Great Western Railway service departing on 14th September 2017

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Schedule Information
  • VAR schedule UID C29089, identity 1A76
  • Runs on 14/09/2017 only
  • Service code 25397003, headcode 1204
  • Express Passenger
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 125mph max
  • High Speed Train (HST125)
Passenger Information
  • Retail Service ID GW1204
  • Seating: first & standard
  • Reservations available
  • Buffet service between Penzance and Plymouth
  • Buffet service from Reading
  • Restaurant from Plymouth
Realtime Status
  • TRUST ID 851A76M514
  • Running as 1A76
  • Activated 14/09/2017 04:05
Mileage WTT GBTT Realtime
M Ch Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly
00Penzance [PNZ] 050505050505RT
137Long Rock pass0508½No report
552St Erth [SER] pass0512pass0512RT
719Hayle [HYL] pass0513½No report
1310Camborne [CBN] pass0520pass05211L
1662Redruth [RED] 0524052605240526No report
2030Baldhu pass0530½No report
2523Penwithers Jn pass0535½No report
2565Truro [TRU] 0536½0538½05370538053805401L
3119Probus pass0544½No report
3822Burngullow Jn pass0551½No report
4022St Austell [SAU] 0554055605540556No report
4462Par [PAR] pass0601pass06032L
4471Par Down Goods Loop pass0601No report
4912Lostwithiel [LOS] pass0606pass06082L
5245Bodmin Parkway [BOD] 061006140610061406120614RT
5641Largin pass0619No report
5725St Pinnock Viaduct East pass0620No report
6157Liskeard [LSK] 0625062706250627062606292L
6467Menheniot [MEN] pass0631pass0632½1L
7018St Germans [SGM] pass0636½pass0638¼1L
7520Saltash [STS] pass0641½pass0643¼1L
7631St Budeaux Ferry Road [SBF] pass0645pass0646½1L
7646St Budeaux Jn. pass0645½pass06471L
7721Keyham [KEY] pass0646½pass06481L
7766Dockyard [DOC]
7823Devonport [DPT] pass0648½pass0649RT
7938Plymouth [PLY] 06510655065106550651¾0654¾RT
8078Lipson Junction pass0658pass0658RT
8146Laira Jn pass0658½pass0658¾RT
8244Tavistock Jn pass0659½pass0659½RT
8623Hemerdon pass0703pass0703RT
916Ivybridge [IVY] pass0708pass0707¾RT
9476Aish Emergency Crossover pass0712pass0711¾RT
10247Totnes [TOT] pass0719½pass0718¾RT
10748Dainton Tunnel pass0725pass0724¼RT
11070Newton Abbot West Junction pass0728½pass0728RT
11128Newton Abbot [NTA] 0729½0732073007320728¾0731½RT
11643Teignmouth [TGM] pass0737pass0737¼RT
11926Dawlish [DWL] pass0740pass0740RT
12079Dawlish Warren [DWW] pass0741½pass0741½RT
12277Starcross [SCS] pass0743pass0743½RT
13047Exeter St Thomas [EXT] pass0749½pass0748¾RT
13141Exeter St Davids [EXD] 0750½0753075107530750¼0753RT
13261Cowley Bridge Jn pass0755½pass0755¼RT
13517Stoke Canon Lc pass0757pass0757RT
13972Hele & Bradninch Lc pass0800pass0759¾RT
14623Tiverton Loop pass0804½pass0804RT
1485Tiverton Parkway [TVP] pass0805½pass0805RT
15150Whiteball pass0807½pass0807¾RT
15514Wellington Somerset Xover pass0810pass0809¼RT
16053Norton Fitzwarren pass0813½pass0812¾RT
16221Taunton [TAU] 0815½0818081608180814¾0817½RT
16278Taunton East Jcn pass0819½No report
16676Cogload Jn pass0822½pass0822RT
17013Athelney Crossing pass0824½pass0824¼RT
18072Somerton Ground Frame pass0830pass0829¼RT
18960Castle Cary [CLC] pass0836½pass0836¼RT
19416Bruton [BRU] pass0839½pass0838½RT
19932East Somerset Jn pass0842½pass0841¾RT
20353Blatchbridge Jn pass0845pass0844¼RT
20546Clink Road Jn pass0846pass0845½RT
20872Fairwood Jn pass0849pass0847½1E
21129Heywood Road Jn pass0850½pass08491E
21768Lavington pass0854½pass08531E
2271Woodborough pass0900pass0858¼1E
23048Pewsey [PEW] pass0902½pass0900½1E
23567Savernake pass0906pass09032E
23941Bedwyn [BDW] pass0908½pass0906¾1E
24431Hungerford [HGD] pass0911½pass09101E
24736Kintbury [KIT] pass0913½pass09121E
25268Newbury [NBY] pass0917pass09152E
25343Newbury Racecourse [NRC] pass0917½No report
25629Thatcham [THA] pass0920No report
25915Midgham [MDG] pass0922No report
26111Aldermaston [AMT] pass0923½No report
26452Theale [THE] pass0926½No report
26812Southcote Jn pass0929pass09281E
26879Reading West [RDW] pass0930No report
2697Oxford Road Jn pass0930pass09311L
26957Reading Main Line West pass0931½No report
26974Reading [RDG] 0932½0934½0933093409330935½1L
27013Reading Main Line East pass0935½No report
27059Kennet Bridge Jn pass0936½pass0936½RT
27412Twyford West pass0939No report
27473Twyford [TWY] pass0939½pass0940RT
27629Ruscombe pass0940No report
28145Maidenhead West pass0943No report
28155Maidenhead [MAI] pass0943pass0943½RT
28216Maidenhead East pass0943½No report
28335Taplow [TAP] pass0944No report
28477Burnham [BNM] pass0944½No report
28663Slough West pass0945½No report
28738Slough [SLO] pass0946pass09471L
28856Dolphin Jn pass0946½No report
28956Langley [LNY] pass0947No report
29114Iver [IVR] pass0948No report
29243West Drayton Jcn pass0948½No report
29257West Drayton [WDT] pass0948½No report
2937West Drayton East pass0948½No report
29365Stockley Junction pass0949pass09501L
29460Heathrow Airport Jn pass0949½pass09511L
2953Hayes & Harlington [HAY] pass0949½pass0951½1L
2964Southall West Jn pass0950pass0951¾1L
29668Southall [STL] pass0950½pass0952¾2L
29712Southall East Jn pass0950½pass0952¾2L
29774Hanwell Bridge Loop pass0951pass09531L
29846Hanwell [HAN] pass0951½pass0953½2L
29920West Ealing Junction pass0952No report
29928West Ealing [WEA] pass0952No report
30018Ealing Broadway [EAL] pass0952½No report
30074Acton West pass0953pass09552L
30153Acton Main Line [AML] pass0954pass0955½1L
30221Friars Jn pass0954½pass09561L
30254Old Oak Common West pass0955pass0956½1L
30312Old Oak Common East pass0955½pass09571L
3041Ladbroke Grove pass0956½pass10003L
30436Portobello Jn (London) pass0957½No report
3058Royal Oak Sidings pass1000No report
30523Royal Oak Junction pass1001pass10021L
30564London Paddington [PAD] 100210021004½2L
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