1C11 0531 Sheffield to St Pancras International

East Midlands Trains service departing on 21st January 2019

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Schedule Information
  • WTT schedule UID C60089, identity 1C11
  • Runs SSuX between 10/12/2018 to 17/05/2019
  • Service code 22150000, headcode 1211
  • Express Passenger
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 110mph max
  • High Speed Train (HST125)
Passenger Information
  • Retail Service ID EM1211
  • Seating: first & standard
  • Reservations available
  • Restaurant for First Class passengers
Realtime Status
  • TRUST ID 251C11M521
  • Running as 1C11
  • Activated 21/01/2019 04:31
Mileage WTT GBTT Realtime
M Ch Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly
00Sheffield [SHF] where this service forms from 5C11 from Neville Hill T&R.S.M.D053105310531RT
040Sheffield Signal S82 pass0532pass0532RT
366Dore Station Jn pass0535½pass0536RT
419Dore & Totley [DOR] pass0536pass0536¼RT
449Dore South Jn pass0536pass0536¾RT
676Dronfield [DRO] pass0538pass0538½RT
1156Tapton Jn pass0541½pass0542¾1L
1220Chesterfield [CHD] 0542½0544½054305440543¾0545¾1L
1319Chesterfield South Jn pass0546pass0547½1L
1425Hasland pass0546½pass0548¼1L
1543Clay Cross North Jn pass0547½pass0549¾2L
1865Stretton pass0549½pass0551½2L
2638Ambergate Jn [XAJ] pass0554pass0556¼2L
2751Broadholme pass0554½pass05572L
2844Belper [BLP] pass0555½pass05582L
3111Duffield [DFI] pass0557pass05592L
3349Breadsall pass0558½pass0600½2L
3439St.Mary's North Junction pass0559pass06012L
3513St.Mary's South Junction pass0559½pass06022L
3631Derby [DBY] 06030605060306050604¼0606½1L
3645Derby London Rd Junction pass0605½pass06071L
3659Derby Way & Works Junction pass0605½pass0607¼1L
391Spondon [SPO] pass0608pass0610½2L
4249Draycott pass0611pass06132L
4440Long Eaton [LGE] pass0612½pass0614¼1L
4510Sheet Stores Jn pass0613pass0614¾1L
4552Trent South Jn [XTG] pass0613½pass0615¼1L
4634Ratcliffe Jn pass0615pass0616¼1L
4648East Midlands Parkway [EMD] 06160617½061606170616¾06191L
4838Kegworth pass0620pass0621¼1L
5262Loughborough North Jn pass0623½pass0624¼RT
5312Loughborough [LBO] 0624½0626062506260625¼0627¾1L
5346Loughborough South Jn pass0627pass0628½1L
5616Barrow upon Soar [BWS] pass0629pass0630¾1L
5668Mountsorrel Sdgs pass0629½pass0631¼1L
5768Sileby Jn pass0630½pass0631¾1L
5818Sileby [SIL] pass0630½pass06321L
6043Syston North Jn pass0632pass0633½1L
6076Syston South Jn pass0632½pass0633½1L
615Syston [SYS] pass0632½pass0633¾1L
6448Humberstone Rd Jn pass0635½pass0635¾RT
6538Leicester North Jn. pass0636½pass0637RT
6561Leicester [LEI] 0637063906370639063806401L
6622Leicester South Jn. pass0640pass0641½1L
6723Knighton Jn pass0641pass0642¼1L
6872Wigston North Jn pass0642½pass0643½1L
6931Wigston South Jn pass0643pass0643¾1L
7128Kilby Bridge Jn pass0644pass0645¼1L
8174Market Harborough [MHR] 06520654065206540652½0655½1L
8214Market Harborough Jn pass0655pass0656¼1L
9068Kettering North Junction pass0701½pass0702½1L
9267Kettering [KET] 0703½0705½070407050704¾0707¼1L
948Kettering Sth Jn pass0707pass0708½1L
9768Harrowden Jn pass0710pass07111L
9941Wellingborough North Jn pass0711½pass0712¼1L
9957Wellingborough [WEL] 071207140712071407130715¾1L
10816Sharnbrook Jn. pass0721pass0722½1L
11433Bedford North Jn. pass0725pass0725¾RT
1153Bedford [BDM] pass0725½pass0726¼RT
1168Bedford South Jn. pass0728½pass0726¾1E
11750Elstow pass0729½pass07281E
12421Flitwick Jn pass0734pass0733¾RT
12450Flitwick [FLT] pass0734½pass0734¼RT
12746Harlington [HLN] pass0736½pass0736¼RT
12919Sundon South Jn pass0737½pass0737RT
13150Leagrave Jn pass0739pass0738½RT
1328Leagrave [LEA] pass0739½pass0739RT
13416Luton North Jn pass0742½pass0742RT
13449Luton [LUT] pass0743pass0743RT
13549Luton Airport Parkway [LTN] 07440745½074407440744¾0747¼1L
14017Harpenden [HPD] pass0750pass0751¾1L
14043Harpenden Jn pass0750½pass0751¾1L
14477St Albans [SAC] pass0753pass0754½1L
14838Radlett Redland Roadstone pass0755pass07561L
14951Radlett [RDT] pass0755½pass0756¾1L
15035Radlett Jn pass0756pass07571L
15233Elstree & Borehamwood [ELS] pass0757pass0758¼1L
15540Mill Hill Broadway [MIL] pass0759pass0800¼1L
15676Silkstream Junction pass0800pass0801¼1L
15769Hendon [HEN] pass0800½pass08021L
15851Cricklewood Dep North Con pass0801pass0802¼1L
15864Brent Curve Jn pass0801pass0802¼1L
1595Cricklewood Depot Jn pass0801½pass0802½1L
15949Cricklewood Curve Jn pass0801½pass08031L
15959Cricklewood [CRI] pass0801½pass0803½1L
1600Cricklewood South Jn pass0802pass0803½1L
16059West Hampstead North Jn. pass0802½pass0804½2L
16075West Hampstead Thameslink [WHP] pass0802½pass08052L
16115West Hampstead South Jn pass0803pass0805¼2L
16255Carlton Road Jn pass0805½pass0806½1L
1633Kentish Town Jn pass0806pass0806¾1L
16325Kentish Town [KTN] pass0806pass0807¼1L
16372Dock Jn North pass0807pass08081L
1649Dock Jn South pass0807½pass0808½1L
16456St Pancras International [STP] 080908090811¼2L
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