2G66 1638 Gourock to Glasgow Central

ScotRail service departing on 23rd April 2019

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Schedule Information
  • WTT schedule UID G85100, identity 2G66
  • Runs SSuX between 10/12/2018 to 17/05/2019
  • Service code 13569815
  • Ordinary Passenger
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 75mph max
  • Electric Multiple Unit
  • Driver only operated
Passenger Information
  • Seating: standard only
Realtime Status
  • TRUST ID 072G66MT23
  • Running as 2G66
  • Activated 23/04/2019 14:38
Mileage WTT GBTT Realtime
M Ch Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly
00Gourock [GRK] where this service forms from 2G41 from Glasgow Central163816381638RT
118Fort Matilda [FTM] 16411641½1641164116411641½RT
248Greenock West [GKW] 16441644½1644164416441644½RT
320Greenock Central [GKC] 16461646½164616461646¼1646½RT
46Cartsdyke [CDY] 1648½1649164916491648½1649RT
473Bogston [BGS] 1650½1651165116511650¾1651¼RT
530Wemyss Bay Jn pass1652pass1652RT
567Port Glasgow [PTG] 16531653½1653165316531654¼RT
713Woodhall [WDL] 1655½1656165616561656½16571L
972Langbank [LGB] 1659½1700170017001700¼17011L
1378Bishopton [BPT] 17051705½170517051705½1705¾RT
1812Paisley St James [PYJ] 17101711½1710171117111711½RT
1875Paisley Gilmour Street [PYG] 1713½1714½171417141713¼1714¼RT
1979Arkleston Jn pass1716pass1716RT
2112Hillington West [HLW] 1717½1718171817181717¼1718RT
2159Hillington East [HLE] 1719½1720172017201719¾1720¼RT
2210Cardonald Jn pass1721pass1721RT
2230Cardonald [CDO] 1721½1722172217221721¾1722¼RT
239Helen Street Jn pass1723½pass1723½RT
2339Ibrox Jn pass1723½No report
243Gower Street Jn pass1724pass1724¼RT
2441Shields Jn pass1724½pass1724½RT
2522Smithy Lye pass1727pass1725¾RT
2541Glasgow Bridge Street Jn pass1727½pass1726¾RT
2568Glasgow Central Gantry A pass1728½pass1731½3L
2611Glasgow Central [GLC] where this service forms 2G29 to Gourock173017301732¾2L
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