FRGT 0420 Wigan L.I.P. to Wigan L.I.P.

CANCELLED - Runs on 14th August 2019

Runs as required: this service only runs when it is required. This warning will disappear if it is activated in the railway computer systems.
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Schedule Information
  • WTT schedule UID H11150
  • Runs SSuX between 12/08/2019 to 16/08/2019
  • Cancelled in timetable on 14/08/2019
  • Service code 95998501
Operational Information
  • Schedule from VSTP
  • Timed for 75mph max
  • Diesel locomotive
  • Runs as required
Location Arr Dep
Wigan L.I.P. [XWM] 0420
Springs Branch pass0425
Bamfurlong Jn pass0427
Haydock Branch Junction pass0431
Golborne Jn pass0435
Winwick Jn pass0438
Dallam Junction pass0441
Warrington Bank Quay [WBQ] pass0442
Acton Grange Jn pass0444
Runcorn East [RUE] pass0447½
Frodsham Jn pass0450
Frodsham [FRD] pass0451½
Helsby [HSB] pass0455
Mickle Trafford pass0502
Chester East Jn. pass0507
Chester [CTR] 05080515
Chester West Jn. pass0516
Chester North Jn. pass0516½
Bache [BAC] pass0517½
Capenhurst [CPU] pass0525
Hooton [HOO] pass0530½
Eastham Rake [ERA] pass0533
Bromborough [BOM] pass0536½
Bromborough Rake [BMR] pass0538½
Spital [SPI] pass0541
Port Sunlight [PSL] pass0543
Bebington [BEB] pass0545½
Rock Ferry [RFY] pass0549
Green Lane [GNL] pass0550½
Birkenhead Central [BKC] 05520555
Green Lane [GNL] pass0556½
Rock Ferry [RFY] pass0558
Bebington [BEB] pass0601
Port Sunlight [PSL] pass0602½
Spital [SPI] pass0604
Bromborough Rake [BMR] pass0606
Bromborough [BOM] pass0607½
Eastham Rake [ERA] pass0610
Hooton [HOO] pass0612
Capenhurst [CPU] pass0616½
Bache [BAC] pass0623
Chester North Jn. pass0624
Chester West Jn. pass0624½
Chester [CTR] 0625½0635½
Chester West Jn. pass0636½
Chester North Jn. pass0637
Bache [BAC] pass0638
Capenhurst [CPU] pass0644½
Hooton [HOO] pass0649
Eastham Rake [ERA] pass0651
Bromborough [BOM] pass0654
Bromborough Rake [BMR] pass0655½
Spital [SPI] pass0657½
Port Sunlight [PSL] pass0659
Bebington [BEB] pass0701
Rock Ferry [RFY] pass0704
Green Lane [GNL] pass0706
Birkenhead Central [BKC] pass0707
Hamilton Square [BKQ] pass0708½
Mann Island Junction pass0710
Liverpool James Street [LVJ] 07110715
Mann Island Junction pass0716
Hamilton Square [BKQ] pass0717
Conway Park [CNP] pass0718
Birkenhead Park [BKP] pass0719½
Birkenhead North [BKN] pass0721
Bidston East Jn pass0722
Bidston [BID] pass0723
Bidston Dee Jn pass0723
Leasowe [LSW] pass0724½
Moreton (Merseyside) [MRT] pass0725
Meols [MEO] pass0728
Manor Road [MNR] pass0729½
Hoylake [HYK] pass0730
West Kirby [WKI] 0732½0745
Hoylake [HYK] pass0748
Manor Road [MNR] pass0749
Meols [MEO] pass0750
Moreton (Merseyside) [MRT] pass0753½
Leasowe [LSW] pass0754½
Bidston Dee Jn pass0756
Bidston [BID] pass0756
Bidston East Jn pass0756½
Birkenhead North [BKN] pass0757½
Birkenhead Park [BKP] pass0800
Conway Park [CNP] pass0802½
Hamilton Square [BKQ] pass0804
Mann Island Junction pass0805½
Liverpool James Street [LVJ] 0806½0819½
Mann Island Junction pass0820½
Hamilton Square [BKQ] pass0822½
Conway Park [CNP] pass0823½
Birkenhead Park [BKP] pass0825
Birkenhead North [BKN] pass0826½
Bidston East Jn pass0827½
Wallasey Village [WLV] pass0830½
Wallasey Grove Road [WLG] pass0831
New Brighton [NBN] 08350848
Wallasey Grove Road [WLG] pass0852
Wallasey Village [WLV] pass0853
Bidston East Jn pass0855½
Birkenhead North [BKN] pass0858
Birkenhead Park [BKP] pass0900½
Conway Park [CNP] pass0902½
Hamilton Square [BKQ] pass0904
Mann Island Junction pass0905½
Liverpool James Street [LVJ] 0906½0939
Mann Island Junction pass0940
Hamilton Square [BKQ] pass0942
Birkenhead Central [BKC] pass0943½
Green Lane [GNL] pass0945
Rock Ferry [RFY] pass0947
Bebington [BEB] pass0950
Port Sunlight [PSL] pass0951½
Spital [SPI] pass0953
Bromborough Rake [BMR] pass0955
Bromborough [BOM] pass0957
Eastham Rake [ERA] pass0959½
Hooton [HOO] 10021002½
Little Sutton [LTT] pass1009
Overpool [OVE] pass1011
Ellesmere Port [ELP] 10161017
Ellesmere Port East Sdgs pass1019
Stanlow & Thornton [SNT] pass1021
Ince & Elton [INE] pass1022½
Helsby [HSB] 1025½1045
Ince & Elton [INE] pass1048
Stanlow & Thornton [SNT] pass1049½
Ellesmere Port East Sdgs pass1051½
Ellesmere Port [ELP] 10531054
Overpool [OVE] pass1057½
Little Sutton [LTT] pass1058½
Hooton [HOO] 11021117
Capenhurst [CPU] pass1123
Bache [BAC] pass1130
Chester North Jn. pass1131
Chester West Jn. pass1131½
Chester [CTR] 1132½1139½
Chester East Jn. pass1141
Mickle Trafford pass1145½
Helsby [HSB] pass1151½
Frodsham [FRD] pass1155
Frodsham Jn pass1156½
Runcorn East [RUE] pass1158½
Acton Grange Jn pass1202½
Warrington Bank Quay [WBQ] pass1205
Dallam Junction pass1206
Winwick Jn pass1209½
Golborne Jn pass1214½
Haydock Branch Junction pass1216½
Bamfurlong Jn pass1218½
Springs Branch 1221½1225½
Wigan L.I.P. [XWM] 1231
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