FRGT 1726 Wigan L.I.P. to Edge Hill Gullet Sdgs

Runs on 18th July 2019

Runs as required: this service only runs when it is required. This warning will disappear if it is activated in the railway computer systems.
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Schedule Information
  • WTT schedule UID H18511
  • Runs TThO between 21/05/2019 to 12/12/2019
  • Service code 95998501
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 75mph max
  • Diesel locomotive
  • Runs as required
Location Arr Dep
Wigan L.I.P. [XWM] 1726
Springs Branch 17311731½
Springs Branch Jn pass1733½
Wigan South Jn pass1734½
Wigan Station Jn pass1735
Wigan Wallgate [WGW] pass1737
Pemberton [PEM] pass1739½
Orrell [ORR] pass1742
Upholland [UPL] pass1743½
Rainford [RNF] 17471747½
Kirkby [KIR] 17561800
Rainford [RNF] 1808½1828½
Upholland [UPL] pass1834
Orrell [ORR] pass1837½
Pemberton [PEM] pass1841½
Wigan Wallgate [WGW] pass1846
Wigan Station Jn pass1847½
Wigan South Jn pass1848
Springs Branch Jn 18501851
Bamfurlong Jn pass1858½
Haydock Branch Junction pass1903
Golborne Jn pass1907½
Lowton Jn pass1909½
Newton-le-Willows [NLW] pass1915
Earlestown [ERL] pass1916
Earlestown West Jn pass1916
St Helens Junction [SHJ] pass1919
Lea Green [LEG] pass1921½
Rainhill [RNH] pass1925
Whiston [WHN] pass1928
Huyton Jn pass1933
Huyton [HUY] pass1933½
Roby [ROB] pass1934½
Broad Green [BGE] pass1938
Olive Mount Jn. pass1940
Wavertree Technology Park [WAV] pass1941
Bootle Branch Jn pass1942
Former Edge Hill S.B. pass1943
Edge Hill Down Wapping [XDG] 1947½2018½
Former Edge Hill S.B. pass2021
Wavertree Jn pass2022½
Mossley Hill [MSH] pass2024
West Allerton [WSA] pass2025
Liverpool South Parkway [LPY] pass2026
Allerton Jn pass2026
Speke Jn pass2027
Ditton East Junction pass2031
Runcorn [RUN] pass2034
Halton Jn pass2035
Sutton Weaver pass2037½
Weaver Jn [XYJ] pass2041
Acton Bridge [ACB] pass2043
Hartford Jn pass2045
Hartford [HTF] pass2046
Winsford [WSF] pass2050
Crewe Coal Yard pass2057½
Crewe North Jn pass2058
Crewe [CRE] 2058½2100½
Crewe South Jn pass2102
Crewe Basford Hall Jn pass2105½
Betley Road Sb pass2109½
Madeley (Staffs) pass2114½
Whitmore pass2117
Norton Bridge [NTB] pass2126
Little Bridgeford Jn pass2127
Stafford Doxey Junction pass2132½
Stafford North Jn pass2133
Stafford [STA] 21342135
Stafford Arrival Sdg 1 & 2 21372202½
Stafford [STA] 2204½2206½
Stafford North Jn pass2207½
Stafford Doxey Junction pass2207½
Little Bridgeford Jn pass2210½
Searchlight Lane Jn pass2211½
Whitmore pass2219½
Madeley (Staffs) pass2222
Betley Road Sb pass2226
Crewe Basford Hall Jn pass2229
Crewe South Jn pass2231
Crewe [CRE] 22322241½
Crewe North Jn pass2242½
Crewe Coal Yard pass2243½
Winsford [WSF] pass2254½
Hartford [HTF] pass2259½
Hartford Jn 23012307½
Acton Bridge [ACB] pass2311
Weaver Jn [XYJ] pass2313
Sutton Weaver pass2315½
Halton Jn pass2317
Runcorn [RUN] pass2318
Ditton East Junction pass2321
Speke Jn pass2326
Allerton Jn pass2327
Liverpool South Parkway [LPY] pass2327
West Allerton [WSA] pass2328
Mossley Hill [MSH] pass2329
Wavertree Jn pass2330½
Former Edge Hill S.B. pass2332
Edge Hill Down Wapping [XDG] 2336½2344½
Edge Hill Gullet Sdgs 2350
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