FRGT 1633 Horsham Up T.C. to Horsham Up T.C.

Runs on 20th June 2019

Runs as required: this service only runs when it is required. This warning will disappear if it is activated in the railway computer systems.
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Schedule Information
  • WTT schedule UID H22041
  • Runs SSuX between 20/05/2019 to 13/12/2019
  • Service code 95999801
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 90mph max
  • Diesel locomotive
  • Runs as required
Location Arr Dep
Horsham Up T.C. 1633
Dorking [DKG] pass1657
Boxhill & Westhumble [BXW] pass1658½
Leatherhead [LHD] pass1704
Ashtead [AHD] pass1707
Epsom [EPS] pass1710
Ewell East [EWE] pass1715
Cheam [CHE] pass1719½
Sutton (Surrey) [SUO] pass1722
Carshalton [CSH] pass1724½
Hackbridge [HCB] pass1726½
Mitcham Junction [MIJ] pass1728½
Mitcham Eastfields [MTC] pass1731
Streatham South Jn pass1733½
Streatham North Jn pass1735½
Balham Jn pass1737½
Balham [BAL] pass1738
Wandsworth Common [WSW] pass1739
Clapham Junction [CLJ] pass1742
Clapham Junction Sig Vc147 17431746
Clapham Junction [CLJ] 17481751½
Wandsworth Common [WSW] pass1755
Balham [BAL] pass1756½
Balham Jn pass1757½
Streatham Hill [SRH] pass1800½
Leigham Junction pass1803½
West Norwood Junction pass1805
West Norwood [WNW] pass1806
Gipsy Hill [GIP] pass1809½
Crystal Palace [CYP] 1812½1815½
Bromley Jn pass1819½
Birkbeck [BIK] pass1821½
Beckenham Junction [BKJ] 18251828
Birkbeck [BIK] pass1831½
Bromley Jn pass1833½
Crystal Palace [CYP] pass1841
Gipsy Hill [GIP] pass1843½
West Norwood [WNW] pass1846
West Norwood Junction pass1846½
Leigham Junction pass1848
Streatham Hill [SRH] pass1851
Balham Jn pass1858
Balham [BAL] pass1859½
Wandsworth Common [WSW] pass1901
Clapham Junction [CLJ] pass1904½
Clapham Junction Sig Vc147 1905½1908½
Clapham Junction [CLJ] pass1912
Wandsworth Common [WSW] pass1916
Balham [BAL] pass1917½
Balham Jn pass1918
Streatham North Jn pass1920½
Streatham South Jn pass1923
Mitcham Eastfields [MTC] pass1925½
Mitcham Junction [MIJ] pass1928
Hackbridge [HCB] pass1931
Carshalton [CSH] pass1933
Sutton (Surrey) [SUO] pass1936½
Cheam [CHE] pass1938½
Ewell East [EWE] pass1942
Epsom [EPS] pass1945½
Ashtead [AHD] pass1948½
Leatherhead [LHD] 19521955
Boxhill & Westhumble [BXW] pass2003½
Dorking [DKG] pass2006
Holmwood [HLM] pass2017½
Ockley [OLY] pass2022½
Warnham [WNH] pass2032½
Horsham [HRH] pass2037
Christs Hospital [CHH] pass2042½
Billingshurst [BIG] pass2053½
Pulborough [PUL] pass2101½
Amberley [AMY] pass2111
Arundel [ARU] pass2118
Arundel Jn [XXA] pass2121
Littlehampton Junction pass2122½
Littlehampton [LIT] 21282222
Littlehampton Junction pass2227
Arundel Jn [XXA] pass2228
Angmering [ANG] pass2233½
Goring-by-Sea [GBS] pass2240½
Durrington-on-Sea [DUR] pass2243
West Worthing [WWO] pass2245
Worthing [WRH] pass2247
East Worthing [EWR] pass2248½
Lancing [LAC] pass2250½
Shoreham-by-Sea [SSE] pass2254½
Southwick [SWK] pass2257
Fishersgate [FSG] pass2258
Portslade [PLD] pass2259
Aldrington [AGT] pass2300½
Hove [HOV] pass2301½
Preston Park [PRP] 2304½2308
Hove [HOV] pass2312
Aldrington [AGT] pass2313
Portslade [PLD] pass2314½
Fishersgate [FSG] pass2315½
Southwick [SWK] pass2316½
Shoreham-by-Sea [SSE] pass2319
Lancing [LAC] pass2324
East Worthing [EWR] pass2326½
Worthing [WRH] pass2328½
West Worthing [WWO] pass2333
Durrington-on-Sea [DUR] pass2334
Goring-by-Sea [GBS] pass2335½
Angmering [ANG] pass2339½
Arundel Jn [XXA] pass2344
Littlehampton Junction pass2345
Littlehampton [LIT] 23482351
Littlehampton Junction pass2354
Ford Junction pass2354½
Ford [FOD] pass2355
Barnham [BAA] pass2359
Chichester [CCH] pass0009
Fishbourne [FSB] pass0011
Bosham [BOH] pass0012½
Nutbourne [NUT] pass0015
Southbourne [SOB] pass0016
Emsworth [EMS] pass0018
Warblington [WBL] pass0020
Havant [HAV] 00220026
Warblington [WBL] pass0027½
Emsworth [EMS] pass0029½
Southbourne [SOB] pass0031½
Nutbourne [NUT] pass0033
Bosham [BOH] pass0035
Fishbourne [FSB] pass0037
Chichester [CCH] pass0039
Barnham [BAA] 00510054
Bognor Regis [BOG] 01000103
Barnham [BAA] pass0109
Ford [FOD] pass0113
Ford Junction pass0113½
Littlehampton Junction pass0114
Littlehampton [LIT] 01170120
Littlehampton Junction pass0123
Arundel Jn [XXA] pass0124
Arundel [ARU] pass0126½
Amberley [AMY] pass0132
Pulborough [PUL] pass0139½
Billingshurst [BIG] pass0147½
Christs Hospital [CHH] pass0155
Horsham [HRH] pass0159
Horsham Up T.C. 0204
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