FRGT 1508 Tonbridge West Yard Gbrf to Tonbridge West Yard Gbrf

Runs on 20th June 2019

Runs as required: this service only runs when it is required. This warning will disappear if it is activated in the railway computer systems.
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Schedule Information
  • WTT schedule UID H26667
  • Runs SSuX between 20/05/2019 to 13/12/2019
  • Service code 54761000
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 60mph max
  • Diesel locomotive
  • Runs as required
Location Arr Dep
Tonbridge West Yard Gbrf 1508
Tonbridge [TON] 15111513
Tonbridge Down Loop pass1514½
Paddock Wood [PDW] pass1521½
Beltring [BEG] pass1525½
Yalding [YAL] pass1529
Wateringbury [WTR] pass1533
East Farleigh [EFL] pass1539
Maidstone West [MDW] pass1545½
Maidstone Barracks [MDB] pass1546½
Aylesford [AYL] pass1551½
New Hythe [NHE] pass1553
Snodland [SDA] pass1555
Halling [HAI] pass1557½
Cuxton [CUX] pass1600½
Strood [SOO] 16061611
Rochester Bridge Jn [XRJ] pass1613
Rochester [RTR] 16171636
Rochester Down Loop pass1638
Chatham [CTM] pass1639½
Gillingham (Kent) [GLM] pass1644½
Rainham (Kent) [RAI] pass1648½
Rainham East Junction pass1649½
Newington [NGT] pass1652
Western Jn (Sittingbourne) pass1654½
Eastern Jn (Sittingbourne) pass1655
Sittingbourne [SIT] 16571702
Eastern Jn (Sittingbourne) pass1704½
Western Jn (Sittingbourne) pass1705
Newington [NGT] pass1708
Rainham East Junction pass1711
Rainham (Kent) [RAI] pass1711½
Gillingham (Kent) [GLM] pass1717
Chatham [CTM] pass1722
Rochester Up Layby Sdgs pass1724
Rochester [RTR] pass1724½
Rochester Bridge Jn [XRJ] pass1726½
Sole Street [SOR] pass1735½
Meopham [MEP] pass1737
Longfield [LGF] pass1741½
Fawkham Junction [XWK] pass1743
Farningham Road [FNR] pass1746
Swanley [SAY] pass1750
St Mary Cray [SMY] pass1753
St Mary Cray Jn [XMU] pass1754½
Bickley Jn [XLY] pass1755½
Bickley [BKL] pass1756
Bromley South [BMS] pass1757½
Shortlands [SRT] pass1759
Shortlands Jn [XOR] pass1759½
Beckenham Junction [BKJ] pass1801
Kent House [KTH] 1803½1809½
Penge East [PNE] pass1811½
Sydenham Hill [SYH] pass1814½
West Dulwich [WDU] pass1816
Herne Hill [HNH] pass1818½
Brixton [BRX] pass1819½
Shepherds Lane Jn pass1820
Clapham High Street [CLP] pass1821
Voltaire Road Jn. [XVJ] pass1821
Wandsworth Road [WWR] pass1821½
Factory Jn pass1822
Linford Street Jn pass1822½
Grosvenor Bridge Jn pass1824
London Victoria [VIC] 18271922
Grosvenor Bridge Jn pass1924
Linford Street Jn pass1925½
Factory Jn pass1926
Wandsworth Road [WWR] pass1926½
Voltaire Road Jn. [XVJ] pass1927
Clapham High Street [CLP] pass1927
Shepherds Lane Jn pass1928
Brixton [BRX] pass1928½
Herne Hill [HNH] pass1929½
West Dulwich [WDU] pass1931
Sydenham Hill [SYH] pass1932
Penge East [PNE] pass1933½
Kent House [KTH] 19351941
Beckenham Junction [BKJ] pass1944
Shortlands Jn [XOR] pass1946
Shortlands [SRT] pass1946½
Bromley South [BMS] pass1948
Bickley [BKL] pass1949½
Bickley Jn [XLY] pass1950
St Mary Cray Jn [XMU] pass1951½
St Mary Cray [SMY] pass1953½
Swanley [SAY] pass1957
Eynsford [EYN] pass2001½
Shoreham (Kent) [SEH] pass2004½
Otford [OTF] pass2006½
Otford Jn [XOT] pass2007½
Bat & Ball [BBL] pass2009½
Sevenoaks [SEV] 20122016
Bat & Ball [BBL] pass2019
Otford Jn [XOT] pass2021
Otford [OTF] pass2022
Shoreham (Kent) [SEH] pass2024
Eynsford [EYN] pass2027½
Swanley [SAY] pass2032
St Mary Cray [SMY] pass2039½
St Mary Cray Jn [XMU] pass2043½
Bickley Jn [XLY] pass2046½
Bickley [BKL] pass2047½
Bromley South [BMS] pass2050
Shortlands [SRT] pass2051
Shortlands Jn [XOR] pass2051½
Ravensbourne [RVB] pass2053
Beckenham Hill [BEC] pass2055
Bellingham [BGM] pass2057
Catford [CTF] pass2059
Crofton Park [CFT] pass2101
Nunhead Jn pass2103½
Nunhead [NHD] pass2104
Peckham Rye [PMR] pass2107
Crofton Road Jn pass2108½
Denmark Hill [DMK] pass2109½
Cambria Jn 21112116
Denmark Hill [DMK] pass2118
Crofton Road Jn pass2119½
Peckham Rye [PMR] pass2121
Nunhead [NHD] pass2124
Nunhead Jn pass2124½
Crofton Park [CFT] pass2126½
Catford [CTF] pass2128
Bellingham [BGM] pass2130
Beckenham Hill [BEC] pass2131½
Ravensbourne [RVB] pass2133
Shortlands Jn [XOR] pass2134
Shortlands [SRT] pass2135
Bromley South [BMS] pass2137
Bickley [BKL] pass2139
Bickley Jn [XLY] pass2140
St Mary Cray Jn [XMU] pass2141
St Mary Cray [SMY] pass2142½
Swanley [SAY] pass2145½
Farningham Road [FNR] pass2149½
Fawkham Junction [XWK] pass2152½
Longfield [LGF] pass2153½
Meopham [MEP] pass2157½
Sole Street [SOR] pass2159
Rochester Bridge Jn [XRJ] pass2207½
Rochester [RTR] 22102217
Rochester Bridge Jn [XRJ] pass2219½
Strood [SOO] 22212226
Cuxton [CUX] pass2230½
Halling [HAI] pass2233
Snodland [SDA] pass2235
New Hythe [NHE] pass2237
Aylesford [AYL] pass2238½
Maidstone Barracks [MDB] pass2243
Maidstone West [MDW] pass2243½
East Farleigh [EFL] pass2246
Wateringbury [WTR] pass2250½
Yalding [YAL] pass2255
Beltring [BEG] pass2259
Paddock Wood [PDW] 23042309½
Tonbridge Up Loop pass2320½
Tonbridge [TON] pass2322½
Tonbridge West Yard Gbrf 2326
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