468D 1812 Felixstowe North F.L.T. to Lawley Street F.L.T.

Runs on 9th February 2018

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Schedule Information
  • WTT schedule UID H31356
  • Runs MSSuX between 12/12/2017 to 18/05/2018
  • Service code 54606070
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 75mph max
  • Diesel locomotive, trailing load 1235 tonnes
  • Runs as required
Realtime Status
  • TRUST ID 49468DCW09
  • Running as 468D
  • Activated 09/02/2018 10:48
WTT Realtime
Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly
Felixstowe North F.L.T. 181218039E
Trimley [TRM] pass1821pass18298L
Levington Signal Co622 pass1827pass183710L
Derby Road [DBR] pass1833pass184310L
Westerfield [WFI] pass1838½pass18478L
Ipswich Boss Hall Jn pass1843No report
Ipswich East Suffolk Jn pass1844pass18539L
Ipswich S.S. 18461945185519483L
Ipswich [IPS] pass1947pass1950¼3L
Ipswich Halifax Junction pass1948½pass19534L
Manningtree North Jn pass1958No report
Manningtree [MNG] pass1958½pass2005¼6L
Colchester [COL] pass2007½pass2013½6L
Colchester C.S.D. [XLG] pass2008No report
Marks Tey [MKT] pass2012½pass20185L
Kelvedon [KEL] pass2017No report
Witham Up Loop pass2020½No report
Witham [WTM] pass2021pass2025½4L
Hatfield Peverel [HAP] pass2023½No report
Chelmsford Brick House Xov pass2026No report
Chelmsford Arbour Lane pass2029No report
Chelmsford D.G.L pass2029½No report
Chelmsford [CHM] pass2029½pass20344L
Church Lane L Xing pass2035½No report
Ingatestone [INT] pass2036½No report
Shenfield [SNF] pass2040½pass2044½4L
Shenfield London End Jn pass2041No report
Brentwood [BRE] pass2042½No report
Harold Wood [HRO] pass2045½No report
Gidea Park Jn pass2046No report
Gidea Park [GDP] pass2047pass20514L
Romford Junction pass2048No report
Romford [RMF] pass2048pass2051½3L
Romford London End Jn pass2048No report
Chadwell Heath [CTH] pass2050No report
Goodmayes [GMY] pass2050½No report
Seven Kings [SVK] pass2051No report
Ilford Lon End Junction pass2051½No report
Ilford [IFD] pass2052pass20564L
Manor Park Junction pass2053No report
Manor Park [MNP] pass2053No report
Forest Gate Jn pass2053½pass20573L
Forest Gate [FOG] pass2055No report
Maryland East Junction pass2056½No report
Maryland [MYL] pass2057No report
Stratford Country End Jcn pass2058No report
Stratford (London) [SRA] pass2058½pass21023L
Channelsea Jn pass2102½No report
Lea Junction 2103½2105N/R2105¼RT
Hackney Wick [HKW] pass2106½pass2106¾RT
Homerton [HMN] pass2109pass2109½RT
Hackney Central [HKC] pass2110½pass2110¾RT
Navarino Road Jn pass2111pass2111RT
Dalston Kingsland [DLK] pass2112½pass2112¼RT
Canonbury [CNN] pass2115pass2113¾RT
Canonbury West Jn [XJC] pass2115½pass2114½RT
Highbury & Islington [HHY] pass2117pass2115½1E
Westbourne Road Junction pass2118½pass21162E
Caledonian Rd & Barnsbury [CIR] pass2119pass2117½1E
Camden Rd. E. Jn. pass2121pass21191E
Camden Road [CMD] pass2122½pass2120¼1E
Camden Road Jn pass2123pass2120¼2E
Primrose Hill [PRM] pass2127½No report
Camden Jn Signal Wm801 pass2128No report
Camden Jn pass2130½pass21321L
Kilburn Up & Down Gds Lp pass2133½No report
Queens Park (London) [QPW] pass2133½pass2136¾3L
Willesden West Londn Jn [XWI] pass2136pass2138½2L
Willesden North Junction pass2136½No report
Harlesden Jn pass2137pass2140¼3L
Willesden Railnet Receptn pass2137½No report
Wembley Yard South Jn. pass2137½No report
Wembley Eur Frt Ops Cntre pass2138No report
Wembley Central [WMB] pass2139pass21445L
North Wembley Jn pass2140No report
Harrow & Wealdstone [HRW] pass2142½pass2149½7L
Bushey [BSH] pass2147½No report
Watford South Jcn pass2148½No report
Watford Junction [WFJ] pass2149pass2156½7L
Watford North Jn pass2149½No report
Kings Langley [KGL] pass2152½No report
Apsley [APS] pass2155pass2202½7L
Hemel Hempstead [HML] pass2156½pass22047L
Bourne End Jn (Herts) [XOE] pass2157½pass22057L
Berkhamsted [BKM] pass2200pass2207½7L
Tring [TRI] pass2204pass22128L
Tring North Jn pass2204½No report
Cheddington [CED] pass2209pass2217¼8L
Ledburn Jn [XOD] pass2210½pass22209L
Leighton Buzzard [LBZ] pass2213½pass2225¼11L
Bletchley Drayton Road Jn pass2219½No report
Bletchley [BLY] pass2220½pass223312L
Bletchley Up&Down Relief 2 pass2221No report
Denbigh Hall South Jn pass2222pass2233¾12L
Denbigh Hall North Jn pass2223½pass2234½11L
Milton Keynes Central [MKC] pass2225½pass223610L
Wolverton [WOL] pass2228pass223911L
Hanslope Jn [XHN] pass2232pass2243¾11L
Roade pass2235½No report
Northampton South Jn pass2242No report
Northampton [NMP] pass2242pass2259½17L
Northampton North Jn pass2242½No report
Northampton Mill Lane Jn pass2244pass2303½19L
Long Buckby [LBK] pass2257½pass2314¾17L
Daventry South Jn pass2303½pass2320¼16L
Daventry North Jn pass2304½pass2321¼16L
Hillmorton Jn pass2309pass232415L
Rugby South Junction pass2310½No report
Rugby [RUG] 231123132326½2329½16L
Rugby North Junction pass2315No report
Rugby Trent Valley Jn pass2316pass2330¾14L
Rugby Long Lawford Junc pass2317No report
Coventry [COV] pass2326No report
Coventry North Jn pass2326½No report
Canley [CNL] pass2327½No report
Tile Hill [THL] pass2329½No report
Berkswell [BKW] pass2331½No report
Hampton-in-Arden [HIA] pass2335No report
Birmingham Inter South Jn pass2336½No report
Birmingham International [BHI] pass2337No report
Birmingham Inter North Jn pass2337½No report
Marston Green [MGN] pass2339½No report
Lea Hall [LEH] pass2341½No report
Stechford [SCF] pass2343No report
Aston South Jn pass2354No report
Aston [AST] pass2354½No report
Witton [WTT] pass2355½No report
Perry Barr [PRY] pass2356½No report
Perry Barr South Jn pass2357No report
Perry Barr North Jn [XRA] pass2357½No report
Hamstead [HSD] pass2359No report
Tame Bridge Parkway [TAB] pass0003No report
Newton Jn. (West Midlands) pass0003No report
Bescot Stadium [BSC] pass0006½No report
Bescot Jn pass0006½No report
Pleck Jn pass0010No report
Walsall [WSL] pass0012½No report
Ryecroft Jn pass0017½No report
Aldridge Sig Wl42 pass0025No report
Sutton Park pass0039No report
Park Lane Jn West Mids [XIA] pass0050No report
Castle Bromwich Jn pass0052½pass002230E
Bromford Bridge pass0057½No report
Washwood Heath East Jn pass0058½No report
Washwood Heath West Jn pass0101½pass0102¾1L
Saltley P.S.B. 01110146No report
Lawley Street F.L.T. 0149012623E
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