495T 0218 Millbrook Hants..F.L.T. to Leeds F.L.T.

Runs on 9th March 2018

This service was cancelled throughout due to a request by the customer (FL).
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Schedule Information
  • WTT schedule UID H31577
  • Runs MSSuX between 12/12/2017 to 18/05/2018
  • Service code 54606070
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 75mph max
  • Diesel locomotive, trailing load 1600 tonnes
Realtime Status
  • TRUST ID 86495TC209
  • Running as 495T
  • Activated 09/03/2018 00:18
WTT Realtime
Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly
Millbrook Hants..F.L.T. 0218-
Southampton Central [SOU] pass0223-
Northam Jn pass0226-
St Denys [SDN] pass0227½-
Swaythling [SWG] pass0230½-
Southampton Airport Parkway [SOA] pass0232-
Eastleigh [ESL] 02350237-
Eastleigh East Jn pass0238-
Allbrook [XEW] pass0239½-
Shawford [SHW] pass0244½-
Shawford Jn pass0245½-
Winchester [WIN] pass0249½-
Wallers Ash Loop pass0259½-
Micheldever [MIC] pass0303½-
Worting Jn pass0313-
Basingstoke [BSK] pass0317-
Bramley (Hampshire) [BMY] pass0323½-
Mortimer [MOR] pass0327½-
Southcote Jn pass0334-
Reading West [RDW] pass0336-
Oxford Road Jn pass0336½-
Reading West Jn pass0338-
Scours Lane Jn pass0339-
Tilehurst East Jn. pass0340-
Tilehurst [TLH] pass0340-
Pangbourne [PAN] pass0344-
Goring & Streatley [GOR] pass0348-
Cholsey [CHO] pass0352½-
Moreton Cutting pass0356½-
Didcot East Jn pass0358-
Didcot North Jn pass0403-
Appleford L.C. pass0403½-
Appleford [APF] pass0404½-
Culham [CUM] pass0405½-
Radley [RAD] pass0407½-
Kennington Jn pass0410½-
Hinksey South pass0411-
Hinksey North pass0412½-
Oxford [OXF] pass0413½-
Oxford North Jn. pass0414½-
Wolvercote Jn pass0416½-
Tackley [TAC] pass0423-
Heyford [HYD] pass0426-
Aynho Jn [XAN] pass0432-
Kings Sutton [KGS] pass0433½-
Banbury Depot Jn pass0436½-
Banbury [BAN] pass0437-
Banbury North Junction pass0437½-
Reservoir Junction pass0438½-
Fenny Compton South Jn pass0446-
Fenny Compton [XFC] pass0447-
Leamington Spa [LMS] pass0459-
Warwick [WRW] pass0502-
Warwick Parkway [WRP] pass0504½-
Budbrook Jn pass0507-
Hatton [HTN] pass0509-
Hatton North Jn pass0509½-
Lapworth [LPW] pass0514½-
Dorridge [DDG] pass0517½-
Bentley Heath Crossing pass0518-
Widney Manor [WMR] pass0519½-
Solihull [SOL] pass0521½-
Olton [OLT] pass0523½-
Acocks Green [ACG] pass0525-
Tyseley South Junction pass0526-
Tyseley [TYS] pass0526-
Small Heath South Jn [XOH] pass0527-
Small Heath [SMA] pass0527½-
Bordesley South Jn pass0529-
Bordesley Jn [XIR] pass0530-
St Andrews Jn (West Mids) [XON] pass0531-
Landor Street Jn [XLX] 05330539-
Duddeston Jn pass0540½-
Washwood Heath West Jn pass0542-
Washwood Heath East Jn pass0543½-
Bromford Bridge pass0543½-
Castle Bromwich Jn pass0546-
Water Orton West Jn pass0547-
Water Orton [WTO] pass0547½-
Kingsbury Jn [XKI] pass0557½-
Kingsbury Branch Jn pass0559-
Wilnecote [WNE] pass0603½-
Tamworth [TAM] pass0606-
Elford pass0610-
Wichnor Jn [XWE] pass0613-
Barton Under Needwood S Jn pass0613½-
Barton Under Needwood N Jn pass0615-
Branston Jn pass0618-
Burton Leicester Jn pass0619½-
Burton-on-Trent [BUT] pass0621-
Horninglow Bridge Jn pass0623-
Burton Wetmore Jn pass0626½-
Clay Mills Jn pass0630-
Willington [WIL] pass0634-
North Stafford Jn pass0635-
Stenson Jn pass0635½-
Sunnyhill pass0639-
Melbourne Jn pass0640½-
Peartree [PEA] pass0640½-
L.N.W. Jn. Derby pass0641-
Derby London Rd Junction pass0642-
Derby [DBY] 06430646½-
Derby Station North Jn. pass0647½-
St. Mary's Jn pass0649-
Breadsall pass0651½-
Little Eaton Jn pass0652-
Duffield [DFI] pass0655-
Belper [BLP] pass0658½-
Broadholme pass0700-
Ambergate Jn [XAJ] pass0701½-
Stretton pass0712-
Clay Cross North Jn 07170720-
Hasland pass0723½-
Chesterfield South Jn pass0725½-
Chesterfield [CHD] pass0726½-
Tapton Jn pass0727½-
Barrow Hill South Jn. pass0730-
Barrow Hill North Jn pass0731-
Foxlow Jn pass0732½-
Renishaw Park (Flhh) pass0734-
Beighton Jn pass0739-
Treeton Jn pass0744-
Canklow Loop pass0748-
Masbro S.S. Jn 07500759½-
Masborough Jn pass0805½-
Aldwarke Jn pass0809½-
Swinton (South Yorkshire) [SWN] pass0812½-
Bolton-on-Dearne [BTD] pass0815½-
Goldthorpe [GOE] pass0816½-
Thurnscoe [THC] pass0817½-
Moorthorpe [MRP] pass0821½-
Moorthorpe South Jn pass0821½-
South Kirkby Jn 0823½0826-
Hemsworth Loop pass0830½-
Fitzwilliam [FZW] pass0832½-
Hare Park Junction pass0837-
Crofton West Jn pass0843-
Oakenshaw Jn pass0844½-
Calder Bridge Jn 08470906-
Turners Lane Jn. pass0909½-
Normanton [NOR] pass0913½-
Altofts Jn pass0915-
Methley Jn pass0916½-
Woodlesford [WDS] pass0920½-
Stourton Jn pass0924½-
Leeds F.L.T. 0927-
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