FRGT 2310 Derby R.T.C.(Network Rail) to Derby R.T.C.(Network Rail)

Runs on 9th February 2018

Runs as required: this service only runs when it is required. This warning will disappear if it is activated in the railway computer systems.
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Schedule Information
  • WTT schedule UID H33373
  • Runs FO between 15/12/2017 to 18/05/2018
  • Service code 52495112
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 75mph max
  • Diesel locomotive
  • Runs as required
Location Arr Dep
Derby R.T.C.(Network Rail) 2310
Derby Way & Works Sidings pass2313
Derby London Rd Junction pass2314
Derby [DBY] 23152327
Derby London Rd Junction pass2328
L.N.W. Jn. Derby pass2330
Peartree [PEA] pass2330½
Melbourne Jn pass2331
Sunnyhill pass2333
Stenson Jn pass2338
North Stafford Jn pass2340
Willington [WIL] pass2341½
Clay Mills Jn pass2346½
Burton Wetmore Jn pass2348½
Horninglow Bridge Jn pass2350½
Burton-on-Trent [BUT] pass2351½
Burton Leicester Jn pass2352
Branston Jn pass2354
Barton Under Needwood N Jn pass2359
Barton Under Needwood S Jn pass0001
Wichnor Jn [XWE] pass0002
Elford pass0008½
Tamworth [TAM] pass0017
Wilnecote [WNE] pass0021
Kingsbury Branch Jn pass0027
Kingsbury Jn [XKI] pass0029½
Water Orton [WTO] pass0037½
Water Orton West Jn pass0039
Castle Bromwich Jn pass0042
Bromford Bridge pass0048½
Washwood Heath East Jn pass0049½
Washwood Heath West Jn pass0053
Duddeston Jn pass0055
Landor Street Jn [XLX] pass0056
Grand Jn pass0057½
Proof House Jn [XOZ] pass0058
Birmingham New Street [BHM] 01030113
Proof House Jn [XOZ] pass0116
Vauxhall Jn (West Mids) pass0116½
Duddeston [DUD] pass0116½
Aston South Jn pass0118½
Aston [AST] 01190119½
Witton [WTT] pass0121½
Perry Barr [PRY] pass0123
Perry Barr South Jn pass0123
Perry Barr North Jn [XRA] pass0124
Hamstead [HSD] pass0126½
Tame Bridge Parkway [TAB] pass0133½
Newton Jn. (West Midlands) pass0134
Bescot Stadium [BSC] pass0136½
Bescot Jn pass0136½
Pleck Jn pass0138½
Walsall [WSL] pass0141½
Ryecroft Jn pass0143½
Bloxwich [BLX] pass0148½
Bloxwich North [BWN] pass0150
Landywood [LAW] pass0155½
Mid Cannock G.F. pass0159
Cannock [CAO] pass0201
Hednesford [HNF] pass0206
Rugeley Town [RGT] pass0214½
Rugeley Power Station Jn pass0216
Rugeley Trent Valley [RGL] 02180228
Rugeley Power Station Jn pass0230
Rugeley Town [RGT] pass0231½
Hednesford [HNF] pass0240
Cannock [CAO] pass0244
Mid Cannock G.F. pass0245½
Landywood [LAW] pass0248
Bloxwich North [BWN] pass0252½
Bloxwich [BLX] pass0253½
Ryecroft Jn pass0258½
Walsall [WSL] pass0301½
Pleck Jn pass0305
Bescot Jn pass0308½
Bescot Stadium [BSC] pass0308½
Newton Jn. (West Midlands) pass0310
Tame Bridge Parkway [TAB] pass0310½
Hamstead [HSD] pass0316
Perry Barr North Jn [XRA] pass0317½
Perry Barr South Jn pass0318½
Perry Barr [PRY] pass0318½
Witton [WTT] pass0320
Aston [AST] 03220322½
Aston South Jn pass0323½
Duddeston [DUD] pass0325½
Vauxhall Jn (West Mids) pass0326
Proof House Jn [XOZ] pass0326½
Birmingham New Street [BHM] 0329½0414½
Proof House Jn [XOZ] pass0419½
Grand Jn pass0420
Landor Street Jn [XLX] pass0421½
Duddeston Jn pass0422
Washwood Heath West Jn pass0423½
Washwood Heath East Jn pass0426
Bromford Bridge pass0426½
Castle Bromwich Jn pass0431
Water Orton West Jn pass0433
Water Orton [WTO] pass0434
Kingsbury Jn [XKI] pass0442
Kingsbury Branch Jn pass0444
Wilnecote [WNE] pass0450
Tamworth [TAM] pass0453½
Elford pass0502
Wichnor Jn [XWE] pass0508½
Barton Under Needwood S Jn pass0509½
Barton Under Needwood N Jn pass0511½
Branston Jn pass0517
Burton Leicester Jn pass0518½
Burton-on-Trent [BUT] pass0519½
Horninglow Bridge Jn pass0520½
Burton Wetmore Jn pass0522
Clay Mills Jn pass0524
Willington [WIL] pass0529½
North Stafford Jn pass0531½
Stenson Jn pass0532½
Sunnyhill pass0536
Melbourne Jn pass0537
Peartree [PEA] pass0537
L.N.W. Jn. Derby pass0537½
Derby London Rd Junction pass0539
Derby [DBY] 0539½0553½
Derby R.T.C.(Network Rail) 0559
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