312S 2321 Crewe C.S. (L&Nwr Site) to Derby R.T.C.(Network Rail)

Runs on 9th February 2018

This service was cancelled throughout due to a request by the customer (FL).
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Schedule Information
  • VAR schedule UID H33431
  • Runs on 09/02/2018 only
  • Service code 52495112
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 75mph max
  • Diesel locomotive
  • Runs as required
Realtime Status
  • TRUST ID 42312SC909
  • Running as 312S
  • Activated 09/02/2018 15:41
WTT Realtime
Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly
Crewe C.S. (L&Nwr Site) 2321-
Crewe South Jn pass2324-
Crewe [CRE] 2326½2336½-
Crewe South Jn pass2338-
Crewe C.S. (L&Nwr Site) pass2338½-
Crewe Basford Hall Jn pass2341½-
Betley Road Sb pass2344½-
Madeley (Staffs) pass2348½-
Whitmore pass2350½-
Norton Bridge [NTB] pass2357½-
Little Bridgeford Jn pass2359-
Stafford Doxey Junction pass0003½-
Stafford North Jn pass0004-
Stafford [STA] 0004½0005-
Stafford South Jn pass0006½-
Stafford Trent Valley Jn pass0008½-
Rickerscote 00110018-
Penkridge [PKG] pass0027½-
Four Ashes Loop pass0034-
Bushbury Jn [XBJ] pass0043½-
Wolverhampton North Jn pass0050-
Wolverhampton [WVH] pass0054-
Wolverhampton Crane Street pass0054½-
Monmore Green pass0056½-
Coseley [CSY] pass0100½-
Tipton [TIP] pass0103½-
Watery Lane pass0104-
Dudley Port [DDP] pass0105-
Albion G.F. pass0108-
Sandwell & Dudley [SAD] pass0109½-
Smethwick Galton Bridge [SGB] pass0112½-
Galton Jn [XGJ] pass0113-
Smethwick Rolfe Street [SMR] pass0114-
Soho North Jn pass0115½-
Soho South Jn [XOS] pass0116½-
Monument Lane pass0118½-
Birmingham New Street [BHM] 01220157-
Proof House Jn [XOZ] pass0200-
Grand Jn pass0200½-
Adderley Park [ADD] pass0202½-
Stechford [SCF] pass0206½-
Lea Hall [LEH] pass0208½-
Marston Green [MGN] pass0212-
Birmingham Inter North Jn pass0214½-
Birmingham International [BHI] pass0215½-
Birmingham Inter South Jn pass0216½-
Hampton-in-Arden [HIA] pass0219½-
Berkswell [BKW] pass0225½-
Tile Hill [THL] pass0229½-
Canley [CNL] pass0233½-
Coventry North Jn pass0236-
Coventry [COV] pass0236½-
Rugby Long Lawford Junc pass0256-
Rugby Trent Valley Jn pass0258½-
Rugby North Junction pass0300-
Rugby [RUG] 0302½0307½-
Rugby South Junction pass0308½-
Hillmorton Jn pass0310½-
Rugby Signal Nr9165 03120323-
Hillmorton Jn pass0324-
Rugby South Junction pass0326-
Rugby [RUG] pass0326½-
Rugby North Junction pass0327½-
Rugby Trent Valley Jn pass0328½-
Rugby Long Lawford Junc pass0331-
Coventry [COV] pass0350-
Coventry North Jn pass0350½-
Canley [CNL] pass0353-
Tile Hill [THL] pass0357-
Berkswell [BKW] pass0401-
Hampton-in-Arden [HIA] pass0407-
Birmingham Inter South Jn pass0410-
Birmingham International [BHI] pass0411-
Birmingham Inter North Jn pass0412-
Marston Green [MGN] pass0414½-
Lea Hall [LEH] pass0417½-
Stechford [SCF] pass0419½-
Adderley Park [ADD] pass0423½-
Grand Jn pass0425½-
Proof House Jn [XOZ] pass0426-
Birmingham New Street [BHM] 04290431-
Monument Lane pass0434½-
Soho South Jn [XOS] pass0436-
Soho North Jn pass0437-
Smethwick Rolfe Street [SMR] pass0439-
Galton Jn [XGJ] pass0440-
Smethwick Galton Bridge [SGB] pass0440½-
Sandwell & Dudley [SAD] pass0443-
Albion G.F. pass0444-
Dudley Port [DDP] pass0447-
Watery Lane pass0448-
Tipton [TIP] pass0449-
Coseley [CSY] pass0452-
Monmore Green pass0456½-
Wolverhampton Crane Street pass0458½-
Wolverhampton [WVH] pass0459-
Wolverhampton North Jn pass0500½-
Bushbury Jn [XBJ] pass0503-
Four Ashes Loop pass0513-
Penkridge [PKG] pass0520-
Rickerscote pass0529-
Stafford Trent Valley Jn pass0531-
Stafford South Jn pass0532-
Stafford [STA] 05330610-
Stafford South Jn pass0611-
Stafford Trent Valley Jn pass0612-
Rickerscote 0614½0635-
Penkridge [PKG] pass0640½-
Four Ashes Loop pass0644½-
Bushbury Jn [XBJ] 06500650½-
Portobello Jn (West Mids) [XPJ] pass0656½-
Darlaston Jn pass0702½-
Pleck Jn 07060715-
Walsall [WSL] pass0718½-
Ryecroft Jn pass0720½-
Aldridge Sig Wl42 pass0726-
Sutton Park pass0736-
Park Lane Jn West Mids [XIA] 07450812-
Water Orton West Jn 08150815½-
Water Orton [WTO] pass0817-
Kingsbury Jn [XKI] pass0824-
Kingsbury Branch Jn pass0825-
Wilnecote [WNE] pass0828½-
Tamworth [TAM] pass0830½-
Elford pass0835-
Wichnor Jn [XWE] pass0838-
Barton Under Needwood S Jn pass0838½-
Barton Under Needwood N Jn pass0840-
Branston Jn pass0843-
Burton Leicester Jn pass0844-
Burton-on-Trent [BUT] 08490907-
Horninglow Bridge Jn pass0909½-
Burton Wetmore Jn pass0913-
Clay Mills Jn pass0917-
Willington [WIL] pass0920-
North Stafford Jn pass0921-
Stenson Jn pass0921½-
Sunnyhill pass0926-
Melbourne Jn pass0927-
Peartree [PEA] pass0927-
L.N.W. Jn. Derby pass0927½-
Derby London Rd Junction pass0929-
Derby [DBY] 09300951-
Derby R.T.C.(Network Rail) 0956-
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