676S 0228 Brentford Town Days Flhh to Tunstead Sdgs

Runs on 9th March 2018

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Schedule Information
  • VAR schedule UID H34577
  • Runs MSSuX between 06/03/2018 to 09/03/2018
  • Service code 57620470
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 60mph max
  • Diesel locomotive, trailing load 600 tonnes
  • Runs as required
Realtime Status
  • TRUST ID 73676SC209
  • Running as 676S
  • Activated 08/03/2018 21:23
WTT Realtime
Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly
Brentford Town Days Flhh 0228010484E
Southall T.C. 02430316No report
Southall East Jn pass0318½pass0251¼27E
Hanwell Bridge Loop pass0320½pass0251¾28E
Hanwell [HAN] pass0322pass025329E
West Ealing Junction pass0324pass0253¾29E
West Ealing [WEA] pass0324pass025429E
Ealing Broadway [EAL] pass0326pass0256½29E
Acton West pass0328pass0257½30E
Acton Main Line [AML] pass0333pass030032E
Acton Wells Jn pass0336pass0303½32E
Acton Canal Wharf pass0338pass0306½31E
Neasden Jn pass0342No report
Dudding Hill Jn pass0344pass031628E
Brent Curve Jn 03480409½N/R0403¾5E
Cricklewood Dep North Con pass0411No report
Hendon [HEN] pass0413½pass0406½6E
Silkstream Junction pass0414½pass04086E
Mill Hill Broadway [MIL] pass0416½pass0409½6E
Elstree & Borehamwood [ELS] pass0420½pass0412¾7E
Radlett Jn pass0423pass0414½8E
Radlett [RDT] pass0424pass0415½8E
Radlett Redland Roadstone pass0426pass0416½9E
St Albans [SAC] pass0431pass0420¼10E
Harpenden Jn pass0436pass0424¾11E
Harpenden [HPD] pass0436½pass0425¼11E
Luton Airport Parkway [LTN] pass0441½pass043110E
Luton [LUT] pass0442½pass0432½9E
Luton North Jn pass0443½pass043310E
Leagrave [LEA] pass0449pass0436¾12E
Leagrave Jn pass0450½pass0437¼13E
Sundon South Jn pass0453pass044012E
Harlington [HLN] pass0454½pass0441¾12E
Flitwick [FLT] pass0457½pass0444¾12E
Flitwick Jn pass0458pass044513E
Elstow pass0510pass0451¼18E
Bedford South Jn. pass0513pass0452¾20E
Bedford [BDM] 051705190454¾0458½20E
Bedford North Jn. pass0522pass0459½22E
Sharnbrook Jn. 05370554N/R050746E
Wellingborough [WEL] pass0607pass0516½50E
Wellingborough North Jn pass0607pass0516¾50E
Harrowden Jn pass0609pass0518¼50E
Kettering Sth Jn pass0613½pass0522¼51E
Kettering [KET] pass0615pass0523¾51E
Kettering North Junction pass0617pass0525¾51E
Market Harborough Jn pass0625½pass053550E
Market Harborough [MHR] pass0626pass0535¼50E
Kilby Bridge Jn pass0637pass0547¼49E
Wigston South Jn pass0640½pass0551¾48E
Wigston North Jn 06420656pass055362E
Knighton Jn pass0659No report
Leicester South Jn. pass0700½No report
Leicester [LEI] pass0701½pass0558¼63E
Leicester North Jn. pass0702pass0559¼62E
Humberstone Rd Jn pass0703No report
Syston [SYS] pass0708No report
Syston South Jn pass0708pass060464E
Syston North Jn pass0708½No report
Sileby [SIL] pass0711½No report
Sileby Jn pass0712pass060864E
Mountsorrel Sdgs pass0713½No report
Barrow upon Soar [BWS] pass0714No report
Loughborough South Jn pass0717½No report
Loughborough [LBO] pass0718pass0612¾65E
Loughborough North Jn pass0718½pass0613¾64E
Kegworth pass0725½No report
East Midlands Parkway [EMD] pass0728½No report
Ratcliffe Jn pass0729pass062069E
Trent South Jn [XTG] pass0737pass062176E
Meadow Lane Jn pass0740No report
Toton Jn. pass0742pass063072E
Toton Centre 07450759½06330727½31E
Stapleford & Sandiacre pass0802No report
Trowell Jn pass0807½pass073433E
Ilkeston Junction pass0808½pass073533E
Ilkeston [ILN] pass0809½No report
Langley Mill [LGM] pass0813½pass0741¼32E
Codnor Park Jn pass0817pass0755¼21E
Ironville Junction pass0817½pass0755¾21E
Alfreton [ALF] pass0822½pass0800¾21E
Blackwell South Jn (Derbs) pass0823½pass0801¾21E
Morton pass0827½pass0804¼23E
Clay Cross North Jn pass0833½pass0808¼25E
Hasland pass0837pass0809¾26E
Chesterfield South Jn pass0840pass0810¾29E
Chesterfield [CHD] pass0842pass0827¼14E
Tapton Jn pass0843pass0843¼RT
Dronfield [DRO] pass0850pass0851RT
Dore South Jn pass0853½pass0854¾1L
Dore West Jn pass0855½pass0856¾1L
Totley Tunnel East pass0858½pass0858RT
Grindleford [GRN] pass0903½No report
Hathersage [HSG] pass0905½No report
Bamford [BAM] pass0907½No report
Hope (Derbyshire) [HOP] pass0909½No report
Earles Sdgs S.B. pass0910½pass0911RT
Earles Sidings Sig Es31 pass0913½No report
Edale [EDL] pass0915½No report
Chinley East Jn pass0922½pass09252L
Chinley South Jn 0925½0930092509264E
Peak Forest S.B. pass0940pass09373E
Great Rocks Jn 09430945No report
Tunstead Sdgs 095109483E
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