670R 2003 Wolverhampton Steel Term to Newport Docks

Runs on 8th March 2018

This service was cancelled throughout due to a request by the customer (FL).
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Schedule Information
  • WTT schedule UID H34726
  • Runs TThO between 12/12/2017 to 17/05/2018
  • Service code 59430640
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 60mph max
  • Diesel locomotive, trailing load 800 tonnes
Realtime Status
  • TRUST ID 65670RCZ08
  • Running as 670R
  • Activated 08/03/2018 18:03
WTT Realtime
Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly
Wolverhampton Steel Term 2003-
Monmore Green pass2006-
Coseley [CSY] pass2009-
Tipton [TIP] pass2011-
Watery Lane pass2011-
Dudley Port [DDP] pass2012-
Albion G.F. pass2013½-
Sandwell & Dudley [SAD] pass2014½-
Smethwick Galton Bridge [SGB] pass2015½-
Galton Jn [XGJ] pass2016-
Smethwick Rolfe Street [SMR] pass2017-
Soho North Jn pass2019-
Soho East Jn pass2020½-
Perry Barr West Jn pass2023½-
Perry Barr North Jn [XRA] pass2025½-
Hamstead [HSD] pass2026½-
Tame Bridge Parkway [TAB] pass2029½-
Newton Jn. (West Midlands) pass2029½-
Bescot Stadium [BSC] pass2030½-
Bescot Jn pass2030½-
Pleck Jn pass2033½-
Walsall [WSL] pass2037-
Ryecroft Jn pass2040-
Aldridge Sig Wl42 pass2044½-
Sutton Park pass2052-
Park Lane Jn West Mids [XIA] pass2058½-
Castle Bromwich Jn pass2101-
Bromford Bridge pass2110-
Washwood Heath East Jn pass2111½-
Washwood Heath West Jn pass2117-
Duddeston Jn pass2119-
Landor Street Jn [XLX] 21212123-
St Andrews Jn (West Mids) [XON] pass2125-
Bordesley Jn [XIR] pass2126-
Lifford East Jn pass2137-
Kings Norton [KNN] pass2141-
Northfield [NFD] pass2145½-
Longbridge [LOB] pass2148½-
Cofton Jn pass2150½-
Barnt Green [BTG] pass2152½-
Blackwell pass2154-
Bromsgrove [BMV] pass2157-
Stoke Works Jn [XSW] pass2159½-
Spetchley Loop pass2209½-
Abbotswood Jn [XAY] pass2212-
Eckington Loop pass2218½-
Ashchurch for Tewkesbury [ASC] pass2223½-
Cheltenham Spa [CNM] pass2232-
Cheltenham Lansdown Loop pass2233-
Barnwood Jn. pass2240½-
Horton Road Jn pass2243½-
Gloucester [GCR] pass2245-
Awre pass2300½-
Lydney [LYD] pass2306½-
Woolaston (Lydney) pass2309½-
Wye Valley Jn G.F. pass2315-
Chepstow [CPW] pass2316-
Caldicot [CDT] pass2325½-
Severn Tunnel Junction [STJ] 23272334-
Magor pass2338-
Llanwern West Jn pass2346-
East Usk Jn. pass2348-
Maindee East Jn pass2349½-
Maindee West Jn pass2350-
Newport (South Wales) [NWP] pass2352½-
Alexandra Dock Jn. T.C. 2355½2357½-
Newport Docks 0018-
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