878Q 2033 Eastleigh Arlington (Zg) to Eastleigh Arlington (Zg)

Runs on 9th February 2018

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Schedule Information
  • WTT schedule UID H36034
  • Runs SSuX between 08/01/2018 to 18/05/2018
  • Service code 95999801
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 90mph max
  • Diesel locomotive
  • Driver only operated
  • Runs as required
Realtime Status
  • TRUST ID 86878QCZ09
  • Running as 878Q
  • Activated 09/02/2018 21:59
WTT Realtime
Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly
Eastleigh Arlington (Zg) [XFB] 20332033RT
Eastleigh Depot Signal 241 pass2035No report
Eastleigh [ESL] 20382041½No report
Eastleigh South Jn pass2043No report
Hedge End [HDE] pass2047½No report
Botley [BOE] pass2050½No report
Fareham North Jn pass2057½No report
Fareham [FRM] pass2101No report
Portchester [PTC] pass2105½No report
Cosham [CSA] pass2109No report
Cosham Jn pass2110No report
Farlington Jn pass2111No report
Bedhampton [BDH] pass2115No report
Havant [HAV] pass2116No report
Rowlands Castle [RLN] pass2120½No report
Petersfield [PTR] pass2133pass2133RT
Liss [LIS] pass2138No report
Liphook [LIP] pass2145No report
Haslemere [HSL] pass2151No report
Witley [WTY] pass2157½pass22002L
Milford (Surrey) [MLF] pass2201pass2202¾1L
Godalming [GOD]
Farncombe [FNC] pass2205pass2207¼2L
Shalford Jn pass2208pass2209¾1L
Guildford [GLD] pass2210pass2212½2L
Wanborough [WAN]
Ash [ASH] pass2219½pass2222¼2L
Aldershot South Jn pass2221pass2223¼2L
North Camp [NCM] pass2223pass2224¼1L
Farnborough North [FNN]
Blackwater [BAW] pass2229½pass2228¾RT
Sandhurst [SND] pass2232No report
Crowthorne [CRN] pass2234½No report
Wokingham [WKM] pass2239½pass2249¾10L
Winnersh [WNS]
Winnersh Triangle [WTI] pass2244pass2241½2E
Earley [EAR] pass2245½pass2249½4L
Reading Spur Jn pass2248pass2253¼5L
Reading Southern Jn pass2248½No report
Reading [RDG] 225023412248225149E
Reading Southern Jn pass2342½No report
Reading Spur Jn pass2343pass225350E
Earley [EAR] pass2345½pass2255¾49E
Winnersh Triangle [WTI] pass2347pass2257½49E
Winnersh [WNS] pass2348½pass225949E
Wokingham [WKM] pass2351½pass2316¾34E
Bracknell [BCE]
pass2357½No report
Martins Heron [MAO]
pass2359½No report
Ascot [ACT] 000300062317231847E
Martins Heron [MAO] pass0009½No report
Bracknell [BCE] pass0011No report
Wokingham [WKM] 0017½0020½2331N/R46E
Crowthorne [CRN] pass0026pass233748E
Sandhurst [SND] pass0028½No report
Blackwater [BAW] pass0030½pass2340½49E
Farnborough North [FNN] pass0034No report
North Camp [NCM] pass0037pass2345¼51E
Aldershot South Jn pass0039pass2346¼52E
Ash [ASH] pass0040½pass2347¾52E
Wanborough [WAN] pass0043½pass2350½53E
Guildford [GLD] pass0050pass2359¾50E
Shalford Jn pass0052pass0004½47E
Farncombe [FNC] pass0055pass0009½45E
Godalming [GOD] pass0056½pass0012¼43E
Milford (Surrey) [MLF] pass0059pass0015½43E
Witley [WTY] pass0102½pass0018¾43E
Haslemere [HSL] pass0109pass002642E
Liphook [LIP] pass0115pass003143E
Liss [LIS] pass0122pass0037½44E
Petersfield [PTR] pass0127pass0043¼43E
Rowlands Castle [RLN] pass0139½pass005643E
Havant [HAV] pass0144pass0100¼43E
Bedhampton [BDH] pass0145pass0101½43E
Farlington Jn pass0149pass0104½44E
Cosham Jn pass0150pass0105¼44E
Cosham [CSA] pass0151pass0106½44E
Portchester [PTC] pass0154½pass0110¼44E
Fareham [FRM] pass0159pass0115½43E
Fareham North Jn pass0200½No report
Botley [BOE] pass0207½pass012245E
Hedge End [HDE] pass0210½pass0124¾45E
Eastleigh South Jn pass0215No report
Eastleigh [ESL] 0216½0223½0131¼013251E
Eastleigh Arlington (Zg) [XFB] 0226013551E
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