699Q 1739 Mossend Down Yard to Wembley Eur Frt Ops Cntre

Runs on 8th March 2018

This service was cancelled between Wembley Eur Frt Ops Cntre and Dagenham Dock Reception due to a traincrew rostering error (FE).
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Schedule Information
  • VAR schedule UID H36669
  • Runs FSSuX between 05/03/2018 to 08/03/2018
  • Service code 52406840
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 50mph max
  • Electric locomotive, trailing load 1600 tonnes
Realtime Status
  • TRUST ID 07699QCV08
  • Running as 699Q
  • Activated 08/03/2018 15:39
WTT Realtime
Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly
Mossend Down Yard 17391739RT
Mossend North Jn pass1742pass17356E
Mossend East Jn pass1745pass1742¾2E
Holytown [HLY] pass1747pass1746¾RT
Holytown Jn pass1748pass1746¾1E
Wishaw Central Jn pass1753½pass17512E
Wishaw [WSH] pass1754½pass1751½2E
Law Jn pass1800½pass1805¼4L
Carluke [CLU] pass1803½pass1809½6L
Lanark Jn pass1811pass1815¾4L
Carstairs [CRS] pass1815½pass1819½4L
Carstairs South Jn pass1816pass1819¾3L
Symington G.F. pass1824½pass18283L
Abington pass1834½pass1837¾3L
Elvanfoot pass1841½pass1843¾2L
Beattock Summit pass1845pass1847¼2L
Beattock 1857½19061900¾1908¾2L
Wamphray G.F. pass1913½pass1916¼3L
Nthrclu pass1920½pass1922¾2L
Lockerbie [LOC] 1924½195119291952¼1L
Ecclefechan pass2000½pass2000¼RT
Kirtlebridge G.F. pass2005½pass2003¼1E
Cove Signal Mc862 pass2010½pass20091E
Quintinshill Pass Loops pass2014½pass20122E
Gretna Jn [XGS] pass2016½pass2013¼3E
Mossband pass2020pass2016¾3E
Carlisle N.Y. [XKY] 20402156203621515E
Caldew Jn pass2205pass2216½11L
Carlisle [CAR] pass2207pass2219¾12L
Penrith North Lakes [PNR] pass2231pass224312L
Penrith South Jn pass2232pass2243¾11L
Eden Valley Goods Loop pass2236No report
Clifton & Lowther pass2236pass224811L
Shap Harrisons Sdgs Loop pass2243pass2254¾11L
Hardendale Quarry pass2246pass2257¼11L
Shap Summit pass2247½pass225911L
Tebay [XIT] pass2254½pass230510L
Lowgill pass2259½pass231010L
Grayrigg pass2302pass2312½10L
Lambrigg pass2304½pass2314¼9L
Oxenholme Lake District [OXN] pass2311pass2320¾9L
Milnthorpe pass2318½pass2327¼9L
Carnforth North Jn [XOA] pass2327½pass23368L
Hest Bank pass2331pass2339½8L
Morecambe South Jn pass2332½pass2340¾8L
Lancaster [LAN] pass2334½pass23449L
Lancaster South Jn Ugl pass2335No report
Oubeck Goods Loop pass2338pass2346½8L
Bay Horse pass2341½pass2350¼8L
Garstang & Catteral pass2348½pass23578L
Barton & Broughton Pass Lp pass2356pass0003½7L
Oxheys Up Passenger Loop pass0000½No report
Preston Fylde Jn. pass0002pass0008¼6L
Preston [PRE] 00030017pass00097E
Preston South Junction pass0018½pass0010¼7E
Ribble Jn pass0019pass0010¼8E
Skew Bridge pass0020pass0011¼8E
Farington Curve Jn pass0021pass0012¼8E
Farington Jn pass0022½pass0013¼9E
Leyland [LEY] pass0024pass00159E
Euxton Jn [XOU] pass0026pass0016½9E
Euxton Balshaw Lane [EBA] pass0027½pass00189E
Balshaw Lane pass0028½pass0018¾9E
Wigan Boars Head G.F. pass0035½pass0026¼9E
Wigan North Western [WGN] pass0038½pass0028¼10E
Wigan Station Jn pass0038½pass0028¼10E
Wigan South Jn pass0039pass0028¾10E
Springs Branch Jn pass0040½pass0029½10E
Bamfurlong Jn pass0042pass003110E
Haydock Branch Junction pass0044½No report
Golborne Jn pass0047½pass0034¾12E
Winwick Jn pass0051pass0037¾13E
Dallam Junction pass0056pass0041¼14E
Warrington Bank Quay [WBQ] pass0059pass0044¾14E
Walton Old Jn. pass0103No report
Arpley Sidings 01040141004401374E
Walton Old Jn. pass0144No report
Acton Grange Jn pass0149pass0149RT
Weaver Jn [XYJ] pass0158½pass0158RT
Acton Bridge [ACB] pass0201½pass0201¼RT
Hartford Jn pass0203½pass0202¾RT
Hartford [HTF] pass0204½pass0204RT
Winsford [WSF] pass0210pass0209¼RT
Crewe Coal Yard pass0219pass02234L
Crewe North Jn pass0220½pass0224½4L
Crewe [CRE] pass0221pass0225½4L
Crewe South Jn pass0222pass0226½4L
Crewe C.S. (L&Nwr Site) pass0223No report
Crewe Basford Hall Jn pass0227pass02292L
Madeley (Staffs) pass0233pass02363L
Norton Bridge [NTB] pass0243½pass0249½6L
Little Bridgeford Jn pass0246pass0250½4L
Stafford Doxey Junction pass0255½pass02571L
Stafford North Jn pass0256pass0257¼1L
Stafford [STA] pass0256½pass0258½2L
Stafford Trent Valley Jn pass0257pass030811L
Whitehouse Jn pass0300pass0727267L
Colwich [XCO] pass0303pass0732269L
Rugeley North Jn pass0306pass0735269L
Lichfield North Jn (Ll) [XOI] pass0312pass0744272L
Amington Junction [XIM] pass0319pass0753274L
Nuneaton [NUN] pass0332pass0811279L
Nuneaton South Jn pass0332½No report
Attleborough North Jn pass0335No report
Attleborough South Jn pass0336½No report
Shilton pass0345No report
Brinklow pass0352½No report
High Oaks Junction pass0358½No report
Newbold Junction pass0400½No report
Rugby Trent Valley Jn pass0403pass0828265L
Rugby North Junction pass0404½No report
Rugby [RUG] pass0406pass0832266L
Rugby South Junction pass0406½No report
Hillmorton Jn pass0408½pass0837268L
Daventry North Jn pass0412½pass0840267L
Daventry South Jn pass0413½No report
Long Buckby [LBK] pass0418½pass0846½268L
Northampton Mill Lane Jn pass0431No report
Northampton North Jn pass0432½No report
Northampton [NMP] pass0433pass0859½266L
Northampton South Jn pass0433No report
Roade pass0441½No report
Hanslope Jn [XHN] pass0446pass0911265L
Wolverton [WOL] pass0452No report
Milton Keynes Central [MKC] pass0456pass0919263L
Denbigh Hall North Jn pass0459No report
Denbigh Hall South Jn pass0501No report
Bletchley Up&Down Relief 2 pass0502No report
Bletchley [BLY] pass0503pass0922½259L
Bletchley Drayton Road Jn pass0504½No report
Leighton Buzzard [LBZ] pass0511½No report
Ledburn Jn [XOD] pass0515pass0933258L
Cheddington [CED] pass0517No report
Tring North Jn pass0523½No report
Tring [TRI] pass0524pass0939½255L
Berkhamsted [BKM] pass0528½No report
Bourne End Jn (Herts) [XOE] pass0531½pass0946254L
Hemel Hempstead [HML] pass0532½No report
Apsley [APS] pass0534No report
Kings Langley [KGL] pass0536½No report
Watford North Jn pass0540No report
Watford Junction [WFJ] pass0540½pass0955½255L
Watford South Jcn pass0541No report
Bushey [BSH] pass0542½No report
Harrow & Wealdstone [HRW] pass0548½pass1002½254L
North Wembley Jn pass0553No report
Wembley Central [WMB] pass0555pass1007½252L
Wembley Eur Frt Ops Cntre 0600½0959½1013252L
Wembley Yard South Jn. pass1003-
Willesden Railnet Receptn pass1005½-
Harlesden Jn pass1007½-
Kensal Green Jn [XKG] pass1011½-
Kensal Rise [KNR] pass1013½-
Brondesbury Park [BSP] pass1015½-
Brondesbury [BSY] pass1017-
West Hampstead [WHD] pass1018½-
Finchley Road & Frognal [FNY] pass1019½-
Hampstead Heath [HDH] pass1022½-
Gospel Oak [GPO] pass1024½-
Kentish Town West [KTW] pass1027½-
Camden Road Jn pass1029½-
Camden Road [CMD] pass1030-
Camden Rd. E. Jn. pass1031½-
Caledonian Rd & Barnsbury [CIR] pass1034½-
Westbourne Road Junction pass1035-
Highbury & Islington [HHY] pass1037-
Canonbury West Jn [XJC] pass1039-
Canonbury [CNN] pass1039½-
Dalston Kingsland [DLK] pass1042-
Navarino Road Jn pass1043½-
Hackney Central [HKC] pass1044-
Homerton [HMN] pass1045½-
Hackney Wick [HKW] pass1047½-
Lea Junction pass1048½-
Channelsea Jn pass1049½-
Stratford (London) [SRA] pass1052½-
Stratford Country End Jcn pass1053-
Maryland [MYL] pass1053½-
Maryland East Junction pass1054-
Forest Gate [FOG] pass1056-
Forest Gate Jn pass1057½-
Woodgrange Park [WGR] pass1101½-
Barking Station Junction pass1104-
Barking [BKG] pass1105½-
Ripple Lane West S.S. 11161127-
Ripple Lane Renwick Rd Jn pass1127½-
Ripple Lane Exch Sdgs pass1128½-
Dagenham Dock Reception 1141½-
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