011M 2315 Morris Cowley M.A.T. to Didcot T.C.

Runs on 9th February 2018

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Schedule Information
  • VAR schedule UID H37685
  • Runs SSuX between 05/02/2018 to 09/02/2018
  • Service code 56609010
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 75mph max
  • Diesel locomotive, trailing load 1000 tonnes
Realtime Status
  • TRUST ID 74487EC809
  • Running as 011M
  • Activated 09/02/2018 19:28
WTT Realtime
Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly
Morris Cowley M.A.T. 2315223639E
Kennington Jn 23252329N/R2304¾24E
Hinksey South pass2331½pass2248¼43E
Hinksey Reception Lines 23340014No report
Hinksey South pass0016No report
Kennington Jn pass0017No report
Radley [RAD] pass0021No report
Culham [CUM] pass0024½No report
Appleford [APF] pass0026No report
Appleford L.C. pass0027No report
Didcot North Jn pass0028No report
Didcot T.C. 0033½233063E
Less detail