FRGT 2312 Liverpool Euro Metal(Mdhc) to Kingsbury Sdgs

CANCELLED - Runs on 8th March 2018

Runs as required: this service only runs when it is required. This warning will disappear if it is activated in the railway computer systems.
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Schedule Information
  • WTT schedule UID H38781
  • Runs on 08/03/2018 only
  • Cancelled in timetable on 08/03/2018
  • Service code 59427320
Operational Information
  • Schedule from VSTP
  • Timed for 60mph max
  • Diesel locomotive, trailing load 600 tonnes
  • Runs as required
Location Arr Dep
Liverpool Euro Metal(Mdhc) 2312
Regents Road L.C. 23272329
Bootle Jn pass2333
Walton & Anfield pass2337½
Edge Lane Jn pass2346½
Bootle Branch Jn pass2349
Edge Hill S.B. pass2349½
Edge Hill Down Wapping [XDG] 23540034
Edge Hill S.B. pass0036½
Wavertree Jn pass0039½
Mossley Hill [MSH] pass0042
West Allerton [WSA] pass0043
Liverpool South Parkway [LPY] pass0044½
Allerton Jn pass0044½
Speke Jn pass0045½
Ditton East Junction pass0050½
Runcorn [RUN] pass0054½
Halton Jn pass0056
Weaver Jn [XYJ] pass0101½
Acton Bridge [ACB] pass0103½
Hartford Jn pass0105½
Hartford [HTF] pass0106½
Winsford [WSF] pass0111
Crewe Coal Yard pass0122
Crewe North Jn pass0123
Crewe [CRE] 01240126
Crewe South Jn pass0127½
Crewe C.S. (L&Nwr Site) pass0128
Crewe Basford Hall Jn pass0131
Betley Road Sb pass0135½
Madeley (Staffs) pass0141
Whitmore pass0144
Norton Bridge [NTB] pass0154
Little Bridgeford Jn pass0155
Stafford Doxey Junction pass0159½
Stafford North Jn pass0200
Stafford [STA] pass0200
Stafford South Jn pass0200½
Stafford Trent Valley Jn pass0201
Rickerscote pass0202
Penkridge [PKG] pass0207½
Four Ashes Loop pass0212
Bushbury Jn [XBJ] pass0218
Portobello Jn (West Mids) [XPJ] pass0222½
Darlaston Jn pass0226½
Pleck Jn pass0229½
Walsall [WSL] pass0232
Ryecroft Jn pass0234½
Aldridge Sig Wl42 pass0238½
Sutton Park pass0246½
Park Lane Jn West Mids [XIA] pass0252½
Water Orton West Jn 0255½0305
Water Orton [WTO] pass0308
Kingsbury Jn [XKI] pass0312
Kingsbury Branch Jn pass0316
Kingsbury S.F. 03190325
Kingsbury Sdgs 0329
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