327Z 1605 Peterborough to Peterborough L.I.P.

Runs on 15th October 2018

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Schedule Information
  • WTT schedule UID H41481
  • Runs MWFO between 21/05/2018 to 07/12/2018
  • Service code 95998501
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 60mph max
  • Diesel locomotive
Realtime Status
  • TRUST ID 45327ZCS15
  • Running as 327Z
  • Activated 15/10/2018 10:51
WTT Realtime
Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly
Peterborough [PBO] 1605162015L
New England Nth Jn. pass1608pass1904¾176L
Werrington Jn pass1610pass1909¼179L
Helpston Jn. pass1613pass1911½178L
Uffington Sb (Lincs) pass1620pass1917177L
Stamford [SMD] pass1623½No report
Ketton S.B. pass1628pass1924176L
Luffenham pass1630½No report
Manton Jn [XMJ] pass1639pass1930171L
Oakham [OKM] pass1642½pass1934171L
Langham Jn. pass1644pass1936172L
Ashwell L.C. pass1645½No report
Whissendine L.C. pass1648pass1945177L
Saxby pass1651No report
Melton Mowbray [MMO] pass1655pass1952177L
Melton Jn. pass1655½No report
Ashfordby L.C. pass1657½No report
Frisby pass1659pass1956177L
Syston East Jn pass1705pass2004¾179L
Syston South Jn pass1706pass2005¾179L
Syston [SYS] pass1706pass2005¾179L
Humberstone Rd Jn pass1711No report
Leicester North Jn. pass1712pass2011179L
Leicester [LEI] 171317242011½2023¼179L
Leicester North Jn. pass1725pass2024179L
Humberstone Rd Jn pass1726½pass2026179L
Syston [SYS] pass1731pass2031¾181L
Syston South Jn pass1731pass2031180L
Syston East Jn pass1732pass2032180L
Frisby pass1738pass2038180L
Ashfordby L.C. pass1739½No report
Melton Jn. pass1741½No report
Melton Mowbray [MMO] pass1742pass2042180L
Melton Mowbray Signal Mn54 pass1744½No report
Saxby pass1745½No report
Whissendine L.C. pass1748pass2049181L
Ashwell L.C. pass1750½No report
Langham Jn. pass1752pass2053181L
Oakham [OKM] pass1753½pass2057183L
Manton Jn [XMJ] pass1757pass2102185L
Luffenham pass1801No report
Ketton S.B. pass1804pass2111187L
Stamford [SMD] pass1808No report
Uffington Sb (Lincs) pass1811pass2118¾187L
Helpston Jn. pass1815pass2122¼187L
Werrington Jn pass1817½No report
New England Nth Jn. pass1819pass2135¼196L
P'boro Eastfield Jn. [XPQ] pass1824No report
Peterborough L.I.P. 18272134187L
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