372O 0907 Westbury to St Blazey L I P

Runs on 6th October 2018

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Schedule Information
  • WTT schedule UID H48129
  • Runs SO between 15/09/2018 to 08/12/2018
  • Service code 95998501
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 90mph max
  • Diesel locomotive
Realtime Status
  • TRUST ID 82372OCE06
  • Running as 372O
  • Activated 06/10/2018 08:07
WTT Realtime
Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly
Westbury [WSB] 0907No report
Dilton Marsh [DMH] pass0910½No report
Warminster [WMN] pass0917No report
Beechgrove Gf pass0918No report
Upton Lovell pass0923½No report
Wylye Ground Frame pass0929½No report
Wylye Ahb pass0929½No report
Wishford pass0935No report
Wilton Jn pass0939No report
Salisbury [SAL] 09430958No report
Wilton Jn pass1003No report
Wishford pass1007No report
Wylye Ahb pass1012½No report
Wylye Ground Frame pass1012½No report
Upton Lovell pass1018½No report
Beechgrove Gf pass1024No report
Warminster [WMN] pass1025No report
Westbury Down T.C. 10351123½No report
Fairwood Jn pass1128½No report
Clink Road Jn pass1133No report
Blatchbridge Jn pass1135No report
East Somerset Jn pass1140No report
Bruton [BRU] pass1147No report
Castle Cary [CLC] pass1152No report
Somerton Ground Frame pass1203No report
Athelney Crossing pass1212No report
Cogload Jn pass1217No report
Taunton East Jcn pass1221½No report
Taunton [TAU] 12231225No report
Norton Fitzwarren pass1228No report
Wellington Somerset Xover pass1233½No report
Whiteball pass1237No report
Tiverton Parkway [TVP] pass1240½No report
Tiverton Loop pass1243No report
Hele & Bradninch Lc pass1249½No report
Stoke Canon Lc pass1254½No report
Cowley Bridge Jn pass1257No report
Exeter St Davids [EXD] 13001308No report
Exeter St Thomas [EXT] pass1309½No report
Starcross [SCS] pass1317No report
Dawlish Warren [DWW] pass1319No report
Dawlish [DWL] pass1323No report
Teignmouth [TGM] pass1328No report
Newton Abbot [NTA] pass1338½pass131127E
Newton Abbot West Junction pass1339No report
Dainton Tunnel pass1343½No report
Totnes [TOT] pass1351½pass132328E
Aish Emergency Crossover pass1402½No report
Ivybridge [IVY] pass1409½pass134128E
Hemerdon pass1413½pass134429E
Tavistock Jn pass1417½No report
Laira Jn pass1419No report
Lipson Junction pass1419½pass135029E
Plymouth [PLY] 1422½14331353141716E
Devonport [DPT] pass1435½No report
Dockyard [DOC] pass1436No report
Keyham [KEY] pass1437No report
St Budeaux Jn. pass1438No report
St Budeaux Ferry Road [SBF] pass1438½No report
Saltash [STS] pass1443pass142914E
St Germans [SGM] pass1449pass1435½13E
Menheniot [MEN] pass1456No report
Liskeard [LSK] pass1500pass144812E
St Pinnock Viaduct East pass1507No report
Largin pass1508No report
Bodmin Parkway [BOD] pass1514½No report
Lostwithiel [LOS] pass1520pass150713E
Par Down Goods Loop pass1529½No report
Par [PAR] 1530½1533½N/R151518E
St Blazey Signal Box 1536½1542½1518152022E
St Blazey L I P 1545152322E
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