1V40 0700 Cardiff Central to Paignton

CrossCountry service departing on 14th September 2017

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Schedule Information
  • STP schedule UID K06684, identity 1V40
  • Runs SSuX between 11/09/2017 to 15/09/2017
  • Service code 22180013, headcode 1505
  • Express Passenger
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 125mph max
  • Pathed as Class 220/221 (Voyager) DMU
Passenger Information
  • Retail Service ID XC1505
  • Seating: first & standard
  • Reservations available
Realtime Status
  • TRUST ID 771V401A14
  • Running as 1V40
  • Activated 14/09/2017 06:00
Mileage WTT GBTT Realtime
M Ch Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly
00Cardiff Central [CDF] where this service forms from 5M25 from Cardiff Central0700070007022L
012Cardiff East pass0701No report
075Long Dyke Jn pass0701½No report
145Moorland Road Junction pass0702No report
170Pengam Jn pass0702½No report
249Rumney River Bridge Jn pass0703No report
460Wentloog Frht Trmnal (Ews) pass0705No report
650Marshfield pass0707pass07092L
1023Ebbw Jn pass0709½pass07122L
1077Gaer Jn pass0711No report
1160Newport (South Wales) [NWP] 07130715071307150714¼0715¾RT
1214Maindee West Jn pass0716½pass0717¼RT
1236Maindee East Jn pass0717No report
1328East Usk Jn. pass0717½No report
1427Llanwern West Jn pass0718½pass0719¾1L
1928Magor pass0722No report
2149Severn Tunnel Junction [STJ] 07240725½072407250725¾07271L
2259Severn Tunnel West pass0726½pass0728½2L
277Severn Tunnel East pass0730½pass0732¼1L
2845Pilning [PIL] pass0731½pass0733½2L
3211Patchway [PWY] 0735½073707360737073707392L
3338Filton Jn pass0739No report
3358Filton Abbey Wood [FIT] 0739½074107400741074207443L
365Narroways Hill Jn pass0745½pass0747¼1L
3638Stapleton Road [SRD] pass0746½pass0747¾1L
374Lawrence Hill [LWH] pass0748pass0748¾RT
3733Dr Day's Jn pass0749pass0748¾RT
3762Bristol East Jn pass0750pass0749¾RT
3811Bristol Temple Meads [BRI] 075108100751081007510810RT
3838Bristol West Jn. pass0811pass0811¼RT
392Bedminster [BMT] pass0811½pass0812½1L
3975Parson Street [PSN] pass0812pass0813¾1L
408Parson Street Junction pass0812pass0813½1L
4418Flax Bourton pass0815pass0815¾RT
4613Nailsea & Backwell [NLS] pass0816½pass0817¾1L
508Yatton [YAT] pass0819pass0820¼1L
5422Worle [WOR] pass0822pass0823RT
5471Worle Jn pass0822½pass0823RT
5764Uphill Junction pass0824½pass0825RT
6229Brent Knoll pass0827pass0827RT
655Highbridge & Burnham [HIG] pass0828½pass0829½1L
7127Bridgwater [BWT] pass0832pass0833½1L
7817Cogload Jn pass0837pass0837¾RT
8215Taunton East Jcn pass0840½No report
8272Taunton [TAU] 0841½0843084208430841¾0843RT
8440Norton Fitzwarren pass0845pass0845¼RT
8979Wellington Somerset Xover pass0848½pass0848½RT
9343Whiteball pass0851pass0850¾RT
978Tiverton Parkway [TVP] 0853½08550854085508540855RT
9870Tiverton Loop pass0857pass0857RT
10521Hele & Bradninch Lc pass0901pass0901RT
10976Stoke Canon Lc pass0904pass0904RT
11232Cowley Bridge Jn pass0905½pass0906½1L
11352Exeter St Davids [EXD] 09070909090709090908½0911¼2L
11446Exeter St Thomas [EXT] pass0910½pass09132L
12216Starcross [SCS] pass0916½pass0918½2L
12414Dawlish Warren [DWW] pass0918pass09202L
12567Dawlish [DWL] pass0919½pass09222L
12850Teignmouth [TGM] pass0922½pass0924¾2L
13365Newton Abbot [NTA] 09270929092709290930¼0931¼2L
13423Newton Abbot West Junction pass0930pass0932¼2L
13872Torre [TRR] pass0937pass09392L
13959Torquay [TQY] 0938½0940½093909400940¾09421L
14172Paignton [PGN] 0947094709461E
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