5Z94 2106 North Pole Iep Depot to Reading

Runs on 9th February 2018

This service was cancelled between Reading and Wantage Road due to a delay not investigated (OU).
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Schedule Information
  • STP schedule UID K12343
  • Runs on 09/02/2018 only
  • Service code 55460080
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 125mph max
  • High Speed Train (HST125)
Realtime Status
  • TRUST ID 735Z941709
  • Running as 5Z94
  • Activated 09/02/2018 19:06
WTT Realtime
Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly
North Pole Iep Depot 2106221064L
Ladbroke Grove pass2109pass221364L
Portobello Jn (London) pass2110No report
Royal Oak Sidings pass2111No report
Royal Oak Junction pass2111pass221463L
London Paddington [PAD] 21122121pass2327126L
Royal Oak Junction pass2122pass223169L
Royal Oak Sidings pass2122½No report
Portobello Jn (London) pass2123½pass223268L
Ladbroke Grove pass2124½pass2327¼122L
Old Oak Common East pass2125½pass0020174L
Old Oak Common West pass2126pass0019½173L
Friars Jn pass2126pass0019¼173L
Acton Main Line [AML] pass2127pass0018¾172L
Acton West pass2127½pass223668L
Ealing Broadway [EAL] pass2128No report
West Ealing [WEA] pass2128½No report
West Ealing Junction pass2128½No report
Hanwell [HAN] pass2128½pass0014¾166L
Hanwell Bridge Loop pass2129pass0014¼165L
Southall East Jn pass2129½pass0014164L
Southall [STL] pass2129½pass0014164L
Southall West Jn pass2130pass0013¼163L
Hayes & Harlington [HAY] pass2130½pass0013162L
Heathrow Airport Jn pass2130½pass0012½162L
Stockley Junction pass2131½No report
West Drayton East pass2132No report
West Drayton [WDT] pass2132½No report
West Drayton Jcn pass2132½No report
Iver [IVR] pass2134No report
Langley [LNY] pass2135½No report
Dolphin Jn pass2136½No report
Slough [SLO] pass2137½pass0007149L
Slough West pass2138No report
Burnham [BNM] pass2139½No report
Taplow [TAP] pass2141No report
Maidenhead East pass2142No report
Maidenhead [MAI] pass2142½pass2357½135L
Maidenhead West pass2142½No report
Ruscombe pass2146No report
Twyford [TWY] pass2147pass2351½124L
Twyford West pass2148No report
Kennet Bridge Jn pass2151½pass2347¾116L
Reading Main Line East pass2152½No report
Reading [RDG] 2153½2155½2301N/R67L
Reading Main Line West pass2156½No report
Reading High Level Jn pass2157No report
Tilehurst East Jn. pass2159No report
Tilehurst [TLH] pass2159½No report
Pangbourne [PAN] pass2202½No report
Goring & Streatley [GOR] pass2206½pass2306½60L
Cholsey [CHO] pass2208½No report
Moreton Cutting
Didcot East Jn pass2211½pass2328¾77L
Didcot Parkway [DID] pass2211½pass2322¼70L
Foxhall Jn [XJF] pass2212No report
Milton Junction pass2212½No report
Steventon pass2213No report
Wantage Road pass2215No report
Challow pass2219½No report
Uffington (Oxfordshire) pass2225½No report
Bourton pass2234No report
Swindon South Marston Jn pass2237No report
Swindon Stratton Green pass2239No report
Highworth Jn pass2239½No report
Swindon East Loop pass2240½No report
Swindon [SWI] 2241½2251½No report
Highworth Jn pass2253No report
Swindon Stratton Green pass2253½No report
Swindon South Marston Jn pass2254No report
Bourton pass2255½No report
Uffington (Oxfordshire) pass2259½No report
Challow pass2300½No report
Wantage Road pass2302½No report
Steventon pass2304½No report
Milton Junction pass2305No report
Foxhall Jn [XJF] pass2305½No report
Didcot Parkway [DID] pass2306No report
Didcot East Jn pass2306No report
Moreton Cutting pass2307No report
Cholsey [CHO] pass2308No report
Goring & Streatley [GOR] pass2310pass233525L
Pangbourne [PAN] pass2312No report
Tilehurst [TLH] pass2314No report
Tilehurst East Jn. pass2314½No report
Reading High Level Jn pass2315½pass234529L
Reading Main Line West pass2316No report
Reading [RDG] 2316½2324½234621L
Reading Main Line West pass2325½-
Reading High Level Jn pass2326-
Tilehurst East Jn. pass2327½-
Tilehurst [TLH] pass2327½-
Pangbourne [PAN] pass2329½-
Goring & Streatley [GOR] pass2332-
Cholsey [CHO] pass2334-
Moreton Cutting pass2336-
Didcot East Jn pass2337-
Didcot Parkway [DID] pass2337-
Foxhall Jn [XJF] pass2337½-
Milton Junction pass2339-
Steventon pass2340½-
Wantage Road 2345-
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