5Q90 0942 Heaton T&R.S.M.D. to Peterborough

Runs on 20th May 2019

This service was cancelled throughout due to a request by the customer (FL).
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Schedule Information
  • STP schedule UID K97117
  • Runs MTO between 20/05/2019 to 21/05/2019
  • Service code 55460080
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 125mph max
  • High Speed Train (HST125)
Realtime Status
  • TRUST ID 125Q901F20
  • Running as 5Q90
  • Activated 20/05/2019 07:42
WTT Realtime
Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly
Heaton T&R.S.M.D. [XHT] 0942-
Heaton Sth. Jn. pass0946-
Manors [MAS] pass0947½-
Newcastle [NCL] 0948½0950½-
King Edward Bridge N. Jn pass0952-
King Edward Bridge S. Jn pass0952½-
Low Fell Jn pass0954½-
Birtley Jn pass0956½-
Chester-le-Street [CLS] pass0958½-
Durham [DHM] pass1002-
Tursdale Jn pass1007-
Ferryhill Sth. Jn. pass1008½-
Darlington North Jn. pass1016½-
Darlington [DAR] 10171021-
Darlington South Jn. pass1022-
Northallerton [NTR] pass1031-
Longlands Jn pass1032-
Thirsk [THI] pass1038-
Pilmoor pass1045-
Tollerton Jn pass1051-
Skelton Bridge Jn. pass1056-
Skelton Jn. (York) pass1057-
York [YRK] 11011103-
York Holgate Jcn pass1104-
York Holgate Siding (Flhh) pass1104½-
Colton North Jn pass1107½-
Colton Jn pass1108-
Hambleton North Jn pass1112-
Hambleton South Jn. pass1112½-
Temple Hirst Jn. pass1117-
Joan Croft Jn pass1123-
Shaftholme Jn pass1123½-
Arksey Loop pass1125½-
Donc. Marshgate Jn. pass1127-
Doncaster [DON] pass1127½-
Bridge Jn pass1128-
Decoy Nth Jn pass1130-
Potteric Carr Jn. pass1130-
Black Carr Jn (Doncaster) pass1131-
Loversall Carr Jn pass1132½-
Ranskill Loop pass1138½-
Retford Crossover pass1141-
Babworth Loop pass1141½-
Retford [RET] 1142½1217½-
Carlton On Trent Loop pass1227½-
Newark F.C. [XNK] pass1230½-
Newark North Gate [NNG] pass1231-
Claypole Loop pass1235½-
Barkston South Jn pass1239-
Nottingham Branch Jn pass1240½-
Grantham [GRA] pass1241-
Highdyke Jn. pass1243-
Stoke Jn. pass1244-
Tallington Jn. pass1251-
Helpston Jn. pass1253½-
Werrington Jn pass1255-
New England Nth Jn. pass1256-
Peterborough [PBO] 1258-
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