096E 0750 Burton Ot Wetmore Sidings to Edinburgh

Runs on 3rd March 2019

This service was cancelled between Edinburgh and Edinburgh due to a request by the customer (FL).
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Schedule Information
  • STP schedule UID O87633, identity 0Z55
  • Runs on 03/03/2019 only
  • Service code 72030304
  • Light Locomotive
Operational Information
  • Schedule from VSTP
  • Timed for 59mph max
  • Diesel locomotive
Realtime Status
  • TRUST ID 57096E2B03
  • Running as 096E
  • Activated 03/03/2019 09:08
WTT Realtime
Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly
Burton Ot Wetmore Sidings 0750090272L
Clay Mills Jn pass0758pass0910¼72L
Willington [WIL] pass0801pass0912¾71L
North Stafford Jn pass0802pass0913¾71L
Stenson Jn pass0803pass0914¼71L
L.N.W. Jn. Derby pass0806pass0918¼72L
Derby London Rd Junction pass0807pass0919½72L
Derby [DBY] pass0807½pass0920¼72L
St.Mary's South Junction pass0809pass092273L
Ambergate Jn [XAJ] pass0816½pass0930½74L
Clay Cross North Jn pass0827½pass094173L
Chesterfield South Jn pass0829½pass094373L
Chesterfield [CHD] pass0830½pass0944¾74L
Tapton Jn pass0831pass0945½74L
Barrow Hill South Jn. pass0833½pass0947½74L
Barrow Hill North Jn pass0834pass0948½74L
Beighton Jn pass0840pass0956¾76L
Beighton Station Jn pass0841½pass0957¾76L
Woodhouse Jn pass0844No report
Woodhouse [WDH] pass0844½No report
Darnall [DAN] pass0848pass1002½74L
Woodburn Jn pass0849pass1004½75L
Nunnery Main Line Jn pass0852pass1007¾75L
Sheffield [SHF] 085508591011½1014½75L
Nunnery Main Line Jn pass0901pass101675L
Mill Race Jn pass0902½pass1018¼75L
Brightside Jn pass0903½pass1021¼77L
Wincobank Jn. pass0904pass1021¾77L
Meadowhall [MHS] pass0904pass1021¾77L
Holmes Jn pass0906pass1023¼77L
Aldwarke Jn pass0909pass1026½77L
Swinton (South Yorkshire) [SWN] pass0912pass1029½77L
Bolton-on-Dearne [BTD] pass0914½pass103277L
Goldthorpe [GOE] pass0915½pass1035¼79L
Thurnscoe [THC] pass0916½pass1036¼79L
Moorthorpe Goods Loop pass0919½No report
Moorthorpe [MRP] pass0920pass104080L
Ferrybridge North Jn pass0929pass1048¼79L
Milford Jn. pass0934pass1054¼80L
Milford Loop 0937094810551055½67L
Church Fenton [CHF] pass0955pass1100¼65L
Ulleskelf [ULL] pass0957pass1102¼65L
Colton South Jn pass1000pass1104½64L
Colton Jn pass1001pass1105¼64L
Colton North Jn pass1002No report
York Holgate Siding (Flhh) pass1006No report
York Holgate Jcn pass1006pass1112¼66L
York [YRK] 100710101113¾1115¼65L
Skelton Jn. (York) pass1012pass1117¾65L
Skelton Bridge Jn. pass1014pass1119½65L
Tollerton Jn pass1022pass1125¼63L
Thirsk [THI] pass1032pass1135¼63L
Northallerton [NTR] pass1038pass114264L
Darlington [DAR] pass1049½pass1154½65L
Ferryhill Sth. Jn. pass1059½pass1204½65L
Tursdale Jn pass1101½pass1206½65L
Durham [DHM] pass1107½pass121365L
Durham Sig.Ty357 11101120No report
Birtley Jn pass1130pass1220½50L
King Edward Bridge S. Jn pass1133pass1225¼52L
King Edward Bridge N. Jn pass1134pass122652L
Newcastle [NCL] 1137113912281229½50L
Manors [MAS] pass1141pass123150L
Heaton Sth. Jn. pass1143½pass123349L
Morpeth [MPT] pass1156½pass1246¼49L
Morpeth North Jn 11591207N/R1252¾45L
Pegswood [PEG] pass1209pass125445L
Butterwell Jn pass1211½pass1255½44L
Widdrington [WDD] pass1214pass1258½44L
Chevington Loop pass1217pass1308½51L
Acklington [ACK] pass1220pass1317¼57L
Wooden Gate Jn. pass1226pass1321½55L
Alnmouth [ALM] pass1227pass132356L
Belford L.C. pass1242pass1336¾54L
Beal L.C. pass1251No report
Tweedmouth S.B. pass1259pass134950L
Berwick-upon-Tweed [BWK] pass1300pass1350½50L
Reston Signal Eg402 pass1303pass1353½50L
Reston pass1311½pass140048L
Grantshouse pass1316½pass1406½50L
Oxwellmains Crossover pass1324½pass1416¼51L
Dunbar [DUN] pass1326½pass1418¼51L
Drem D.P.L. 13411407No report
Drem [DRM] pass1408pass1434½26L
Prestonpans [PST] pass1414½pass1445¼30L
Wallyford [WAF] pass1416½pass1447¾31L
Monktonhall Jn pass1418½pass144930L
Portobello Jn (Lothian) pass1420½pass1452¾32L
Craigentinny Jn pass1422pass1454¼32L
Abbeyhill Jn pass1423pass145835L
Edinburgh [EDB] 142515151502¼37L
Abbeyhill Jn 1517½1525½-
Edinburgh [EDB] 1528-
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