123N 1107 London Victoria to Gillingham (Kent)

Runs on 8th February 2019

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Schedule Information
  • WTT schedule UID P80098
  • Runs SSuX between 10/12/2018 to 17/05/2019
  • Service code 72030305
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 75mph max
  • Electro-Diesel locomotive, trailing load 455 tonnes
  • Runs as required
Realtime Status
  • TRUST ID 87123NMI08
  • Running as 123N
  • Activated 08/02/2019 07:01
Mileage WTT Realtime
M Ch Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly
00London Victoria [VIC] 110711061E
073Grosvenor Bridge Jn pass1109No report
145Linford Street Jn pass1110No report
160Factory Jn pass1110½No report
175Wandsworth Road [WWR] pass1110½No report
215Voltaire Road Jn. [XVJ] pass1111pass1111RT
225Clapham High Street [CLP] pass1111½No report
267Shepherds Lane Jn pass1112½No report
314Brixton [BRX] pass1113pass11141L
324Canterbury Road Junction pass1114No report
368Cambria Jn pass1121No report
422Denmark Hill [DMK] pass1124pass11204E
467Crofton Road Jn pass1125pass11232E
513Peckham Rye [PMR] pass1126pass11242E
577Nunhead [NHD] pass1129pass11263E
69Nunhead Jn pass1129½No report
711Crofton Park [CFT] pass1132No report
83Catford [CTF] pass1134½No report
873Bellingham [BGM] pass1137pass11343E
945Beckenham Hill [BEC] pass1139No report
1034Ravensbourne [RVB] pass1141½No report
1073Shortlands Jn [XOR] pass1143pass11403E
1119Shortlands [SRT] pass1144No report
127Bromley South [BMS] pass1146pass1144½1E
1312Bickley [BKL] pass1147½No report
1354Bickley Jn [XLY] pass1148pass1148RT
1433St Mary Cray Jn [XMU] pass1149½pass1150RT
1573St Mary Cray [SMY] pass1152½No report
1847Swanley [SAY] pass1158pass11553E
2148Eynsford [EYN] pass1201½No report
2368Shoreham (Kent) [SEH] pass1204½No report
2522Otford [OTF] pass1206½No report
2569Otford Jn [XOT] pass1207pass12061E
2815Kemsing [KMS] pass1210No report
3062Borough Green & Wrotham [BRG] pass1213No report
3577West Malling [WMA] pass1219½No report
370East Malling [EML] pass1221No report
3859Barming [BMG] pass1223No report
4112Maidstone East [MDE] pass1226pass1226½RT
4375Bearsted [BSD] pass1230½No report
4618Hollingbourne [HBN] pass1234½No report
4852Harrietsham [HRM] pass1238No report
5027Lenham [LEN] pass1241No report
5427Charing [CHG] pass1247½pass1248½1L
5666Hothfield pass1254½No report
5944Ashford A Junction pass1302No report
6032Ashford International [AFK] 1305130913071309RT
6455Wye [WYE] pass1320½pass13182E
6932Chilham [CIL] pass1327½No report
7137Chartham [CRT] pass1330½No report
7450Canterbury West [CBW] 1335½1340133213355E
770Sturry [STU] pass1344No report
867Minster [MSR] pass1355pass13514E
8610Minster West Jn. pass1355No report
8640Minster East Jn. [XMF] pass1356No report
9010Ramsgate [RAM] pass1401pass14032L
915Dumpton Park [DMP] pass1402½No report
9222Broadstairs [BSR] 1405½1421140814201E
9542Margate [MAR] pass1425pass1425RT
9676Westgate-on-Sea [WGA] pass1426½No report
9855Birchington-on-Sea [BCH] pass1428½No report
10653Herne Bay [HNB] pass1436½pass14447L
10866Chestfield & Swalecliffe [CSW] pass1438½No report
11025Whitstable [WHI] pass1440No report
11734Faversham [FAV] pass1447½pass14568L
12137Teynham [TEY] pass1454No report
12452Sittingbourne [SIT] pass1459½pass15044L
12513Eastern Jn (Sittingbourne) pass1501½No report
12541Western Jn (Sittingbourne) pass1502No report
12767Newington [NGT] pass1504No report
1308Rainham East Junction pass1506No report
13037Rainham (Kent) [RAI] pass1506½pass1510½4L
13336Gillingham (Kent) [GLM] 151015155L
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