620T 0530 Lifford East Jn to Neasden Engineers Sdgs

Runs on 9th March 2018

This service was cancelled throughout due to a request by the customer (FL).
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Schedule Information
  • STP schedule UID U38058
  • Runs on 09/03/2018 only
  • Service code 53693803
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 60mph max
  • Diesel locomotive, trailing load 715 tonnes
Realtime Status
  • TRUST ID 66620T1509
  • Running as 620T
  • Activated 08/03/2018 22:35
WTT Realtime
Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly
Lifford East Jn 0530-
Bordesley Jn [XIR] pass0534½-
St Andrews Jn (West Mids) [XON] pass0535½-
Landor Street Jn [XLX] pass0537½-
Duddeston Jn 0540½0545½-
Landor Street Jn [XLX] pass0547½-
St Andrews Jn (West Mids) [XON] pass0549½-
Bordesley Jn [XIR] pass0550½-
Bordesley South Jn pass0551½-
Bordesley Up Loop pass0552½-
Small Heath [SMA] pass0553-
Small Heath South Jn [XOH] pass0553½-
Tyseley [TYS] pass0554½-
Tyseley South Junction pass0554½-
Acocks Green [ACG] pass0555½-
Olton [OLT] pass0556½-
Solihull [SOL] pass0558½-
Widney Manor [WMR] pass0600-
Bentley Heath Crossing pass0601½-
Dorridge [DDG] pass0602½-
Lapworth [LPW] pass0605-
Hatton North Jn pass0609-
Hatton [HTN] pass0609½-
Warwick Parkway [WRP] pass0612½-
Warwick [WRW] pass0613½-
Leamington Spa [LMS] pass0615½-
Fenny Compton [XFC] pass0629½-
Fenny Compton South Jn pass0630½-
Reservoir Junction pass0637½-
Banbury [BAN] pass0638½-
Banbury Depot Jn pass0639-
Kings Sutton [KGS] pass0642-
Aynho Jn [XAN] pass0643½-
Aynho Park Jn pass0644½-
Bicester North [BCS] pass0655½-
Bicester South Junction [XJV] pass0657-
Haddenham & Thame Parkway [HDM] pass0709-
Princes Risborough [PRR] pass0714½-
Saunderton [SDR] pass0718-
West Wycombe pass0721-
High Wycombe [HWY] pass0723½-
Beaconsfield [BCF] pass0729-
Seer Green [SRG] pass0731-
Gerrards Cross [GER] pass0734-
Denham Golf Club [DGC] pass0736½-
Denham [DNM] pass0737½-
West Ruislip [WRU] pass0741-
South Ruislip [SRU] pass0744-
Northolt Park Jn pass0744-
Northolt Park [NLT] pass0746-
Sudbury Hill Harrow [SDH] pass0747½-
Sudbury & Harrow Road [SUD] pass0748½-
Wembley Stadium [WCX] pass0750-
Neasden South Jn [XNJ] 07540759-
Neasden Engineers Sdgs 0800½-
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