131O 0638 Banbury to Westerleigh Murco

Runs on 13th January 2018

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Schedule Information
  • STP schedule UID U53312
  • Runs on 13/01/2018 only
  • Service code 72030304
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 75mph max
  • Diesel locomotive, trailing load 455 tonnes
Realtime Status
  • TRUST ID 69131O1613
  • Running as 131O
  • Activated 13/01/2018 04:43
WTT Realtime
Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly
Banbury [BAN] 06380638RT
Banbury North Junction pass0639No report
Reservoir Junction pass0640pass0640RT
Fenny Compton South Jn pass0648No report
Fenny Compton [XFC] pass0649pass06472E
Leamington Spa [LMS] 06590702065707011E
Warwick [WRW] pass0705½pass0705¼RT
Warwick Parkway [WRP] pass0707½pass0706¼1E
Budbrook Jn pass0710No report
Hatton [HTN] pass0712pass0709¼2E
Hatton North Jn pass0712½No report
Lapworth [LPW] pass0716½pass0712¾3E
Dorridge [DDG] 072007230716½0723RT
Bentley Heath Crossing pass0725pass0724¼RT
Widney Manor [WMR] pass0727pass0725¾RT
Solihull [SOL] pass0729pass07271E
Olton [OLT] pass0731½pass0728½2E
Acocks Green [ACG] pass0732½pass0729¾2E
Tyseley South Junction pass0734No report
Tyseley [TYS] pass0734pass07312E
Small Heath South Jn [XOH] pass0735pass07322E
Small Heath [SMA] pass0735½pass0732¼3E
Bordesley [BBS] pass0737½pass0734½2E
Birmingham Moor Street [BMO] pass0739pass07371E
Birmingham Snow Hill [BSW] 0742074607390745¾RT
Jewellery Quarter [JEQ] pass0750pass0747¾2E
Handsworth Cement Sdgs pass0751½No report
The Hawthorns [THW] pass0752½pass0751¼RT
Smethwick Galton Bridge [SGB] pass0753pass0753RT
Smethwick Jn [SMW] pass0754pass0753¼RT
Rowley Regis Down Goods 080008120800½0811¾RT
Rowley Regis [ROW] pass0813pass0813¼RT
Old Hill [OHL] pass0815pass0816¾1L
Cradley Heath [CRA] pass0818pass0819¾2L
Lye [LYE] pass0820pass0821¾1L
Stourbridge North Jn pass0821½pass0823¾2L
Stourbridge Junction [SBJ] 082308260825¾0828¾2L
Hagley [HAG] pass0829pass0831½2L
Blakedown [BKD] pass0832pass0832¾RT
Kidderminster [KID] 083608390836¼0838¾RT
Hartlebury [HBY] pass0845pass0843¼1E
Droitwich Up Goods Loop 08530854No report
Droitwich Spa [DTW] pass0855pass08541E
Droitwich Signal 68 pass0859No report
Tunnel Jn pass0903pass09021E
Worcester Shrub Hill [WOS] 0908091609080916RT
Worcester Wylds Lane Jn pass0917No report
Norton Jn pass0921pass09201E
Abbotswood Jn [XAY] pass0923pass09221E
Eckington Loop pass0929No report
Ashchurch for Tewkesbury [ASC] pass0934pass0933¼RT
Cheltenham Spa [CNM] 094209450940½0944½RT
Cheltenham Lansdown Loop pass0946½pass0946RT
Barnwood Jn. pass0952pass0951¼RT
Horton Road Jn pass0954pass0958½4L
Gloucester [GCR] 095610160959¾10142E
Gloucester Signal 423 10181020No report
Horton Road Jn pass1021No report
Gloucester Yard Jn pass1022No report
Tuffley Junction pass1023½No report
Haresfield Loop 10291037No report
Standish Jn pass1042pass1039¾2E
Cam & Dursley [CDU] pass1048pass1046¼1E
Berkeley Rd Jn pass1050½No report
Charfield pass1056pass1056RT
Yate Middle pass1105No report
Yate [YAE] pass1105pass11149L
Yate South pass1106No report
Westerleigh Isu (Ce) pass1113No report
Westrleigh A.C.C. R.T.S. pass1113½No report
Westerleigh Murco 111511238L
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