5Z56 1754 Humberstone Road to Tyseley Steam Trust

West Coast Railway Company service departing on 17th January 2019

This service was cancelled throughout due to the train operator's request (TB).
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Schedule Information
  • STP schedule UID U55241, identity 5Z56
  • Runs on 17/01/2019 only
  • Service code 22244008
  • Empty Coaching Stock
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 60mph max
  • Diesel locomotive, trailing load 715 tonnes
Realtime Status
  • TRUST ID 595Z561V17
  • Running as 5Z56
  • Activated 17/01/2019 15:54
WTT Realtime
Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly
Humberstone Road 1754-
Humberstone Rd Jn pass1755-
Syston [SYS] pass1800-
Syston South Jn pass1800-
Syston North Jn pass1800½-
Sileby [SIL] pass1803½-
Sileby Jn pass1804-
Mountsorrel Sdgs pass1805½-
Barrow upon Soar [BWS] pass1806-
Loughborough South Jn pass1809½-
Loughborough [LBO] pass1810-
Loughborough North Jn pass1810½-
Kegworth pass1816½-
East Midlands Parkway [EMD] pass1819-
Ratcliffe Jn pass1819-
Trent South Jn [XTG] pass1822-
Sheet Stores Jn pass1824-
Castle Donington [XDD] pass1832-
Stenson Jn 18491901-
North Stafford Jn pass1904-
Willington [WIL] pass1905½-
Clay Mills Jn pass1910-
Burton Wetmore Jn pass1914-
Horninglow Bridge Jn pass1918-
Burton-on-Trent [BUT] pass1920-
Burton Leicester Jn pass1923-
Branston Jn pass1927½-
Barton Under Needwood N Jn pass1931-
Barton Under Needwood S Jn pass1933-
Wichnor Jn [XWE] pass1933½-
Elford pass1937-
Tamworth [TAM] pass1941½-
Wilnecote [WNE] pass1944½-
Kingsbury Branch Jn pass1949-
Kingsbury Jn [XKI] pass1951-
Whitacre Jn [XQW] pass2000-
Coleshill Parkway [CEH] pass2005-
Water Orton [WTO] pass2007½-
Water Orton West Jn pass2008½-
Castle Bromwich Jn pass2011-
Bromford Bridge pass2016½-
Washwood Heath East Jn pass2017½-
Washwood Heath West Jn pass2021-
Duddeston Jn pass2024-
Landor Street Jn [XLX] 20262029-
St Andrews Jn (West Mids) [XON] pass2033½-
Bordesley Jn [XIR] pass2035-
Bordesley South Jn pass2036½-
Bordesley Up Loop pass2038-
Small Heath [SMA] pass2038½-
Small Heath South Jn [XOH] 20402053-
Tyseley Steam Trust 2103-
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