FRGT 0736 Totton Yard to Totton Yard

Runs on 12th July 2018

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Schedule Information
  • WTT schedule UID W15234
  • Runs SSuX between 21/05/2018 to 07/12/2018
  • Service code 95999801, headcode 00
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 60mph max
  • Diesel Electric Multiple Unit
  • Driver only operated
Location Arr Dep
Totton Yard 0736
Totton [TTN] 07380740
Redbridge [RDB] 07420752
Romsey [ROM] pass0802
Dean [DEN] pass0811
Tunnel Jn. pass0821
Salisbury [SAL] 08240839
Tunnel Jn. pass0842
Andover [ADV] pass0900
Worting Jn pass0921
Basingstoke [BSK] 09250929
Worting Jn pass0933
Andover [ADV] pass0954
Tunnel Jn. pass1011
Salisbury [SAL] pass1014
Wilton Jn pass1019
Wilton pass1020
Tisbury Loop pass1036
Gillingham (Dorset) [GIL] 10471051
Templecombe [TMC] pass1100
Sherborne [SHE] pass1108
Yeovil Jn Dn Sdgs 1&2 11151138
Sherborne [SHE] pass1146
Templecombe [TMC] pass1153
Gillingham (Dorset) [GIL] 12011217
Tisbury Loop pass1230
Wilton pass1240
Wilton Jn pass1241
Salisbury [SAL] 12451410
Salisbury Signal Sy240 14121415
Salisbury [SAL] pass1417
Tunnel Jn. pass1420
Dean [DEN] pass1431
Romsey [ROM] pass1440
Redbridge [RDB] pass1448
Southampton Central [SOU] pass1452
Northam Jn pass1455
St Denys [SDN] pass1457
Eastleigh [ESL] pass1502
Shawford [SHW] pass1507
Winchester [WIN] pass1511
Wallers Ash Loop 15191525
Worting Jn pass1537
Basingstoke [BSK] 15401544
Worting Jn pass1555
Wallers Ash Loop pass1606
Winchester [WIN] pass1614
Shawford Jn pass1617
Eastleigh [ESL] pass1645
St Denys [SDN] pass1654
Northam Jn pass1657
Southampton Central [SOU] pass1700
Redbridge [RDB] pass1704
Totton Yard 1708
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