FRGT 0505 Effingham Jn. C.H.S. to Effingham Jn. C.H.S.

Runs on 12th July 2018

Runs as required: this service only runs when it is required. This warning will disappear if it is activated in the railway computer systems.
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Schedule Information
  • WTT schedule UID W15242
  • Runs SSuX between 21/05/2018 to 07/12/2018
  • Service code 95999801, headcode 00
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 60mph max
  • Diesel Electric Multiple Unit
  • Driver only operated
  • Runs as required
Location Arr Dep
Effingham Jn. C.H.S. [XEJ] 0505
Effingham Junction Neck [XFF] 05070510
Effingham Junction [EFF] pass0512
Cobham & Stoke d'Abernon [CSD] pass0518
Oxshott [OXS] pass0523
Claygate [CLG] pass0528
Hinchley Wood [HYW] pass0530½
Hampton Court Jn. pass0533
Surbiton [SUR] pass0535
Berrylands [BRS] pass0536½
New Malden [NEM] pass0538
Raynes Park [RAY] pass0539½
Wimbledon West Jn pass0540½
Wimbledon [WIM] 0541½0545½
Wimbledon West Jn pass0547
Raynes Park [RAY] pass0549
New Malden [NEM] pass0551
Berrylands [BRS] pass0553
Surbiton [SUR] pass0554½
Hampton Court Jn. pass0556½
Thames Ditton [THD] pass0557½
Hampton Court [HMC] 0559½0602½
Thames Ditton [THD] pass0608
Hampton Court Jn. pass0611½
Surbiton [SUR] 06140617½
Hampton Court Jn. pass0620
Esher [ESH] pass0621
Hersham [HER] pass0623
Walton-on-Thames [WAL] pass0624
Weybridge [WYB] pass0626½
Byfleet Jn pass0628
Byfleet & New Haw [BFN] pass0628
West Byfleet [WBY] pass0629½
Woking [WOK] pass0632½
Woking Jn pass0640
Brookwood London End pass0643½
Brookwood [BKO] pass0644
Pirbright Jn pass0645½
Farnborough London End pass0649½
Farnborough (Main) [FNB] pass0650
Fleet [FLE] pass0653½
Winchfield [WNF] pass0657
Hook [HOK] pass0659
Basingstoke [BSK] 0705½0712½
Hook [HOK] pass0720
Winchfield [WNF] pass0722½
Fleet [FLE] pass0726½
Farnborough (Main) [FNB] pass0731½
Farnborough London End pass0732½
Pirbright Jn pass0739
Brookwood [BKO] pass0740½
Brookwood London End pass0741
Woking Jn pass0744
Woking Up Yard Recp. 07450922½
Woking Jn pass0923½
Brookwood London End pass0928
Brookwood [BKO] pass0929
Pirbright Jn pass0931½
Ash Vale [AHV] pass0935½
Aldershot North Jn pass0937½
Aldershot [AHT] 0940½0943½
Aldershot North Jn pass0946½
Ash Vale [AHV] pass0953
Pirbright Jn pass0958½
Woking Up Yard Recp. 10141028
Woking [WOK] pass1030
West Byfleet [WBY] pass1033
Byfleet & New Haw [BFN] pass1034½
Byfleet Jn pass1034½
Weybridge [WYB] pass1035½
Walton-on-Thames [WAL] pass1038
Hersham [HER] pass1039
Esher [ESH] pass1041
Hampton Court Jn. pass1042
Surbiton [SUR] pass1044
Berrylands [BRS] pass1045½
New Malden [NEM] pass1047
Raynes Park [RAY] pass1055
Wimbledon West Jn pass1058
Wimbledon [WIM] pass1059
Wdon Pk D No.1 Ucs 1100½1110
Wimbledon [WIM] pass1111½
Wimbledon West Jn pass1112
Raynes Park [RAY] pass1113½
New Malden [NEM] pass1115
Berrylands [BRS] pass1116½
Surbiton [SUR] pass1117½
Hampton Court Jn. pass1119½
Hinchley Wood [HYW] pass1120½
Claygate [CLG] pass1122
Oxshott [OXS] pass1124½
Cobham & Stoke d'Abernon [CSD] pass1127
Effingham Junction [EFF] pass1130
Horsley [HSY] pass1131½
Clandon [CLA] pass1136
London Road (Guildford) [LRD] pass1141
Guildford [GLD] 1143½1146½
London Road (Guildford) [LRD] pass1149½
Clandon [CLA] pass1155
Horsley [HSY] pass1200½
Effingham Junction [EFF] pass1202½
Cobham & Stoke d'Abernon [CSD] pass1207
Oxshott [OXS] pass1211
Claygate [CLG] pass1214½
Hinchley Wood [HYW] pass1217
Hampton Court Jn. pass1218½
Surbiton [SUR] 12201225
Hampton Court Jn. pass1227
Esher [ESH] pass1228½
Hersham [HER] pass1230½
Walton-on-Thames [WAL] pass1232
Weybridge [WYB] pass1234½
Byfleet Jn pass1236½
Byfleet & New Haw [BFN] pass1236½
West Byfleet [WBY] pass1239½
Woking [WOK] pass1245½
Woking Jn pass1246½
Brookwood London End pass1249½
Brookwood [BKO] pass1250
Pirbright Jn pass1251½
Farnborough London End pass1255
Farnborough (Main) [FNB] pass1255½
Fleet [FLE] pass1303½
Winchfield [WNF] pass1309
Hook [HOK] pass1313
Basingstoke [BSK] pass1322
Basingstoke Signal B5109 13241330
Basingstoke [BSK] 13321337½
Hook [HOK] pass1344½
Winchfield [WNF] pass1347
Fleet [FLE] pass1351
Farnborough (Main) [FNB] pass1354½
Farnborough London End pass1355
Pirbright Jn pass1358½
Brookwood [BKO] pass1400½
Brookwood London End pass1400½
Woking Jn pass1404
Woking [WOK] pass1409
West Byfleet [WBY] pass1412½
Byfleet & New Haw [BFN] pass1414½
Byfleet Jn pass1415
Weybridge [WYB] pass1417½
Walton-on-Thames [WAL] pass1423
Hersham [HER] pass1426
Esher [ESH] pass1430
Hampton Court Jn. pass1433
Surbiton [SUR] 1434½1438½
Hampton Court Jn. pass1440½
Hinchley Wood [HYW] pass1441½
Claygate [CLG] pass1442½
Oxshott [OXS] pass1445
Cobham & Stoke d'Abernon [CSD] pass1447
Effingham Junction [EFF] pass1450
Effingham Junction Neck [XFF] 14521455
Effingham Jn. C.H.S. [XEJ] 1457
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