1B90 1916 Manchester Piccadilly to Cleethorpes

First Transpennine Express service departing on 16th April 2017

This service was cancelled between Manchester Airport and Manchester Piccadilly due to late arrival of an inbound service (YI).
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Schedule Information
  • VAR schedule UID Y04791, identity 1B90
  • Runs on 16/04/2017 only
  • Service code 11817020, headcode 6456
  • Express Passenger
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 100mph max
  • Pathed as Diesel Multiple Unit
Passenger Information
  • Retail Service ID TP6456
  • Seating: first & standard
  • Reservations available
Realtime Status
  • TRUST ID 321B90MX16
  • Running as 1B90
  • Activated 16/04/2017 17:55
Mileage WTT GBTT Realtime
M Ch Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly
00Manchester Airport [MIA] 18551855-
110Heald Green West Jn pass1857-
235Heald Green [HDG] pass1858-
49Gatley [GTY] pass1859½-
523East Didsbury [EDY] pass1900½-
616Burnage [BNA] pass1901½-
75Mauldeth Road [MAU] pass1902-
842Slade Lane Jn pass1903½-
873Longsight South pass1904-
104Ardwick Jn pass1905½-
1066Manchester Piccadilly [MAN] 1908½1916190919161916RT
1148Ardwick Jn pass1918pass1919¼1L
1160Ardwick [ADK] pass1918½pass1919½1L
1232Ashburys W Jn. (Sig As998) pass1919½No report
1238Ashburys [ABY] pass1919½pass1921½2L
1252Ashburys East Jn pass1920No report
1346Belle Vue [BLV] pass1922No report
1376Ryder Brow [RRB] pass1923No report
1467Reddish North [RDN] pass1925pass1925RT
1634Brinnington [BNT] pass1927pass1926¾RT
1745Bredbury [BDY] pass1928½pass1929RT
1852Romiley [RML] pass1930pass1930½RT
1956Marple Wharf Jn pass1931½pass1932RT
2022Marple [MPL] pass1932pass1932¾RT
2232Strines [SRN] pass1934½No report
2364New Mills Central [NMC] pass1936pass19382L
2462New Mills South Jn pass1938½pass19401L
2739Chinley [CLY] pass1941½No report
2840Chinley North Jn pass1942½pass19441L
2868Chinley East Jn pass1943No report
3327Edale [EDL] pass1947½pass19491L
3721Earles Sdgs S.B. pass1951pass19532L
3815Hope (Derbyshire) [HOP] pass1952No report
3979Bamford [BAM] pass1953½No report
4161Hathersage [HSG] pass1956No report
4351Grindleford [GRN] pass1958½pass1958RT
4759Totley Tunnel East pass2002pass2002RT
4825Dore West Jn pass2002½No report
4852Dore [DOR] pass2003No report
495Dore Station Jn pass2003½pass2003RT
5175Sheffield Signal S77 pass2006½No report
5271Sheffield [SHF] 20082010½2008201020082011RT
5328Nunnery Main Line Jn pass2012pass20131L
5449Mill Race Jn pass2013½No report
5543Brightside Jn pass2014½No report
563Wincobank Jn. pass2015No report
5621Meadowhall [MHS] 2015½2016½2016201620162017RT
5774Holmes Jn pass2018½pass2019RT
5852Masborough Jn pass2019No report
6121Aldwarke Jn pass2021½pass2022RT
6322Swinton (South Yorkshire) [SWN] pass2023pass20241L
6436Mexborough [MEX] pass2024½pass2025½1L
6658Conisbrough [CNS] pass2026½No report
6937Hexthorpe Jn pass2029pass20301L
713St James Jn pass2033½No report
7140Doncaster [DON] 20352037203520372035¼2037½RT
7169Donc. Marshgate Jn. pass2038No report
7270Bentley Jn pass2039½pass2040RT
7510Kirk Sandall Jn pass2041½No report
7546Kirk Sandall [KKS] pass2041½No report
7826Hatfield & Stainforth [HFS] pass2044pass2043½RT
7972Thorne Jn pass2045½pass2045¼RT
8127Thorne South [TNS] pass2047No report
8729Crowle [CWE] pass2053½pass2053¼RT
917Althorpe [ALP] pass2057½pass21035L
9218Gunhouse Loop pass2059pass21045L
9440Scunthorpe [SCU] 21022103210221032107½2108¾5L
9479Scunthorpe West Jn pass2104½pass2109¾5L
9537Scunthorpe Trent Jn pass2105pass2110¼5L
9576North Lincoln Jn pass2105½pass2110¾5L
9720Scunthorpe F.O.B. Jn pass2106½No report
9846Appleby Lc pass2108pass21135L
10319Elsham pass2113pass21196L
10520Wrawby Jn pass2116½pass21214L
10564Barnetby [BTB] 2117½2118½21182118N/R21234L
11047Brocklesby Jn. pass2124pass21284L
11156Habrough Jn pass2125No report
11221Habrough [HAB] 2126212721252126213121314L
1163Stallingborough [SLL] pass2131½No report
1174Healing [HLI] pass2133½No report
11830Great Coates [GCT] pass2135½No report
11877Grimsby Marsh Jn pass2136½No report
12028Grimsby Town [GMB] 2139½214121392140214221432L
1218Grimsby Pasture St Sig1000 pass2143½No report
12119Grimsby Docks [GMD] pass2143½No report
1226New Clee [NCE] pass2145½No report
12350Cleethorpes [CLE] 2149215121501L
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