1A67 1449 Bradford Interchange to London Kings Cross

Grand Central service departing on 17th October 2018

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Schedule Information
  • WTT schedule UID Y71864, identity 1A67
  • Runs SSuX between 21/05/2018 to 07/12/2018
  • Service code 21756006, headcode 7540
  • Express Passenger
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 125mph max
  • Pathed as Diesel Multiple Unit
Passenger Information
  • Retail Service ID GC7540
  • Seating: first & standard
  • Reservations recommended
  • Buffet service
Realtime Status
  • TRUST ID 181A67MP17
  • Running as 1A67
  • Activated 17/10/2018 13:49
Mileage WTT GBTT Realtime
M Ch Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly
00Bradford Interchange [BDI] 144914491449RT
026Mill Lane Jn pass1450½No report
268Low Moor [LMR] 14541455½14541455No report
779Halifax [HFX] 150215041502150415011504RT
871Dryclough Jn pass1506½No report
102Greetland Jn pass1509pass1508¾RT
1066Elland [ELN] pass1510No report
1329Brighouse [BGH] 1513½1517151415171513½1517¼RT
1464Bradley Wood Jn pass1519pass1519RT
1623Heaton Lodge Jn pass1521pass1521½RT
1652Heaton Lodge East Jn pass1521½pass1521¼RT
1737Mirfield [MIR] 15231524½152215241523½1524¾RT
1827Mirfield East Jn pass1526pass1526½RT
1877Thornhill L.N.W. Jn. pass1526½pass1527RT
2048Dewsbury East Jn pass1528½pass1528½RT
215Healey Mills A Jn pass1529pass1529½RT
2236Healey Mills B Jn pass1530½pass1530¾RT
2443Horbury Jn pass1533pass1533¼RT
2648Wakefield West Jn pass1537pass1536½RT
2667Wakefield Kirkgate [WKK] 153815391538153915371539RT
2733Calder Bridge Jn pass1542pass1541RT
281Oakenshaw Jn pass1543½pass1543RT
2838Crofton West Jn pass1545pass1544RT
2928Crofton East Jn pass1546pass1545RT
3120Streethouse [SHC] pass1548½pass1547½RT
3276Featherstone [FEA] pass1550½pass1549½RT
3469Pontefract Tanshelf [POT] pass1552½pass1552RT
3545Pontefract Monkhill [PFM] 15541555155415551553¼1555RT
3648Pontefract East Junction pass1557pass1556¾RT
3725Knottingley West Jn pass1558pass1557¾RT
3771Knottingley South Jn pass1559½pass1559¼RT
4417Norton Level Crossing pass1606pass1606½RT
4671Haywood Jn pass1609pass1610¼1L
480Shaftholme Jn pass1611½pass1610¾RT
5020Arksey Loop pass1614pass1614¾1L
5170Donc. Marshgate Jn. pass1615½pass1617¾2L
5219Doncaster [DON] 1616½1622½161716221619½1622¾RT
5258Bridge Jn pass1623½pass1624½RT
543Decoy Nth Jn pass1624½pass1625½RT
5418Potteric Carr Jn. pass1625pass1625¾RT
5478Black Carr Jn (Doncaster) pass1625½pass1626¼RT
5616Loversall Carr Jn pass1626½pass1627RT
6451Ranskill Loop pass1632pass1632¼RT
6825Retford Crossover pass1634½pass1634¼RT
6856Babworth Loop pass1635No report
6947Retford [RET] pass1635½pass1634¾RT
8256Carlton On Trent Loop pass1644½pass1641¾2E
8733Newark F.C. [XNK] pass1647½pass1644½2E
888Newark North Gate [NNG] pass1648pass1645¼2E
9226Claypole Loop pass1650½pass1647½3E
9840Barkston South Jn pass1653½pass16503E
1028Nottingham Branch Jn pass1655pass1652¼2E
10258Grantham [GRA] pass1655½pass1653¼2E
10650Highdyke Jn. pass1657½pass1654¾2E
10836Stoke Jn. pass1658½pass1655¾2E
12332Tallington Jn. pass1705½pass1703¼2E
12640Helpston Jn. pass1708½pass1704¾3E
12862Werrington Jn pass1711pass17082E
13010New England Nth Jn. pass1712½pass1711¼1E
13167Peterborough [PBO] pass1714pass1714¼RT
13314Fletton Jn. pass1715pass1714¾RT
1394Holme Jn. [XHO] pass1719pass1718¼RT
14066Conington South Jn pass1720pass1719¼RT
14353Conington Loop pass1721½No report
14926Huntingdon [HUN] pass1724pass1723¾RT
15638St Neots [SNO] pass1728½pass17367L
1646Sandy [SDY] pass1733½pass1743½10L
1673Biggleswade [BIW] pass1736pass17459L
17113Arlesey [ARL] pass1738pass1746¾8L
17454Cadwell Sig K718 pass1739½No report
17622Hitchin [HIT] pass1740½pass1749½9L
18051Stevenage [SVG] pass1744pass17528L
18151Langley Jn pass1745pass17527L
18313Knebworth [KBW] pass1746½pass1752¾6L
18428Woolmer Green Jn. [XGN] pass1748pass1753¼5L
18616Welwyn North [WLW] pass1750pass1754½4L
18678Digswell Jn. pass1750½pass1754¾4L
18771Welwyn Garden City [WGC] pass1751½pass17564L
19042Hatfield [HAT] pass1753pass17574L
1913Marshmoor Crossover pass1753pass1757¾4L
19251Welham Green [WMG] pass1754pass1758¼4L
19359Brookmans Park [BPK] pass1754½pass1758½3L
19539Potters Bar [PBR] pass1755½pass1759¾4L
19751Hadley Wood [HDW] pass1757pass18014L
1994New Barnet [NBA] pass1758pass18024L
19966Oakleigh Park [OKL] pass1758½pass1802¼4L
20161New Southgate [NSG] pass1759½pass1803¼3L
20318Alexandra Palace [AAP] pass1800½pass1804½4L
20412Hornsey [HRN] pass1801pass18054L
20464Harringay [HGY] pass1801½pass1805¼3L
20467Harringay Junction pass1801½No report
20555Finsbury Park [FPK] pass1802pass18064L
20652Holloway Sth. Jn. pass1803½pass1806¾3L
20723Copenhagen Junction pass1804½No report
20732Belle Isle [XKB] pass1804½pass1808¾4L
20816London Kings Cross [KGX] 180718071811½4L
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