1S23 1530 London Kings Cross to Glasgow Central

LNER service departing on 20th June 2019

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Schedule Information
  • WTT schedule UID Y75865, identity 1S23
  • Runs SSuX between 20/05/2019 to 13/12/2019
  • Service code 21701001, headcode 6500
  • Express Passenger
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 125mph max
  • Electric locomotive, trailing load 410 tonnes
Passenger Information
  • Retail Service ID GR6500
  • Seating: first & standard
  • Reservations recommended
  • Buffet service
  • Meal included for First Class passengers
Realtime Status
  • TRUST ID 541S23MR20
  • Running as 1S23
  • Activated 20/06/2019 14:30
WTT GBTT Realtime
Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly
London Kings Cross [KGX] 153015301530RT
Belle Isle [XKB] pass1532pass1531¾RT
Copenhagen Junction pass1532No report
Holloway Sth. Jn. pass1533pass1533¼RT
Finsbury Park [FPK] pass1534pass1534½RT
Harringay Junction pass1534½No report
Harringay [HGY] pass1534½pass1535¼RT
Hornsey [HRN] pass1535pass1535¾RT
Alexandra Palace [AAP] pass1536pass1536¾RT
New Southgate [NSG] pass1537pass1537RT
Oakleigh Park [OKL] pass1538pass1538¾RT
New Barnet [NBA] pass1538½pass1539¼RT
Hadley Wood [HDW] pass1539½pass1539¾RT
Potters Bar [PBR] pass1541pass1541¼RT
Brookmans Park [BPK] pass1542pass1541¾RT
Welham Green [WMG] pass1542½pass1542½RT
Hatfield [HAT] pass1543½pass1543¾RT
Welwyn Garden City [WGC] pass1545pass1545¼RT
Digswell Jn. pass1545½pass1545¼RT
Welwyn North [WLW] pass1546pass1546RT
Woolmer Green Jn. [XGN] pass1547pass1546½RT
Knebworth [KBW] pass1548pass1547¼RT
Langley Jn pass1549pass1548¼RT
Stevenage [SVG] pass1549½pass1548½RT
Hitchin [HIT] pass1551½pass1550¾RT
Arlesey [ARL] pass1554pass1553½RT
Biggleswade [BIW] pass1556pass1555¾RT
Sandy [SDY] pass1557½pass1557RT
St Neots [SNO] pass1601pass1601RT
Huntingdon [HUN] pass1604½pass1604¾RT
Conington South Jn pass1609½pass1608¾RT
Holme Jn. [XHO] pass1610½pass1609¾RT
Fletton Jn. pass1614½pass1613½1E
Peterborough [PBO] 16161618161616181616¼1618¾RT
New England Nth Jn. pass1620pass1621¼1L
Werrington Jn pass1621pass1622¾1L
Helpston Jn. pass1622½pass16241L
Tallington Jn. pass1625pass16261L
Stoke Jn. pass1632pass16342L
Highdyke Jn. pass1633pass16352L
Grantham [GRA] pass1635pass1637½2L
Nottingham Branch Jn pass1635½pass1637¾2L
Barkston South Jn pass1637pass16392L
Claypole Loop pass1640pass1642½2L
Newark North Gate [NNG] 1644½16461645164616461648½2L
Newark F.C. [XNK] pass1647½pass1649½2L
Carlton On Trent Loop pass1650pass1653¼3L
Retford [RET] pass1657½pass1659½2L
Babworth Loop pass1658No report
Retford Crossover pass1658pass17001L
Ranskill Loop pass1700½pass1702¼2L
Loversall Carr Jn pass1705pass1706½1L
Black Carr Jn (Doncaster) pass1706pass1707¼1L
Potteric Carr Jn. pass1706½pass1707¾1L
Decoy Nth Jn pass1706½pass1707½1L
Bridge Jn pass1707½pass1708½1L
Doncaster [DON] 1708½1710½170917101710½1713½3L
Donc. Marshgate Jn. pass1711½pass1714¼2L
Arksey Loop pass1713pass17163L
Shaftholme Jn pass1714½pass1717¾3L
Joan Croft Jn pass1714½pass17183L
Temple Hirst Jn. pass1719pass1722½3L
Hambleton North Jn pass1721½pass1725¼3L
Colton Jn pass1726½pass1729½3L
Colton North Jn pass1727No report
York Holgate Siding (Flhh) pass1729½No report
York Holgate Jcn pass1729½pass17333L
York [YRK] 1730½1735173117351733¾1737¼2L
Skelton Jn. (York) pass1738pass17402L
Skelton Bridge Jn. pass1739pass1741½2L
Tollerton Jn pass1742½pass1745½3L
Pilmoor pass1745½pass17482L
Thirsk [THI] pass1749pass1751½2L
Longlands Jn pass1752½pass1754¾2L
Northallerton [NTR] 1753½1755½175417551756½1757½2L
Darlington South Jn. pass1806½pass1807¼RT
Darlington [DAR] 1807½1810180818101808½1810¼RT
Darlington North Jn. pass1811pass1811¼RT
Ferryhill Sth. Jn. pass1819pass1819¼RT
Tursdale Jn pass1820½pass1820¾RT
Durham [DHM] 18261827½182618271826¼1827¾RT
Chester-le-Street [CLS] pass1832½pass1832½RT
Birtley Jn pass1835pass1834RT
Low Fell Jn pass1836½pass1835¼1E
King Edward Bridge S. Jn pass1838pass1837RT
King Edward Bridge N. Jn pass1838½pass1838RT
Newcastle [NCL] 18401844½184018441841¾1844¾RT
Manors [MAS] pass1846pass1846¾RT
Heaton Sth. Jn. pass1847½pass18491L
Heaton North Jn pass1848pass1849¼1L
Benton Nth Jn pass1849No report
Cramlington [CRM] pass1852½pass1853½1L
Morpeth [MPT] pass1856½pass1859¾3L
Morpeth North Jn pass1857pass1900¾3L
Pegswood [PEG] pass1858pass1901¾4L
Butterwell Jn pass1859pass1902¾3L
Widdrington [WDD] pass1901pass19054L
Chevington Loop pass1902½pass1906¾4L
Acklington [ACK] pass1904½pass1907¾3L
Wooden Gate Jn. pass1908pass19113L
Alnmouth [ALM] 19091912190919121912½1914½2L
Little Mill Lc pass1915½pass1918¾3L
Chathill [CHT] pass1919½pass19233L
Belford L.C. pass1923pass1925½2L
Beal L.C. pass1927½No report
Tweedmouth S.B. pass1931½pass1933¼2L
Berwick-upon-Tweed [BWK] pass1932pass1934½2L
Reston Signal Eg403 pass1934½pass19372L
Burnmouth pass1936pass19393L
Reston pass1939pass1941¾2L
Grantshouse pass1943½pass19462L
Cockburnpath pass1946½pass1949¾3L
Innerwick G.S.P. pass1947½pass1951¼3L
Oxwellmains Crossover pass1950pass1953¼3L
Dunbar [DUN] pass1951½pass19553L
Stenton G.S.P. pass1954½pass1958¾4L
Drem [DRM] pass1959½pass2002½3L
Longniddry [LND] pass2002pass20053L
Blindwells Opencast pass2003½pass20073L
Prestonpans [PST] pass2004pass20073L
Wallyford [WAF] pass2005½pass2008½3L
Monktonhall Jn pass2007pass20103L
Musselburgh [MUB] pass2007½pass2014½7L
Joppa Straight pass2008½pass20167L
Portobello Jn (Lothian) pass2008½pass20167L
Craigentinny Jn pass2009½pass20177L
Abbeyhill Jn pass2011½pass2018½7L
Edinburgh [EDB] 20132019201320192020¾2023¾4L
Princes St Gardens pass2020½pass2025½5L
Haymarket [HYM] 2022½2024½202320242027¾2029¼4L
Haymarket East Jn pass2025½pass20304L
Slateford [SLA] pass2027½pass20335L
Kingsknowe [KGE] pass2028pass2032¾4L
Wester Hailes [WTA]
Curriehill [CUH] pass2030pass2033½3L
Kirknewton [KKN] pass2033½pass2038½5L
Midcalder Jn pass2034pass2038¾4L
Cobbinshaw Sig Ej712 pass2042pass20442L
Auchengray pass2044pass20462L
Carstairs East Jn pass2048½pass2051½3L
Carstairs [CRS] pass2051½pass2054½3L
Lanark Jn pass2055pass2057½2L
Carluke [CLU] pass2058½pass2101¼2L
Law Jn pass2100pass2102¼2L
Shieldmuir Mail Terminal pass2102pass2105½3L
Shieldmuir [SDM] pass2102½pass2105½3L
Motherwell [MTH] 2104½2106½21052106pass21081L
Uddingston Jn pass2110½pass21143L
Uddingston [UDD] pass2110½pass2114¼3L
Newton East Jn pass2111½pass21153L
Newton West Jn pass2113½pass21162L
Cambuslang [CBL] pass2114½pass2116¼2L
Rutherglen East Jn pass2115½pass2117¾2L
Rutherglen Central Jn pass2116pass21181L
Rutherglen West Jn pass2116½pass2118¼1L
Shawfield pass2117½pass2118¾1L
Larkfield Jn pass2118½pass2119¾1L
Eglinton St Jn pass2121pass2121¼RT
Glasgow Bridge Street Jn pass2122pass2122¼RT
Glasgow Central Gantry A pass2123pass2123¼RT
Glasgow Central [GLC] where this service forms 5S23 to Polmadie Car M.D.212421262124¾RT
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