5A81 0338 Barton Under Needwood Rsmd to Birmingham New Street

Virgin Trains (West Coast) service departing on 9th March 2018

This service was cancelled between Birmingham New Street and London Euston due to a delay not investigated (OU).
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Schedule Information
  • VAR schedule UID Y80699, identity 5A81
  • Runs WThFO between 07/03/2018 to 09/03/2018
  • Service code 22112002
  • Empty Coaching Stock
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 125mph max
  • Pathed as Diesel Multiple Unit
Realtime Status
  • TRUST ID 575A81M309
  • Running as 5A81
  • Activated 09/03/2018 01:38
Mileage WTT Realtime
M Ch Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly
00Barton Under Needwood Rsmd [XUN] 03380327¼10E
045Barton Under Needwood S Jn pass0343pass03348E
12Wichnor Jn [XWE] pass0344pass0334½9E
420Elford pass0346½pass0337½9E
838Tamworth [TAM] pass0350pass0340¾9E
1027Wilnecote [WNE] pass0352pass0341¾9E
1313Kingsbury Branch Jn pass0355pass0343¼11E
1419Kingsbury Jn [XKI] pass0356pass0343½12E
1813Water Orton [WTO] pass0359pass03499E
1849Water Orton West Jn pass0359½pass0349¼9E
1953Castle Bromwich Jn pass0400pass0350¼9E
2157Bromford Bridge pass0402pass03529E
223Washwood Heath East Jn pass0402pass035210E
2324Washwood Heath West Jn pass0403pass0353¼9E
2370Duddeston Jn pass0403½pass03549E
2419Landor Street Jn [XLX] pass0404pass0354½9E
2465Grand Jn pass0405½pass03569E
2512Proof House Jn [XOZ] pass0406pass0356¾9E
2566Birmingham New Street [BHM] 040804210359¾8E
2640Proof House Jn [XOZ] pass0424-
2667Grand Jn pass0424½-
2760Adderley Park [ADD] pass0425-
2951Stechford [SCF] pass0427-
3059Lea Hall [LEH] pass0427½-
3226Marston Green [MGN] pass0428½-
3350Birmingham Inter North Jn pass0429½-
344Birmingham International [BHI] pass0429½-
3439Birmingham Inter South Jn pass0430-
3578Hampton-in-Arden [HIA] pass0431-
3921Berkswell [BKW] pass0433-
4114Tile Hill [THL] pass0434½-
4322Canley [CNL] pass0436-
4440Coventry North Jn pass0437-
4460Coventry [COV] pass0437-
5419Rugby Long Lawford Junc pass0446-
5541Rugby Trent Valley Jn pass0447-
5569Rugby North Junction pass0447½-
5619Rugby [RUG] pass0448½-
5633Rugby South Junction pass0448½-
5731Hillmorton Jn pass0450-
609Daventry North Jn pass0456-
610Daventry South Jn pass0456½-
6548Long Buckby [LBK] pass0500½-
7369Northampton Mill Lane Jn pass0508-
7473Northampton North Jn pass0508½-
7517Northampton [NMP] pass0509-
7530Northampton South Jn pass0509-
8125Roade pass0517-
8438Hanslope Jn [XHN] pass0521-
8852Wolverton [WOL] pass0524-
9120Milton Keynes Central [MKC] pass0526-
9237Denbigh Hall North Jn pass0528-
9333Denbigh Hall South Jn pass0529½-
9363Bletchley Up&Down Relief 2 pass0530½-
9413Bletchley [BLY] pass0531-
9521Bletchley Drayton Road Jn pass0532½-
10053Leighton Buzzard [LBZ] pass0540½-
10332Ledburn Jn [XOD] pass0544½-
10459Cheddington [CED] pass0546-
10867Tring North Jn pass0551-
10917Tring [TRI] pass0551½-
11272Berkhamsted [BKM] pass0555½-
11527Bourne End Jn (Herts) [XOE] pass0558½-
11628Hemel Hempstead [HML] pass0559½-
11761Apsley [APS] pass0600½-
11973Kings Langley [KGL] pass0602-
12273Watford North Jn pass0604½-
12333Watford Junction [WFJ] pass0605-
12361Watford South Jcn pass0605½-
12468Bushey [BSH] pass0606½-
12937Harrow & Wealdstone [HRW] pass0611-
13161North Wembley Jn pass0612½-
13263Wembley Central [WMB] pass0613½-
13357Wembley Eur Frt Ops Cntre pass0615-
13376Wembley Yard South Jn. pass0615-
13419Willesden Railnet Receptn pass0615½-
13450Harlesden Jn pass0616-
1352Willesden North Junction pass0617-
13537Willesden West Londn Jn [XWI] pass0617½-
1375Queens Park (London) [QPW] pass0619-
13720Kilburn Up & Down Gds Lp pass0619-
1399Camden Jn pass0620½-
13950Camden South Jn pass0621-
14060London Euston [EUS] 0624-
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