5B16 0614 Oxley Car. M.D. to Birmingham International

Virgin Trains (West Coast) service departing on 9th March 2018

Runs as required: this service only runs when it is required. This warning will disappear if it is activated in the railway computer systems.
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Schedule Information
  • WTT schedule UID Y80717, identity 5B16
  • Runs MSSuX between 12/12/2017 to 18/05/2018
  • Service code 22112002
  • Empty Coaching Stock
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 125mph max
  • Class 390 EMU
  • Runs as required
Location Arr Dep
Oxley Car. M.D. [XOY] 0614
Stafford Road Jn Wvrmptn pass0616
Wolverhampton North Jn pass0619½
Wolverhampton [WVH] 0621½0633
Wolverhampton Crane Street pass0634
Portobello Jn (West Mids) [XPJ] pass0637½
Darlaston Jn pass0641
Bescot Jn pass0644
Bescot Stadium [BSC] pass0644
Newton Jn. (West Midlands) pass0645
Tame Bridge Parkway [TAB] pass0645
Hamstead [HSD] pass0647½
Perry Barr North Jn [XRA] pass0648½
Perry Barr South Jn pass0650½
Perry Barr [PRY] pass0651
Witton [WTT] pass0654
Aston [AST] pass0656½
Aston South Jn pass0656½
Duddeston [DUD] pass0700
Vauxhall Jn (West Mids) pass0700
Proof House Jn [XOZ] pass0701
Birmingham New Street [BHM] 07040721
Proof House Jn [XOZ] pass0723½
Grand Jn pass0724
Adderley Park [ADD] pass0724½
Stechford [SCF] pass0726½
Lea Hall [LEH] pass0728
Marston Green [MGN] pass0730
Birmingham Inter North Jn pass0732
Birmingham International [BHI] 0733
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