1K27 1647 Manchester Piccadilly to Hull

TransPennine Express service departing on 20th June 2019

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Schedule Information
  • WTT schedule UID Y80999, identity 1K27
  • Runs SSuX between 20/05/2019 to 13/12/2019
  • Service code 21733000, headcode 5446
  • Express Passenger
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 100mph max
  • Pathed as Diesel Multiple Unit
Passenger Information
  • Retail Service ID TP5446
  • Seating: first & standard
  • Reservations available
  • Trolley service
Realtime Status
  • TRUST ID 321K27MT20
  • Running as 1K27
  • Activated 20/06/2019 15:47
WTT GBTT Realtime
Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly
Manchester Piccadilly [MAN] 164716471648¼1L
Ardwick Jn pass1649pass1650¾1L
Ardwick [ADK] pass1649½pass16511L
Ashburys W Jn. (Sig As998) pass1650½pass16521L
Ashburys [ABY] pass1650½pass1652¼1L
Ashburys East Jn pass1650½pass1652½1L
Gorton [GTO] pass1651½pass1653¾2L
Fairfield [FRF] pass1652½pass1654¼1L
Guide Bridge [GUI] pass1654pass16562L
Guide Bridge West Jn pass1654½pass1656¼2L
Guide Bridge North Jn pass1655pass1656¾2L
Stalybridge [SYB] 16591700165917001700¾17022L
Mossley (Manchester) [MSL] 1703½1704½1704170417061707¼2L
Greenfield [GNF] pass1707pass1709¾2L
Diggle Jn pass1709pass1711¾2L
Marsden [MSN] pass1712½pass1715½3L
Slaithwaite [SWT] pass1715pass1717¾2L
Springwood Jn pass1719½No report
Huddersfield [HUD] 1720½1722172117221722½1724½2L
Deighton [DHN] pass1724½pass17272L
Bradley Jn pass1725pass1727¾2L
Heaton Lodge Jn pass1725½pass1728½2L
Heaton Lodge East Jn pass1726pass17293L
Mirfield [MIR] pass1726½pass1729¾3L
Mirfield East Jn pass1727½pass17302L
Thornhill L.N.W. Jn. pass1728pass1730¾2L
Ravensthorpe [RVN] pass1728pass17312L
Dewsbury [DEW] 1730173117301731173317387L
Batley [BTL] pass1733pass1740¼7L
Morley [MLY] pass1735½pass1744¼8L
Cottingley [COT] pass1738½pass1745¾7L
Holbeck Junction pass1742½pass1747¾5L
Whitehall Jn pass1743pass1751¾8L
Leeds West Junction pass1743½pass1752¼8L
Leeds [LDS] 174517481745174817541759¼11L
Leeds East Jn. pass1749pass1800¼11L
Marsh Lane Jn Leeds pass1750pass1801¼11L
Neville H. West Jn pass1750½pass180211L
Neville H. East Jn pass1751pass1802½11L
Cross Gates [CRG] pass1753pass1804½11L
Garforth [GRF] 1757½1758½1758175818071808½10L
East Garforth [EGF] pass1759½pass1809¾10L
Micklefield [MIK] pass1801pass1811¼10L
South Milford [SOM] pass1803½pass181410L
Gascoigne Wood Jn. pass1804½pass1817¼12L
Hambleton West Jn. pass1805½pass181913L
Hambleton East Jn pass1806½pass1820¼13L
Selby West Jn pass1810No report
Selby [SBY] 1811½1812½181218121826182714L
Barlby Loops pass1814No report
Wressle [WRS] pass1818½No report
Howden [HOW] 18211822182118221839¼1840¼18L
Eastrington [EGN] pass1825½pass1843½17L
Gilberdyke [GBD] pass1828pass1845¾17L
Broomfleet [BMF] pass1830pass184919L
Brough [BUH] 18341835183418351854185520L
Ferriby [FRY] pass1838½pass1858¼19L
Hessle [HES] pass1841No report
Hessle East Jn. pass1842½No report
Hessle Road Jn. pass1844No report
Anlaby Road Jn pass1846½No report
Hull [HUL] 18491849190920L
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