About the API

Important! The API is only able to operate in basic mode at the moment.

Basic information

Realtime Trains has two different API flavours. You can choose to use a 'pull' feed or make use of a 'push' feed direct from the processing engine. Most people will prefer the pull feed as it is already processed.

'Pull' API

There are two variants to the pull API, which is based on your API profile. There is a 'basic' mode, providing public times, and the 'advanced' mode which contains more detailed information such as data from the working timetable.

'Push' API

This feed is not filtered for any service and delivers between 5000 to 9000 messages per minute in the off peak, and up to 15000 per minute in the peak. This provides delta updates for every location that is updated.


Pull API

For personal, academic or educational use, the use of the API is completely free. For public non-commercial use, up to a certain use limit, use of the API is free. This use limit is currently set at around 50 requests per day, but may increase as capacity grows.

For commercial use in apps, you can choose to pay a flat fee of 75p per app sold or on a per-request basis of 0.1p per request. For other commercial use, you can choose to pay £75 per month, or on a per-request basis of 1p per request.

Other arrangements are available with respect to use in apps or other commercial uses - you can enquire by emailing us at api@realtimetrains.co.uk. The prices above represent the maximum that would be charged.

Push API

The push API is demanding on the server infrastructure. As such, while it is available, it is only available upon specific request via api@realtimetrains.co.uk. Pricing is dependent on the cost of increasing capacity in order to be able to cater for your specific needs.