1L18 1951 Liverpool Lime Street to Nottingham

East Midlands Trains service departing on 17th July 2019

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Schedule Information
  • WTT schedule UID C84465, identity 1L18
  • Runs SSuX between 20/05/2019 to 13/12/2019
  • Service code 22269000, headcode 9118
  • Express Passenger
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 90mph max
  • Pathed as Class 158 (Express Sprinter) DMU
Passenger Information
  • Retail Service ID EM9118
  • Seating: standard only
  • Reservations available
Realtime Status
  • TRUST ID 361L18MY17
  • Running as 1L18
  • Activated 17/07/2019 18:51
WTT GBTT Realtime
Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly
Liverpool Lime Street [LIV] 195119511951½RT
Liverpool Crown Street Jn pass1953½pass1953¾RT
Edge Hill [EDG] pass1955pass1955¼RT
Former Edge Hill S.B. pass1955½pass1955½RT
Wavertree Jn pass1957pass1957¼RT
Mossley Hill [MSH] pass1958½pass1958¾RT
West Allerton [WSA] pass1959½pass1959½RT
Liverpool South Parkway [LPY] 20012002200120022001¾2002½RT
Hunts Cross West Jn pass2003pass20041L
Hunts Cross [HNX] pass2004½pass2005½1L
Halewood [HED] pass2005½pass2007½1L
Hough Green [HGN] pass2008pass2007½RT
Widnes [WID] 2009½2010½201020102010¼2011RT
Sankey for Penketh [SNK] pass2014½pass2015RT
Warrington West [WAW] pass2015No report
Warrington Central [WAC] 2017½2018½2018201820182018¾RT
Padgate [PDG] pass2021pass2021¼RT
Birchwood [BWD] pass2022pass2023½1L
Glazebrook [GLZ] pass2024½pass20261L
Glazebrook East Jn & Sdgs pass2024½pass2024¾RT
Irlam [IRL]
Flixton [FLI]
Chassen Road [CSR] pass2028pass2028½RT
Urmston [URM] pass2028½pass2027¼1E
Humphrey Park [HUP] pass2030pass2029½RT
Trafford Park [TRA] pass2030½pass2030½RT
Manchester United FC [MUF] pass2031½pass2030¾RT
Trafford Park East Jn pass2031½pass20301E
Cornbrook Jn pass2034pass2031¾1E
Castlefield Jn pass2035½pass2036¼RT
Deansgate [DGT] pass2036pass20371L
Manchester Oxford Road [MCO] 20372038½203820382038¼2039RT
Manchester Piccadilly [MAN] 2040½2042½2041204220412042¼RT
Ardwick Jn pass2044pass2044¼RT
Longsight South pass2046½pass2047RT
Slade Lane Jn pass2047½pass2047¾RT
Levenshulme [LVM] pass2048pass2048¾RT
Heaton Chapel [HTC] pass2049½pass2050½1L
Heaton Norris Jn pass2050½pass20521L
Stockport [SPT] 20522053½205220532054¼20551L
Edgeley Jn No2 pass2054½pass20561L
Edgeley Jn No1 pass2054½pass2056½2L
Davenport [DVN] pass2056pass20582L
Woodsmoor [WSR] pass2057pass20592L
Hazel Grove [HAZ] pass2058½pass2100½2L
Hazel Grove H.L.Jn pass2059½pass21011L
New Mills South Jn pass2104½pass21061L
Chinley [CLY] pass2108No report
Chinley North Jn pass2109pass21101L
Chinley East Jn pass2109½No report
Edale [EDL] pass2116pass2116RT
Edale Signal Ee16 pass2117No report
Earles Sdgs S.B. pass2118½pass2118RT
Hope (Derbyshire) [HOP] pass2119No report
Bamford [BAM] pass2120½No report
Hathersage [HSG] pass2122½No report
Grindleford [GRN] pass2124½pass21231E
Totley Tunnel East pass2127½pass2127¾RT
Dore West Jn pass2128pass2135½7L
Dore & Totley [DOR] pass2128½pass2136½8L
Dore Station Jn pass2129pass2137½8L
Sheffield Signal S77 pass2133pass2142¼9L
Sheffield [SHF] 21352139213521372144½215112L
Sheffield Signal S82 pass2140½pass215211L
Dore Station Jn pass2144½pass2157¼12L
Dore & Totley [DOR] pass2145pass2157¾12L
Dore South Jn pass2145½pass2158¼12L
Dronfield [DRO] 2148½2149214921492201½2202¼13L
Tapton Jn pass2153pass2207½14L
Chesterfield [CHD] 21542155215421552208½2209½14L
Chesterfield South Jn pass2156½pass221114L
Hasland pass2157½pass2211¾14L
Clay Cross North Jn pass2158½pass2213¼14L
Morton pass2201½pass2216¼14L
Blackwell South Jn (Derbs) pass2203½pass2218¼14L
Alfreton [ALF] 2204½2205½220522052219222014L
Ironville Junction pass2209pass2223½14L
Codnor Park Jn pass2209pass222414L
Langley Mill [LGM] 22122213221222132226¾2227½14L
Ilkeston [ILN] 22172218221722182231¾2232¾14L
Ilkeston Junction pass2220½pass2234¼14L
Trowell Jn pass2221½pass2235¼13L
Radford Jn pass2227pass224114L
Lenton North Jn pass2228½pass2242¾14L
Mansfield Jn pass2229pass2243¼14L
Nottingham [NOT] 223122312246¼15L
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