FRGT 1604 Seaham Harbour (Fhh) to Tunstead Sdgs

Runs on 29th August 2019

Runs as required: this service only runs when it is required. This warning will disappear if it is activated in the railway computer systems.
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Schedule Information
  • WTT schedule UID H01076
  • Runs ThO between 23/05/2019 to 12/12/2019
  • Service code 57620470
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 60mph max
  • Diesel locomotive, trailing load 600 tonnes
  • Runs as required
Location Arr Dep
Seaham Harbour (Fhh) 1604
Seaham [SEA] pass1608
Ryhope Grange Jn. pass1612
Sunderland [SUN] pass1616
St Peters [STZ] pass1617
Monkwearmouth S.B. pass1617
Stadium Of Light Stn T&Wm [STI] pass1618
Seaburn [SEB] pass1620
East Boldon [EBL] pass1624½
Brockley Whins [BNR] pass1629½
Boldon West Jcn pass1629½
Fellgate [FEG] pass1631½
Pelaw Metro Junction pass1635
Pelaw Jn. pass1635½
Heworth [HEW] pass1637
Park Lane Jn Gateshead pass1640½
Greensfield Jn. pass1643
King Edward Bridge E. Jn 16441649
King Edward Bridge S. Jn pass1650
Low Fell Jn pass1654½
Tyne S.S. [TYN] 1659½1746
Birtley Jn pass1751
Chester-le-Street [CLS] pass1754½
Durham [DHM] pass1800½
Tursdale Jn pass1809
Ferryhill Sth. Jn. 1813½1825½
Darlington North Jn. pass1839½
Darlington [DAR] 1840½1851
Darlington South Jn. pass1852
Northallerton [NTR] pass1906½
Longlands Jn pass1907½
Thirsk [THI] pass1914½
Pilmoor pass1922
Tollerton Jn pass1928
Skelton Bridge Jn. 1935½1940
Skelton Jn. (York) pass1944
York Yard South (Fhh) 19481954
York Yard South Jn pass1957
York Holgate Jcn pass1957½
York Holgate Siding (Flhh) pass1958
Colton North Jn pass2004
Colton Jn pass2005½
Colton South Jn pass2007½
Ulleskelf [ULL] pass2011½
Church Fenton [CHF] pass2014
Milford Loop 20212035
Milford Jn. pass2039
Ferrybridge North Jn pass2046
Pontefract Baghill [PFR] pass2049½
Moorthorpe [MRP] pass2101
Moorthorpe Goods Loop pass2101½
Thurnscoe [THC] pass2105
Goldthorpe [GOE] pass2105½
Bolton-on-Dearne [BTD] pass2107
Swinton (South Yorkshire) [SWN] 21102116
Aldwarke Jn pass2120
Masborough Jn pass2125½
Holmes Jn pass2127
Meadowhall [MHS] pass2129
Wincobank Jn. pass2129
Brightside Jn pass2129½
Mill Race Jn pass2131
Nunnery Main Line Jn pass2133
Sheffield [SHF] pass2135
Sheffield Signal S82 pass2136½
Heeley Up Loop 2141½2308
Dore Station Jn pass2311½
Dore & Totley [DOR] pass2312
Dore West Jn pass2312½
Totley Tunnel East pass2313½
Grindleford [GRN] pass2319½
Hathersage [HSG] pass2322
Bamford [BAM] pass2324½
Hope (Derbyshire) [HOP] pass2326½
Earles Sdgs S.B. pass2327½
Earles Sidings Sig Es31 pass2330½
Edale [EDL] pass2335½
Chinley East Jn pass2355
Chinley South Jn pass2356
Peak Forest S.B. pass0004
Great Rocks Jn 00070009
Tunstead Sdgs 0016
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