4L07 1414 Birch Coppice Gbrf to Felixstowe North Gbrf

Runs on 20th June 2019

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Schedule Information
  • WTT schedule UID H20131
  • Runs SSuX between 20/05/2019 to 13/12/2019
  • Service code 55460185
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 75mph max
  • Diesel locomotive, trailing load 1600 tonnes
Realtime Status
  • TRUST ID 664L07CO20
  • Running as 4L07
  • Activated 20/06/2019 12:14
WTT Realtime
Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly
Birch Coppice Gbrf 1414140410E
Kingsbury S.F. 14291431No report
Kingsbury Branch Jn pass1435pass1427½7E
Kingsbury Jn [XKI] pass1438pass1430¾7E
Whitacre Jn [XQW] pass1445pass14472L
Hams Hall Gbrf 14471517144915134E
Whitacre Jn [XQW] pass1523pass1519¾3E
Nuneaton Abbey Jn pass1539½pass1543¾4L
Nuneaton [NUN] pass1541½pass15475L
Nuneaton South Jn pass1542pass1547¾5L
Hinckley [HNK] pass1548½pass1554¾6L
Croft pass1555½pass1600¼4L
Narborough [NBR] pass1558pass1601¾3L
Glen Parva Jn pass1602½pass1606¼3L
South Wigston [SWS] pass1602½pass1606¾4L
Wigston North Jn pass1603½pass1607¾4L
Knighton Jn pass1605½pass16104L
Leicester South Jn. pass1607pass1611¾4L
Leicester [LEI] 161016211615¾1622¼1L
Leicester North Jn. pass1622½pass1623RT
Humberstone Rd Jn pass1624pass1627¼3L
Syston [SYS] pass1632pass1635½3L
Syston South Jn pass1632pass16353L
Syston East Jn pass1632½pass1636¾4L
Frisby pass1640pass16444L
Ashfordby L.C. pass1641½No report
Melton Jn. pass1643½No report
Melton Mowbray [MMO] pass1644pass16473L
Melton Mowbray Signal Mn54 pass1647No report
Saxby pass1648½No report
Whissendine L.C. pass1652pass16542L
Ashwell L.C. pass1654½No report
Langham Jn. pass1656½pass16592L
Oakham [OKM] pass1658pass17002L
Manton Jn [XMJ] pass1701½pass17031L
Luffenham pass1705No report
Ketton S.B. pass1707pass17081L
Stamford [SMD] pass1710½No report
Uffington Sb (Lincs) pass1713pass17141L
Helpston Jn. pass1717½pass1717¼RT
Werrington Jn pass1722pass17201E
New England Nth Jn. pass1724½pass1722¼2E
Peterborough [PBO] pass1728pass1732¼4L
Peterborough Signal 434 17301732pass17342L
Peterborough East Jn. pass1733pass1735¼2L
Whittlesea [WLE] pass1740pass17433L
Three Horse Shoes pass1744No report
March West Jn pass1749No report
March [MCH] pass1749½pass17533L
March East Jn pass1749½No report
Stonea pass1754½No report
Manea [MNE] pass1756½pass18003L
Third Drove pass1802pass1804¾3L
Ely West Jn pass1806pass18092L
Ely North Jn [XYE] pass1807pass18103L
Ely [ELY] pass1810pass18133L
Ely Dock Jn pass1811pass18143L
Soham pass1817pass1820½3L
Chippenham Jn pass1825pass1828½3L
Kennett [KNE] pass1828½pass1831¾3L
Kennet Redland Ground Frme pass1830½pass1833½3L
Bury St Edmunds Dgl pass1842No report
Bury St Edmunds [BSE] pass1842pass1843¼1L
Thurston [TRS] pass1848pass1849½1L
Elmswell [ESW] pass1855pass1856¾2L
Haughley Jn pass1900pass1901¼1L
Stowmarket [SMK] pass1903½pass19051L
Stowmarket D.G.L. pass1904pass1905½1L
Needham Market [NMT] pass1907pass1908¼1L
Ipswich Europa Junction pass1913pass1912¾RT
Ipswich Signal Co352 1914½19431915192716E
Ipswich Boss Hall Jn pass1944pass1927½16E
Westerfield [WFI] pass1950pass1940½9E
Derby Road [DBR] pass1954½pass1945½9E
Levington Signal Co617 pass1959½No report
Trimley [TRM] pass2005pass20023E
Felixstowe North Gbrf 201420151L
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