6C66 2148 Tuebrook Sdgs Gbrf to Shap Harrisons Qry Gbrf

Runs on 29th August 2019

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Schedule Information
  • WTT schedule UID H21193
  • Runs SSuX between 20/05/2019 to 13/12/2019
  • Service code 51464583
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 60mph max
  • Diesel locomotive, trailing load 600 tonnes
  • Runs as required
Realtime Status
  • TRUST ID 366C66C729
  • Running as 6C66
  • Activated 29/08/2019 17:17
WTT Realtime
Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly
Tuebrook Sdgs Gbrf 21482350122L
Bootle Branch Jn pass2149½pass2351121L
Wavertree Technology Park [WAV] pass2150½pass2353½123L
Olive Mount Jn. pass2151pass2354¼123L
Broad Green [BGE] pass2152pass2356¼124L
Roby [ROB] pass2154pass2358½124L
Huyton [HUY] pass2155pass2359¼124L
Huyton Jn pass2155½pass2359¾124L
Prescot [PSC] pass2158pass0002124L
Eccleston Park [ECL] pass2159½pass0004¼124L
Thatto Heath [THH] pass2201pass0003¾122L
St Helens Central [SNH] pass2203½pass0007123L
Gerards Bridge Jcn pass2204½pass0008¼123L
Garswood [GSW] pass2209pass0014124L
Bryn [BYN] pass2211pass0015¼124L
Ince Moss Jn pass2213½pass0017123L
Springs Branch Jn pass2214½pass0018½124L
Wigan South Jn pass2216½pass0020123L
Wigan Station Jn pass2217½pass0020¼122L
Wigan North Western [WGN] 2218½2221½pass0020119L
Wigan Boars Head G.F. pass2224½pass0022117L
Balshaw Lane pass2231pass0028½117L
Euxton Balshaw Lane [EBA] pass2232½pass0029¾117L
Euxton Jn [XOU] pass2234pass0030¾116L
Leyland [LEY] pass2235½pass0032¼116L
Farington Jn pass2237½pass0033115L
Farington Curve Jn pass2238½pass0034½116L
Skew Bridge pass2239pass0035116L
Ribble Jn pass2240pass0036116L
Preston South Junction pass2240½pass0037116L
Preston [PRE] pass2241pass0037½116L
Preston Fylde Jn. pass2242pass0039117L
Barton & Broughton Pass Lp pass2246pass0043½117L
Garstang & Catteral pass2251pass0048117L
Bay Horse pass2257pass0054117L
Oubeck Goods Loop pass2300pass0057¼117L
Lancaster South Jn Ugl pass2302½No report
Lancaster [LAN] pass2303pass0100¾117L
Morecambe South Jn pass2305pass0101½116L
Hest Bank pass2306½pass0102½116L
Carnforth North Jn [XOA] pass2309½pass0105¾116L
Milnthorpe pass2317½pass0112¾115L
Oxenholme Lake District [OXN] pass2324pass0119¼115L
Lambrigg pass2330½pass0124113L
Grayrigg pass2332½pass0127¼114L
Lowgill pass2335pass0129½114L
Tebay [XIT] pass2340pass0133¾113L
Shap Summit pass2348½pass0140¾112L
Hardendale Quarry pass2350½pass0142¼111L
Shap Harrisons Sdgs Loop 2354½0014½No report
Shap Harrisons Qry Gbrf 00180215117L
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