FRGT 1648 Horsham Up T.C. to Horsham Up T.C.

Runs on 20th June 2019

Runs as required: this service only runs when it is required. This warning will disappear if it is activated in the railway computer systems.
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Schedule Information
  • WTT schedule UID H22035
  • Runs SSuX between 20/05/2019 to 13/12/2019
  • Service code 95999801
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 90mph max
  • Diesel locomotive
  • Runs as required
Location Arr Dep
Horsham Up T.C. 1648
Dorking [DKG] pass1716
Boxhill & Westhumble [BXW] pass1718½
Leatherhead [LHD] pass1727½
Ashtead [AHD] pass1732½
Epsom [EPS] pass1738
Ewell East [EWE] pass1743½
Cheam [CHE] pass1748½
Sutton (Surrey) [SUO] pass1751½
Carshalton [CSH] pass1754
Hackbridge [HCB] pass1756
Mitcham Junction [MIJ] pass1758
Mitcham Eastfields [MTC] pass1800½
Streatham South Jn pass1803
Streatham North Jn pass1805
Balham Jn pass1807
Balham [BAL] pass1807½
Wandsworth Common [WSW] pass1809
Clapham Junction [CLJ] pass1812
Latchmere Jn pass1820
Imperial Wharf [IMW] pass1823
West Brompton [WBP] pass1825½
Kensington Olympia [KPA] pass1828½
Shepherds Bush [SPB] pass1831
North Pole Signal Vc813 pass1834
North Pole Jn pass1835
North Pole Turnback Siding 18361847½
North Pole Jn pass1848½
Shepherds Bush [SPB] pass1850½
Kensington Olympia [KPA] pass1851½
West Brompton [WBP] pass1854½
Imperial Wharf [IMW] pass1856½
Latchmere Jn pass1859½
Clapham Junction [CLJ] 1901½1905½
Wandsworth Common [WSW] pass1910
Balham [BAL] pass1911½
Balham Jn pass1912
Streatham North Jn pass1914
Streatham South Jn pass1920
Tooting [TOO] pass1924
Haydons Road [HYR] pass1929
Wimbledon [WIM] pass1932½
Wimbledon West Jn pass1934
Wimbledon Chase [WBO] pass1936
South Merton [SMO] pass1938
Morden South [MDS] pass1940½
St Helier [SIH] 1942½1958
Sutton Common [SUC] pass2000½
West Sutton [WSU] pass2001½
Sutton (Surrey) [SUO] pass2005½
Carshalton Beeches [CSB] pass2007
Wallington [WLT] pass2008½
Waddon [WDO] pass2011
West Croydon [WCY] 20132018½
Gloucester Road Junction [XGU] pass2021½
Norwood Fork Jn. pass2022½
Norwood Junction [NWD] pass2025
Anerley [ANZ] pass2029
Penge West [PNW] pass2030
Sydenham [SYD] pass2033
Forest Hill [FOH] pass2035
Honor Oak Park [HPA] pass2037
Brockley [BCY] pass2040
New Cross Gate [NXG] pass2042
New Cross Up Sussex Loop 20432048
Bricklayers Arms Jn [XLJ] pass2050
South Bermondsey Jn pass2051
Blue Anchor (Kent) pass2051½
Spa Road Jn [XSU] pass2052½
Abbey Street Junction pass2053
Brunswick Court Junction pass2053½
London Bridge [LBG] 20552102
Brunswick Court Junction pass2103½
Abbey Street Junction pass2104½
Spa Road Jn [XSU] pass2105½
Bricklayers Arms Jn [XLJ] pass2108
New Cross Gate [NXG] pass2111½
Brockley [BCY] pass2114
Honor Oak Park [HPA] pass2117½
Forest Hill [FOH] pass2120
Sydenham [SYD] pass2122½
Crystal Palace [CYP] 21272214
Sydenham [SYD] pass2217½
Forest Hill [FOH] pass2219½
Honor Oak Park [HPA] pass2222
Brockley [BCY] pass2225
New Cross Gate [NXG] pass2227
New Cross Up Sussex Loop 22292241½
New Cross Gate [NXG] pass2243
Brockley [BCY] pass2245
Honor Oak Park [HPA] pass2248
Forest Hill [FOH] pass2250
Sydenham [SYD] pass2252
Penge West [PNW] pass2254½
Anerley [ANZ] pass2255½
Norwood Junction [NWD] pass2259
Norwood Fork Jn. pass2300½
Windmill Bridge Jn pass2302
East Croydon [ECR] 2303½2307½
Windmill Bridge Jn pass2309½
Selhurst [SRS] pass2313
Thornton Heath [TTH] pass2315
Norbury [NRB] pass2319½
Streatham Common [SRC] pass2322
Streatham [STE] pass2325½
Tulse Hill [TUH] pass2330
Herne Hill [HNH] 23372340
Tulse Hill [TUH] pass2343½
Streatham [STE] pass2347½
Streatham Common [SRC] pass2353
Norbury [NRB] pass2355
Thornton Heath [TTH] pass2358
Selhurst [SRS] pass2359½
Windmill Bridge Jn pass0002½
East Croydon [ECR] pass0004½
South Croydon [SCY] 00070012
East Croydon [ECR] pass0014½
Windmill Bridge Jn pass0016½
Norwood Fork Jn. pass0019
Norwood Junction [NWD] 00220027½
Norwood Fork Jn. pass0029
Gloucester Road Junction [XGU] pass0029½
West Croydon [WCY] pass0031
Waddon [WDO] pass0032½
Wallington [WLT] pass0035
Carshalton Beeches [CSB] pass0036½
Sutton (Surrey) [SUO] pass0038
West Sutton [WSU] pass0042
Sutton Common [SUC] pass0043½
St Helier [SIH] pass0045
Morden South [MDS] pass0046
South Merton [SMO] pass0047½
Wimbledon Chase [WBO] pass0048½
Wimbledon West Jn pass0049½
Wimbledon [WIM] pass0050½
Haydons Road [HYR] pass0053½
Tooting [TOO] pass0057½
Streatham South Jn pass0100½
Streatham [STE] 0102½0105½
Streatham South Jn pass0108
Mitcham Eastfields [MTC] pass0110½
Mitcham Junction [MIJ] pass0113
Hackbridge [HCB] pass0115½
Carshalton [CSH] pass0117
Sutton (Surrey) [SUO] pass0120
Belmont [BLM] pass0121½
Banstead [BAD] pass0124
Epsom Downs [EPD] 0126½0129½
Banstead [BAD] pass0132
Belmont [BLM] pass0134½
Sutton (Surrey) [SUO] 0136½0138½
Sutton Signal Vc193 0140½0145
Sutton (Surrey) [SUO] pass0147
Cheam [CHE] pass0148½
Ewell East [EWE] pass0151
Epsom [EPS] pass0154
Ashtead [AHD] pass0157
Leatherhead [LHD] pass0200
Boxhill & Westhumble [BXW] pass0205½
Dorking [DKG] pass0207
Horsham Up T.C. 0231
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