1601 Watford Junction to London Euston

London Overground service departing on 19th July 2019

Service does not have a guard.
Timetable Realtime
Location Pl Arr Dep Arr Dep Delay
Watford Junction 416011601On time
Watford High Street 11604160416041604On time
Bushey 216061606160616071m late
Carpenders Park 116091609160916101m late
Hatch End 116121612161216131m late
Headstone Lane 116141614161416151m late
Harrow & Wealdstone 216171617161816181m late
Kenton 116201620162116211m late
South Kenton 116221622162316242m late
North Wembley 116241624162516251m late
Wembley Central 216261626162716282m late
Stonebridge Park 116291629163116323m late
Harlesden 116321632163316342m late
Willesden Junction 116341634163616373m late
Kensal Green 116371637163916403m late
Queens Park (London) 116391639164116423m late
Kilburn High Road 116411641164316443m late
South Hampstead 116431643164516463m late
London Euston 916521652On time
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