635M 0745 Walsall Tamper Sidings to Preston Dock St Sdgs

Runs on 19th August 2019

This service was cancelled throughout due to a request by the customer (FL).
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Schedule Information
  • STP schedule UID U23188
  • Runs on 19/08/2019 only
  • Service code 53693903
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 60mph max
  • Diesel locomotive, trailing load 715 tonnes
Realtime Status
  • TRUST ID 65635M1B19
  • Running as 635M
  • Activated 19/08/2019 05:45
WTT Realtime
Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly
Walsall Tamper Sidings 0745-
Pleck Jn pass0746½-
Darlaston Jn pass0749½-
Portobello Jn (West Mids) [XPJ] pass0754½-
Bushbury Jn [XBJ] pass0800½-
Four Ashes Loop pass0805-
Penkridge [PKG] pass0808½-
Rickerscote pass0813-
Stafford Trent Valley Jn pass0814-
Stafford South Jn pass0814½-
Stafford [STA] pass0815-
Stafford North Jn pass0815-
Stafford Doxey Junction pass0815½-
Little Bridgeford Jn pass0819½-
Searchlight Lane Jn pass0820½-
Whitmore pass0830-
Madeley (Staffs) pass0833-
Betley Road Sb pass0840½-
Crewe Basford Hall Jn pass0847-
Crewe Bas Hall S.S.S. pass0850½-
Crewe Bas Hall S.S.M. [XXM] pass0855½-
Crewe Bas Hall S.S.N. [XXC] pass0858-
Crewe Ssn Signal Box pass0858-
Crewe Salop Goods Jn pass0901½-
Crewe Coal Yard pass0911½-
Winsford [WSF] pass0925½-
Hartford [HTF] pass0930-
Hartford Jn pass0931-
Acton Bridge [ACB] pass0933-
Weaver Jn [XYJ] pass0936-
Acton Grange Jn pass0946-
Warrington Bank Quay [WBQ] pass0950-
Dallam Junction pass0951-
Winwick Jn pass0957-
Golborne Jn pass1002-
Haydock Branch Junction pass1005½-
Bamfurlong Jn pass1009-
Springs Branch Jn pass1011-
Wigan South Jn pass1012-
Wigan Station Jn pass1012½-
Wigan North Western [WGN] pass1013-
Wigan Boars Head G.F. pass1015½-
Balshaw Lane pass1021-
Euxton Jn [XOU] pass1023-
Leyland [LEY] pass1025½-
Farington Jn pass1028-
Farington Curve Jn pass1030½-
Skew Bridge pass1031-
Ribble Jn pass1032½-
Preston South Junction pass1033½-
Preston [PRE] pass1034½-
Preston Dock St Sdgs 1035-
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