1Z85 2049 Chertsey to London Waterloo

West Coast Railway Company service departing on 3rd September 2019

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Schedule Information
  • STP schedule UID U55150, identity 1Z85
  • Runs TO between 04/06/2019 to 03/09/2019
  • Service code 22244008
  • Unadvertised Express
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 75mph max
  • Diesel locomotive, trailing load 420 tonnes
Realtime Status
  • TRUST ID 861Z851Z03
  • Running as 1Z85
  • Activated 03/09/2019 18:38
Mileage WTT Realtime
M Ch Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly
00Chertsey [CHY] 20492058¼9L
134Addlestone [ASN] pass2052pass210210L
237Addlestone Jn pass2054pass2103½9L
336Byfleet Jn pass2058No report
341Byfleet & New Haw [BFN] pass2058pass2108½10L
463West Byfleet [WBY] pass2100pass2111¼11L
736Woking [WOK] 21052109pass21178L
771Woking Jn pass2112pass2118¼6L
964Worplesdon [WPL] pass2115pass2126¼11L
1336Guildford [GLD] pass2120pass2131¾11L
1451Shalford Jn pass2123pass2134¾11L
1529Shalford [SFR] pass2125pass2136¼11L
1716Chilworth [CHL] pass2128pass2139¾11L
2110Gomshall [GOM] pass2134pass214612L
2569Dorking West [DKT]
2646Dorking Deepdene [DPD] pass2141½pass2150½9L
2914Betchworth [BTO] pass2145pass21549L
324Reigate [REI] pass2149pass2157¼8L
3371Redhill [RDH] pass2154pass2201¼7L
3552Merstham [MHM] pass2156½pass2205½8L
3928Coulsdon South [CDS] pass2202½pass2210¼7L
4027Stoats Nest Jn. [XJS] pass2204pass22117L
4118Purley [PUR] pass2205½pass22148L
4213Purley Oaks [PUO] pass2207½pass2215¾8L
4326South Croydon [SCY] pass2210pass2218¾8L
4419East Croydon [ECR] 2212½2213½pass22217L
4458Windmill Bridge Jn pass2215pass22238L
4516Selhurst [SRS] pass2219½pass2224¼4L
4563Thornton Heath [TTH] pass2221½pass22264L
4711Norbury [NRB] pass2225½pass22293L
4779Streatham Common [SRC] pass2228pass22324L
4846Streatham [STE] pass2232pass22353L
507Tulse Hill [TUH] pass2235½pass2239¾4L
5113Herne Hill [HNH] 22392243pass22441L
5175Brixton [BRX] pass2247pass2245¾1E
5222Shepherds Lane Jn pass2247½pass22461E
5264Clapham High Street [CLP] pass2248½pass22471E
5274Voltaire Road Jn. [XVJ] pass2249pass2247¼1E
5314Wandsworth Road [WWR] pass2250pass2247½2E
5329Factory Jn pass2250½pass22482E
5344Linford Street Jn pass2251No report
5416Nine Elms Jn pass2253pass22503E
5465Vauxhall [VXH] pass2255pass2252¼2E
5551Waterloo Carlisle Lane Jn pass2257½pass2254¾2E
5614London Waterloo [WAT] 23002257¼2E
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