1B36 1621 Blackpool North to York

Northern service departing on 29th August 2019

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Schedule Information
  • WTT schedule UID Y61015, identity 1B36
  • Runs SuX between 20/05/2019 to 14/12/2019
  • Service code 21737000, headcode 2125
  • Express Passenger
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 90mph max
  • Pathed as Class 158 (Express Sprinter) DMU
Passenger Information
  • Retail Service ID NT2125
  • Seating: standard only
  • Reservations available
Realtime Status
  • TRUST ID 301B36MS29
  • Running as 1B36
  • Activated 29/08/2019 15:21
Mileage WTT GBTT Realtime
M Ch Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly
00Blackpool North [BPN] 1621162116221L
049Devonshire Road Jn pass1622½pass1624¼1L
117Layton [LAY] pass1623pass16251L
318Poulton-le-Fylde [PFY] 162616271626162716281628¾1L
922Kirkham North Jn pass1634pass16351L
962Kirkham & Wesham [KKM] pass1634½pass1635½1L
1232Salwick [SLW] pass1637½pass1637½RT
1716Preston Fylde Jn. pass1643pass1641¾1E
1742Preston [PRE] 16451647164516471643¼1647RT
1760Preston South Junction pass1648pass1648RT
186Ribble Jn pass1648pass1647¾RT
1858Skew Bridge pass1649½pass1648¾RT
1911Farington Curve Jn pass1650½pass1649¾RT
2031Lostock Hall [LOH] pass1652½pass1652¼RT
2053Lostock Hall Jn [XLS] pass1653pass1653RT
2140Bamber Bridge [BMB] pass1654pass1654RT
2654Pleasington [PLS] pass1659½pass1659RT
2761Cherry Tree [CYT] pass1701pass1700¾RT
2835Mill Hill (Lancs) [MLH] pass1701½pass1700¼1E
2922Blackburn Bolton Jn pass1702½pass1702½RT
2953Blackburn [BBN] 1703½1704½170417041703¼1705¼RT
3020Daisyfield Jn. pass1706pass1706½RT
3237Rishton [RIS] pass1708½pass1709RT
347Church & Oswaldtwistle [CTW] pass1710pass1710¾RT
3475Accrington [ACR] 1711½1712½171217121712¼1714¼1L
3652Huncoat [HCT] pass1715pass1717¾2L
384Hapton [HPN] pass1716½pass17192L
3916Rose Grove West Jn pass1718pass1719¾1L
3943Rose Grove [RSG] pass1718½pass1720¼2L
4014Gannow Jn pass1719pass17212L
4078Burnley Manchester Road [BYM] 1720½1721½172117211722¾17242L
4531Copy Pit pass1728½pass17312L
4935Stansfield Hall Junction pass1737½pass1737½RT
4965Hall Royd Jn pass1741pass17391E
5354Hebden Bridge [HBD] 1745½1746½174617461746½1748½2L
5472Mytholmroyd [MYT] 1748½1749½174917491751½1752¼2L
5855Sowerby Bridge [SOW] 17541755175417551757¼1757¾2L
5924Milner Royd Jn pass1756pass17593L
6140Dryclough Jn pass1758½pass1801½3L
6232Halifax [HFX] 1800½1801½180118011803½1804¾3L
6743Low Moor [LMR] pass1809pass1810¼1L
705Mill Lane Jn pass1812½pass1813½1L
7031Bradford Interchange [BDI] 18141817½1814181718151818½1L
7057Mill Lane Jn pass1819pass1819¾RT
7136Hammerton Street Junction pass1820pass1821¼1L
743New Pudsey [NPD] 18251826182518261825¾1826¾RT
7565Bramley (West Yorkshire) [BLE] pass1829pass1829¼RT
7823Wortley West Crossover pass1832pass1832RT
7878Holbeck Junction pass1833pass1833RT
7916Whitehall Jn pass1833½pass1833¾RT
7944Leeds West Junction pass1834pass1834½RT
7967Leeds [LDS] 1835½1842½183618421836¼1843RT
808Leeds East Jn. pass1843½pass1843¾RT
8066Marsh Lane Jn Leeds pass1844½pass1844½RT
8140Neville H. West Jn pass1845pass1845½RT
829Neville H. East Jn pass1846pass1845¾RT
8423Cross Gates [CRG] pass1848½pass1848¼RT
8711Garforth [GRF] pass1852pass1850¼1E
8758East Garforth [EGF] pass1852½pass18511E
8945Micklefield [MIK] pass1855pass1852½2E
9455Church Fenton [CHF] 19001901190019011856¼1901RT
9643Ulleskelf [ULL] pass1904pass1903¼RT
998Colton South Jn pass1906½pass1904¾1E
9972Colton Jn pass1907½pass1905½1E
10058Colton North Jn pass1908pass1906¼1E
10457York Holgate Siding (Flhh) pass1912No report
1050York Holgate Jcn pass1912pass1913¼1L
10533York [YRK] 1913191319152L
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