1K34 1940 Hull to Manchester Piccadilly

TransPennine Express service departing on 20th June 2019

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Schedule Information
  • WTT schedule UID Y80992, identity 1K34
  • Runs SSuX between 20/05/2019 to 13/12/2019
  • Service code 21733000, headcode 5459
  • Express Passenger
Operational Information
  • Schedule from ITPS
  • Timed for 100mph max
  • Pathed as Diesel Multiple Unit
Passenger Information
  • Retail Service ID TP5459
  • Seating: first & standard
  • Reservations available
Realtime Status
  • TRUST ID 191K34MY20
  • Running as 1K34
  • Activated 20/06/2019 18:40
Mileage WTT GBTT Realtime
M Ch Location Arr Dep Arr Dep Arr Dep Dly
00Hull [HUL] 194019401940RT
073Anlaby Road Jn pass1942No report
174Hessle Road Jn. pass1943½No report
320Hessle East Jn. pass1944½No report
464Hessle [HES] pass1946No report
742Ferriby [FRY] pass1948pass1948½RT
1038Brough [BUH] 19511952195119521951¾1952¼RT
1436Broomfleet [BMF] pass1956pass1958¼2L
1676Gilberdyke [GBD] pass1958pass2001¼3L
1923Eastrington [EGN] pass2000pass2003¼3L
2227Howden [HOW] pass2003pass20052L
2479Wressle [WRS] pass2005No report
3027Barlby Loops pass2010No report
3079Selby [SBY] 2011201220112012201320142L
3148Selby West Jn pass2013½No report
3446Hambleton East Jn pass2016½pass2018½2L
3556Hambleton West Jn. pass2017½pass2019¼1L
3739Gascoigne Wood Jn. pass2020pass20211L
3869South Milford [SOM] pass2021pass2022½1L
421Micklefield [MIK] pass2024pass2024¾RT
4368East Garforth [EGF] pass2025½pass20271L
4435Garforth [GRF] 2026½2027½202720272027¼2028RT
4723Cross Gates [CRG] pass2030pass2031¼1L
4937Neville H. East Jn pass2032pass2032¼RT
506Neville H. West Jn pass2032½pass2033¼RT
5060Marsh Lane Jn Leeds pass2034pass2034¼RT
5138Leeds East Jn. pass2035½pass2035¾RT
5159Leeds [LDS] 2036½2039203720392037¼2039¾RT
522Leeds West Junction pass2040pass20411L
5230Whitehall Jn pass2040½pass2041¼RT
5248Holbeck Junction pass2040½pass2041¾1L
5451Cottingley [COT] pass2043pass20441L
5629Morley [MLY] pass2044½pass2045¾1L
5944Batley [BTL] pass2048½pass2048¾RT
6071Dewsbury [DEW] 2050½2051½205120512050½2052RT
6225Ravensthorpe [RVN] pass2053½pass2053¾RT
6236Thornhill L.N.W. Jn. pass2053½pass2054RT
636Mirfield East Jn pass2054pass2054¼RT
6376Mirfield [MIR] pass2054½pass2055RT
6461Heaton Lodge East Jn pass2055pass2056¾1L
6510Heaton Lodge Jn pass2055½pass2056½1L
6616Bradley Jn pass2056½pass2057RT
6675Deighton [DHN] pass2057pass2057¼RT
6875Huddersfield [HUD] 2059½21012100210121002101¼RT
6935Springwood Jn pass2102No report
7336Slaithwaite [SWT] pass2106pass2105¼RT
7576Marsden [MSN] pass2108pass2108¾RT
7976Diggle Jn pass2111½pass2111¾RT
821Greenfield [GNF] pass2113½pass2113¾RT
8416Mossley (Manchester) [MSL] 21162117211621172116¼2117¼RT
8673Stalybridge [SYB] 2120½21222121212221212122RT
8875Guide Bridge North Jn pass2126½pass2125½RT
8914Guide Bridge West Jn pass2126½pass2126¼RT
8928Guide Bridge [GUI] pass2127pass2126¾RT
9052Fairfield [FRF] pass2128½pass2128RT
9150Gorton [GTO] pass2129½pass2129¼RT
9248Ashburys East Jn pass2130½pass2130RT
9262Ashburys [ABY] pass2130½pass2130½RT
9268Ashburys W Jn. (Sig As998) pass2131pass2130½RT
9340Ardwick [ADK] pass2134pass2131¾2E
9352Ardwick Jn pass2135pass2132½2E
9434Manchester Piccadilly [MAN] 2138213821361E
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