For Developers

We offer multiple data feeds from our system. They are:

  • a pull data feed
  • a push message queue
  • daily bulk data feed (for systems wishing to analyse service performance)
  • historical data search (specialised for acoustic surveys)

Please note, our feeds only cover mainline rail services in England, Wales and Scotland.


We allow you to use our data for use in your non-commercial projects. It's totally free for non-commercial projects and you can sign up at If you wish to use our API for commercial purposes, please contact us.

By default, the API operates in our simple mode only. You can enable detailed mode by contacting us.

Documentation for the API is available here.


Our firehose. This feed contains all updates to services that the system makes to services in realtime via a message queue. This feed is available on request only by emailing us at, and the lead time is up to four weeks.

This feed is chargeable regardless of usage.

Daily Bulk Data

For £100 per month (excluding VAT), we offer a service that will upload all services from the previous two or three days, depending on your preference, to a location of your choice which supports SFTP. You may also fetch the file from our servers.

For more information about this service, please email us at

Historical Data

For £50 per location per week (excluding VAT), we can provide data about the services passing through an area with their planned motive type and load. We have worked with a number of surveying companies in the past on this service and understand the needs that these types of survey need.

For more information about this service, please email us at